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Morocco probes use of speedboats by people smugglers

Rabat - Moroccan authorities are probing the phenomenon of people smugglers using high power speedboats, as favoured by drug traffickers, to transport migrants across the Mediterranean to Europe, a top official said Wednesday.

Shipping is undergoing digital disruption

Many industries are facing digital transformation and are dealing with the effects of the disruption that comes with this process. Shipping is one major global industry that is affected by this process. We look at some key trends.

Pollution abatement technology extended to Asia Pacific

Ship & Shore Environmental Inc., the U.S. environmental, pollution abatement and energy solutions company has initiated projects in Asia aimed at reducing environmental pollution from shipping.

Japan to operate self-navigating cargo ships soon

Tokyo - Developments with autonomous vehicles are set to become much bigger with Japan planning to have gigantic self-navigating cargo ships on the oceans by 2025.

World’s first self-driving boats to be launched in Amsterdam

The Hague - As self-driving cars slowly become a reality, the world will soon see driverless floating vessels as the next big thing in transportation.

Dealing with barnacle damage through new paints

Barnacles cause considerable damage to ships. One way barnacles are attracted to the hulls of ships is through protein attraction. Understanding this interaction could help with new solutions, like special paints, to reduce the damage.

Keeping underwater surfaces dry

Can a surface remain dry underwater for several months on end? A group of scientists and engineers think so, and they believe their surface has many commercial applications.

Indonesia sinks foreign boats to deter illegal fishing: Reports

Jakarta - Indonesia has sunk 41 foreign boats across the archipelago, reports said Thursday, as part of an ongoing push to stop illegal fishing in its waters.Authorities sank the vessels in public displays at several sites Wednesday, local media reported.

Bay of Bengal migrant crisis: The boats and the numbers

Bangkok - In the past 10 days, nearly 3,000 boatpeople from Myanmar and Bangladesh have been rescued or swum to shore in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Bay of Bengal exodus: Where are the boats?

Bangkok - In recent days nearly 2,000 boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh have been rescued or swum to shore in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Why the Mediterranean death toll is surging

Catania - As the boats get ever more rickety, the numbers crammed on to them increase and the chances of catastrophe get higher.

New underwater glue developed by MIT

A team of MIT engineers have designed new waterproof adhesives that work under water, even at high pressure. These glues can be used to repair ships damaged at sea.

Review: Photo essay: Visiting the coastal village of Charlestown, England Special

Charlestown - Charlestown is a charming village and port on the south coast of Cornwall, England. It lies in the parish of St Austell Bay.

Photo Essay: Picnic along the Welland Canal Special

A favorite family picnic place is at any of the 8 locks on the Welland Canal to watch how the engineering marvel moves large commercial lakers and small pleasure craft up 326 meters across the Niagara Escarpment between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

Engineers inspired by octopus silent propulsion system

A team of German scientists develop a silent propulsion system for boats and submarines based on the natural movement of octopuses.

Free ticket today for the 2013 Atlanta Boat Show

Atlanta - Looking for fun this weekend and in the Atlanta area, head on down to the Progressive Atlanta Boat Show, and check below for a link to the Marine Trade Association of Metro Atlanta who are sponsoring Family Day today for a free ticket.

2 million attend 54th Annual Chicago Air & Water Show Special

Chicago - An estimated 2 million spectators crowded the beaches and parks near Lake Michigan in Chicago this past weekend to catch one of the most exciting shows of the year. The 2012 Chicago Air and Water Show.

Inside the Outdoor World at the Original Bass Pro Shops Store Special

Springfield - More than 112 million people will visit America's most popular outdoor store this year, and a look inside the original store shows you why Bass Pro Shops are so popular.

Swedish city toilet training seagulls to ease human-bird conflict

Karlstad - Located between Oslo and Stockholm Karlstad is also called "the city of the sun." With a university, the city offers visitors many cultural activities as well as swimming, hiking and boating.

Daring Dachshund becomes world's first scuba diving K-9

Vladivostok - A Russian diving enthusiast has developed a scuba-diving dry suit complete with helmet, breathing mask and oxygen source for his K-9 companion Boniface, the daring diving dachshund. The first experimental dive was declared a success.

15 Indonesians missing as boat capsized in Malaysia

At least two persons died and 15 others missing when a boat carrying Indonesian passengers on its way from Malaysia to neighboring Indonesia capsized and sank.

The Ignoble End Of An Aging Warrior

Warriors have fought in man’s wars since time began. Many are wounded but live to fight another day. Eventually even warriors must pass on and the men that rode on these old warriors are saddened to see them, once proud and bold, pass into history.

Top 5 Coolest Water Gadgets

Pretty interesting stuff.

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The Namacurras  flee  the scene.
The Namacurras 'flee' the scene.
Various sized boast in the distance  traversing the Mediterranean Sea.
Various sized boast in the distance, traversing the Mediterranean Sea.
The coast of Jersey  looking towards France.
The coast of Jersey, looking towards France.
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You pass another castle and harbor
You pass another castle and harbor
The Australian photographer blends via pigments and paper towards the look of a painting.
The Australian photographer blends via pigments and paper towards the look of a painting.
Green Bay  NS
Green Bay, NS
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A shot of the River Lee in springtime.
A shot of the River Lee in springtime.
Oracle team USA won the 34th America’s Cup in a winner-take-all 19th race  defeating challenger Em...
Oracle team USA won the 34th America’s Cup in a winner-take-all 19th race, defeating challenger Emirates Team New Zealand by 44 seconds. Led by 35-year-old skipper Jimmy Spithill, Oracle team USA won by the score of 9-8
Oracle Team USA
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Sunset and Tranquility
Sunset and Tranquility
Digital Journal
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Iranian navy boats are seen during a maneuver in the Persian Gulf.
Iranian navy boats are seen during a maneuver in the Persian Gulf.
Ali Mohammad -

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