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Blu-ray News

The Ultimate Family, Kids & Holiday DVD & Blu-Ray Gift Guide Special

Looking for that perfect Blu-ray or DVD for the kids, tweeners or teens in your family who happen to be the biggest home video aficionados in the world? In this Christmas Gift-Giving Guide, there's bound to be something just for them.

New Samsung Blu-ray players connect with Netflix

Samsung is planning to launch new Blu-ray DVD players that can play both DVD movies, as well as stream movies from Netflix without the need of an additional piece of hardware.

Digital Journal TV: Sneak Peek At Sony's First Internet-Connected Blu-ray Player

Sony is giving its Blu-ray disc player lineup a boost with new models allowing Internet access to get bonus content and an option to see picture-in-picture commentary. Digital Journal TV brings you an exclusive sneak peek into the tech behind Blu-ray 2.0.

Blu-ray: The most successful high-def DVD brand that nobody buys

The Blu-ray format might have beat out HD DVD in the next-gen high-def DVD format war, but that does not mean people are buying it. According to new NPD Group numbers, sales have gone more flaccid than the tenth take on a Vivid porn shoot.

Japanese Store Lets Customers Trade HD DVD Players for Blu-ray

After Toshiba announced it will stop producing HD DVD players, a Japanese electronics retailer felt ashamed that they had sold its customers HD DVD players. Edion is now allowing its customers to trade their obsolete players for Blu-ray players.

Format War Officially Over: Toshiba Buries HD DVD, Admitting Defeat to Blu-ray

Toshiba has finally admitted defeat to the Blu-ray format. So what does this mean? Well, Toshiba and Microsoft lost a boatload of cash on a now-defunct technology, but the industry now has a standard. That is, if Blu-ray can compete against the Internet.

Best Buy Sides With Blu-Ray in High-Def Format War

You're probably sick to death now of hearing about the high-def format war being waged between Blu-ray and HD DVD, but if you care about the outcome, every tidbit of news is important. Today, consumer electronics monster Best Buy got in the Blu corner.

Netflix chooses Blu-ray format over HD DVD

Netflix announced today that it will no longer stock HD-DVD movies. The company issued a press release saying it will only ship Blu-ray high definition movies from now on. It's yet another blow for HD DVD in the format war.

Microsoft Cuts Price of Xbox 360's HD DVD Player

It was bound to happen sooner or later: Microsoft has dropped the price of its add-on HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 by $50. The high-definition DVD war that has seen mounting support for Blu-ray has forced Microsoft to do the inevitable.

Toshiba Cuts HD DVD Prices By 50 Per Cent, But Where Are Its Sales Figures From?

The battle for high-def supremacy was bound to get ugly. After the HD DVD camp was declared dead by media everywhere, Toshiba is now fighting back by slashing prices and issuing lofty press releases.

Universal, Paramount, New Line & HBO to Drop HD DVD, Porn Biz Also Pulling Out?

After Warner Bros. announced it was backing Blu-ray exclusively, the high-def DVD industry has seen a whirlwind of chaos. Countless sources in the tech media now say a domino effect is happening, as companies look for new love in the Blu corner.

Paramount set to jump ship to Blu-Ray, so is HD DVD almost dead?

Warner Bros. switched to Sony’s Blu-ray technology last week, and now Paramount is planning to drop its support of HD DVD technology as well. If they do, it will be almost over for Toshiba's HD DVD format.

Blu-Ray Scores Big in Format War, But It Ain't Over Despite Money and Exaggeration

Warner Bros. says it's going Blu-ray exclusive, sending the HD DVD camp scrambling. It's a huge battle, where money is changing hands, some media report opinion as fact, and little Ms. Consumer is still twiddling her thumbs, wondering if she should care.

Did Sony's CEO Dig Blu-Ray's Grave, or Was This Just a Series of Idiotic Events?

Sony let its guard down for a millisecond, and it's going to take a beating for it. The head of Sony told the media the high-def DVD battle was in a stalemate. He also said he wished he would have collaborated with Toshiba rather than competing. What?

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Will Drown in Obscurity until March 2009, Study Predicts

Just like another war overseas that never seems to end, the high-def format conflict will continue to rage until March 2009 when a winner is crowned, a new study predicts. Blu-ray and HD-DVD simply aren’t turning on consumers today.

Scientists store 1TB data on disc, 20 times more than Blu-ray

While there is a war brewing between Blu-ray and HD DVD, scientists in Israel slowly developed a better storage DVD technology. The new disc technology can store 1TB of data, twenty times more than dual layer Blu-ray’s capacity 50GB.

Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD: Disc war divides top electronics fair

Berlin - Not long ago, both parties were smugly predicting that the movie-disc war between the Blu-ray and the HD DVD camp would be over in 2008, but it has not played out that way.

Paramount Dreamworks picks HD DVD over Blu-ray

Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. announced that they will offer their movies in the HD-DVD format only and will drop support for Blu-ray. Who is the loser in the battle HD-DVD Vs Blu-ray? Neither, it is the customer.

Sony and Blu-ray Get Down and Dirty With Porn Biz in Japan

Two things that have always had an impact on sales of Blu-ray and HD-DVD players are video games and porn. With so many people purchasing high-def content for both "vices," will Blu-ray see a sales boost for backing porn in Japan?

The Beginning of the End for HD-DVD?

The high-def battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD is no longer about the consumer, but about partnerships. If you thought the choice was up to you, think again. The Blu-ray camp is playing its cards right, winning another hand that will hurt the competition.

Blockbuster Sides With Blu-ray for Movie Rentals

Blockbuster, Inc., announced it will carry Blu-ray DVDs exclusively in all of its stores beginning in mid July. However, it will provide both Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats via its online store.

Sony sued for alleged patent violation in Blu-ray disc design

Sony is sued for patent violations in its Blu-ray Disc technology by Target Technology Company

Format War: "Top 10" Selling Blu-Ray Disc Sells 880 Copies

Format wars are bad for consumers, but it looks like they're not too fun for the industry either. According to recent sales figures from Nielsen VideoScan, the number 10 best selling high-def disc "Babel" sold a whopping 880 copies.

Blu-ray will replace DVD's 'in three years'

Blu-ray will be the only storage system in three years, that is according to Frank Simonis, the Blu-ray Disc Association's European chairman.

Sony announces cheaper Blu-ray player

Sony Corp. said Monday it is bringing out a cheaper player for Blu-ray discs early this summer, a crucial step in its battle to make the high-definition format the replacement for DVDs.

Top 5 Gadgets You Shouldn't Buy Yet

"ADMIT IT: It's fun to be the first on the block to own the newest gadget. If nothing else, you get serious bragging rights. But when it comes to actually using that product, many early adopters discover that some kinks still need to be worked out."

Porn Might Not Decide Next-Gen DVD Format War

Brian Braiker of Newsweek looks at why porn may not be the key decider in who wins the next-gen format war. Does the porn industry lack the influence it once had?

Will Blu-ray Suffer Betamax Fate?

Could it be true that Sony's Blu-ray high-def disc technology is being denied to the porn idustry? No, actually that's not true. And it's not true that Blu-ray is going to suffer the fate of Betamax, either.
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