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Op-Ed: Dear Louisiana — Creationism belongs in church, not in schools Special

Baton Rouge - When it comes to teaching evolution in Lousiana, educators and school officials are robbing students of a proper education in science. And it almost seems like some teachers are crawling out of the woodwork to do this.

Op-Ed: Christian conservatives fear their values are under attack

With liberalism and secularism on the rise in America, Christian conservatives find themselves in constant defense of their religious freedom and political philosophy.

Op-Ed: LA gov. Bobby Jindal talks tough on defense in risky 2016 opener

As the crop of 2016 presidential election Republicans begins chest-thumping, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal appears to leap into the fray by criticizing President Obama's foreign policy and calling for increased defense spending. It's a risky opener.

Louisiana Governor does an about-face on Common Core standards

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, in a complete about-face, announced on Wednesday his plans to remove Louisiana schools from the nation's Common Core English and math standards. The move would make Louisiana the fourth state to withdraw this year.

Romney to donors: I lost because Obama gave 'gifts' to key voters

Mitt Romney is the latest person to weigh-in on his loss to US President Barack Obama in the 2012 US Presidential Elections. In a call to donors, Romney explained the reasons he lost.

Governor Bobby Jindal To GOP: Stop being the 'idiot party'

GOP Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is the latest in notable GOP figures to weigh-in and speak on the recent 2012 US Elections.

Could Louisiana Governor's writing on exorcisms hurt VP chances?

New Orleans - It was revealed that Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal wrote an essay regarding what appears to be about exorcisms. Many are now speculating this could hurt one of the GOP's top stars chances to be Mitt Romney's running mate.

State of Emergency declared as oil spill nears Louisiana coast

It's only a matter of hours now before the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon well reaches the Louisiana shores. It's thought that around 5,000 barrels of oil are leaking from the well.

Louisiana Governor orders flags lowered as Gulf spill worsens Special

The Unified Command reports 42,000 gallons of oil spill have entered the Gulf and must be contained in 12 hours or spillage containment might take months and reach shoreline with devastating results.

Major Report Declares Effect of Climate Change Worsening

The heat index puts the temperature over 100 degrees in Louisiana. Tornados have been front page news throughout the region. All this comes at a time when a new report gives strong evidence of climate change increasing in severity.

Bobby Jindal Calls Halt to Presidential Draft Movement

If the Republican Party is looking to groom a rising young ethnic to be the Presidential candidate for 2012, it might likely have to rule out Bobby Jindal. Jindal has asked supporters to end efforts to draft him for a presidential election.

Science Group Boycotts New Orleans Due to Creationism Law

There's more of us than there is of them.” The preacher on the radio spoke vehemently about a scientific organization's decision not to hold a conference in New Orleans. He said that creationists hold the upper hand in Louisiana.

Op-Ed: Jindal blasts Obama's stimulus bill for 'volcano monitoring'

The Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, has weighed in on Obama’s speech to Congress. Jindal criticized the stimulus bill for wasting millions on “volcano monitoring.”

Op-Ed: Jindal of La. Shows Repub Ideals More Important Than Help to Poor

Jindal has put his conservative beliefs before charity and said no to money from the stimulus bill. As a Republican, he follows some other Governors in rejecting money because his political beliefs differ with parts of the bill.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Says Presidential Run is Unlikely

Governor Jindal delivered a blow to Republicans when he stated that a 2012 Presidential run is unlikely. Instead, he expressed his desire for reelection in the Bayou State in 2011.

Op-Ed: Elections in Louisiana Reflect State’s Refutation of Obama Change

While much of the rest of the country has accepted the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, Louisiana, one of the States that gave John McCain a resounding victory, continues to buck national trends

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Signs Sex Offender Chemical Castration Bill

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana spoke out over the Supreme Court ruling that was issued yesterday, calling the ruling an "affront to the people of Louisiana". He took it a step further today and signed a Sex Offender Chemical Castration Bill.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Is In The Running For McCain's VP Slot

Many Republican operatives are excited about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He is a 36-year-old son of Indian immigrants who is a great orator. Jindal has also attracted the attention of the McCain camp and has campaigned with the Arizona senator.

Could Gov. Bobby Jindal Be The GOP's Answer To Sen. Barack Obama?

While Republican governor Bobby Jindal who is only 36 years old is the first Indian-American to govern a US state, it looks as if his star has continued to shine. Jindal looks to be a rising star of the GOP.

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