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Giving the Game Away: What Canada’s game play says about people?

Video games may be popular, but there's always time for board games, especially when families come together. A new survey reveals 'The 10 Most Popular Board Games in Canada, and behind this some interesting differences across the country.

Op-Ed: Want to vote for new Monopoly tokens? Voting starts today

Pawtucket - Imagine replacing the standard Monopoly tokens with emojis, dinosaurs and more. Yep, that’s the idea. Hasbro, owners of Monopoly, are releasing a new version of Monopoly called Token Madness.

Listening to rock music can make you lose board games

Sydney - In one of the strange science research stories of the week, the type of music you listen to when playing a board game can influence your chances of winning and losing. With music selection and the odds of winning there appears to be a gender difference.

How marketing is like a game of Risk

In the mind of podcaster and startup guru Saul Colt, marketing is much like a game of Risk. In his June 2015 keynote speech at Xerocon Denver he explained what he calls “Saul Colt’s Marketing Risk."

The UK Rummikub Championship

London - The UK Rummikub Championship will be held at Brent Cross, London, on September 8. The winner will receive a free entry and travel package to the World Championship in Sicily.

Review: Greece — From tragedy to farce with a new board game

It is said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned, now two young Greeks have gone one better, while their country is torn apart by the banksters on one side and rioting mobs on the other, they're playing a new board game.

Classic board game getting Trekkie treatment

Settlers of Catan, a classic role-playing board game designed by Klaus Teuber, will be releasing a version with a Stark Trek theme.

Like Board Games? Then Think Green

Tony Kvale is the owner of Kvale Good Natured Games and he is convinced that board games made from recycled paper has significant economic potential.

Guide to Great Board Games

Matthew Baldwin writes the weblog Defective Yeti, and has a keen sense for good board games. This is his suggested list for a gift-giving guide this year.

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Monopoly  the board game.
Monopoly, the board game.
Monopoly  the board game.
Monopoly, the board game.
Scrabble game
Scrabble game
Monopoly board game.
Monopoly board game.
Mike_fleming (CC BY 2.0)
Monopoly  the board game.
Monopoly, the board game.

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