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Blood test News

Essential Science: Has a blood test for autism been developed?

Autism is difficult to detect at the early stages and this tends to be based on assessing behavioral signs. To address this, scientists are working on a new blood test based on biological markers.

Q&A: Hand-held alternative to the blood test in development Special

Emerging and sophisticated technology now enables people to use their smartphone and a single tiny drop of body fluids (i.e. blood, saliva, urine, and/or sweat) to deliver clinical lab-quality. Steven Chou from Essenlix explains more.

New blood test reveals body’s internal clock

A new blood test has been designed that can indicate the body’s internal clock in order to guide treatments and to improve health. The test is of potential use to the medical field as many diseases are linked to circadian misalignment.

AI-based diagnostic for faster blood tests

Medical startup firm Sight Diagnostics has begun producing an artificial intelligence-based diagnostics device, enabling faster blood tests to be conducted.

Successful blood test for autism

Researchers have declared success with a blood test for autism. This is the first physiological test for autism, and the results indicate that the test proves a high level of accuracy following its second trial.

Essential Science: Gold nanoparticles to assess diseases

Gold nanoparticles, just 100 nanometers in size, have been developed to offer a truly innovative solution for health screenings. When these particles are coated they can be used to track blood flow within the smallest blood vessels in the body.

A blood test by sound waves? New device protoyped

A new type of blood test, based on using sound waves, has been prototyped and the development could lead to a significant reduction in the time required to obtain a batch of medical tests.

Blood test can forecast heart attacks

Boston - A new blood test has the potential to predict some types of heart attack. It has been developed at by Prevencio Inc. and evaluated at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Rapid method for diagnosing sepsis

Although there are tell-tale signs for sepsis (such as a rise in body temperature and faster breathing), a fast diagnoses is essential. Traditional methods use blood culture, which takes time. To overcome this, a rapid method has been developed.

Blood test can discriminate between viral and bacterial infection

An inexpensive blood test could one day tell a doctor whether an infection is bacterial or viral, potentially saving a person's life, as well as helping to prevent the unwarranted use of antibiotics.

The heart attack monitor that runs on one drop of blood

A new, portable device can assess patients for the risk of developing a heart attack by screening a single drop of blood. The test is also five times faster than comparable diagnostic devices.

Can we predict who may suffer from migraines?

Baltimore - Migraines are powerful and long-lasting headaches that can seriously affect a person’s quality of life. As a way of predicting whether a migraine is likely to occur, researchers have identified a marker.

Blood test detects cancer relapse

London - A new blood test has been developed that looks for signs of returning cancers. This situation can occur after someone has been treated.

New test uncovers every past infection

New York - A science group have revealed a blood test that can reveal every past viral infection a person has contracted. It is based on the immune system containing "memory codes" of past diseases.

Pacquiao tested at least 8 times by USADA in last 7 weeks

Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao has been randomly tested by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) at least eight times in the last seven weeks since he and Floyd Mayweather agreed to take part in the USADA testing program.

Blood test shows promise to predict breast cancer

Can scientists discover cancer before it appears in the body? According to researchers at the University of Copenhagen, a simple sample of blood is all it takes to determine if a woman will get breast cancer within two to five years.

Improved blood test for Down's syndrome

San Fransisco - A new method for testing pregnant women's blood for disorders in unborn children promises major advances in diagnostic medicine, according to a new study.

Universal blood test for cancer

Bradford - Scientists have devised a simple blood test that can be used to diagnose whether people have cancer or not. The researchers are heralding it as the first 'universal test for cancer'.

New Alzheimer’s blood test

London - Scientists have identified a set of proteins that can predict the development of Alzheimer’s disease-related dementia with 87 percent accuracy.

Op-Ed: Home kit to test romantic compatibility Special

With an estimated only three in 10 couples ending up happily married (according to one company at least), the burning question is how do you know your partner? A new tech company have an answer: a home testing kit.

New study reports that depression can be found through blood test

Many people can go through depression in their lifetime, though a new test can find whether it has the ability to affect one’s daily life. How? Through the blood.

Can a blood test detect cancer?

Scientists now think it is possible that a simple blood test could be developed to determine whether gene mutations associated with pancreatic cancer exist without the need of locating and testing tumor tissue.

Is a blood test for 'suicide' possible?

Scientists have identified six biomarkers related to stress and cell death appear to increase the accuracy of predictions about future suicidal behaviors.

Is a blood test for Alzheimer’s possible?

According to a new research paper, a new blood test has been developed which predicts Alzheimer’s disease with 93 percent accuracy.

Blood test that detects Alzheimer's nearing reality

A German research team believes that they are close to developing a blood test that can diagnose the brain-wasting Alzheimer's disease.

Could a breath test replace the blood test?

New research has shown that individuals can be identified by the unique chemical signatures in their breath, suggesting that exhalations could be used to scan for diseases or test people for drug abuse. Such tests could also replace blood and urine tests.

Gay & Bisexual men in Mexico now allowed to donate blood

Mexico has lifted the ban on blood donations coming from gay and bisexual men. Instead of looking at the donors' sexual preferences, donors' sexual and health histories would be examined in place.

A new blood test on a pregnant mom may eradicate Down Syndrome

San Diego - A simple blood test on a pregnant woman will now enable doctors to screen for the most common type of Down syndrome. But experts say since the results may involve abortion, it is bound to be a very controversial procedure.

Blood test can reveal baby's gender at 7 weeks

Boston - A new study says a simple blood test done as early as seven weeks into a woman's pregnancy can predict the baby's gender. There are already tests but they take longer, they're usually invasive and they're unreliable and sometimes deadly.

Cheap lab-on-a-chip may boost blood testing in remote areas

Diagnosing in remote settings, anywhere in the world, might soon be easier and cheaper, with an accurate lab-on-a-chip (LOC) that integrates several blood tests and costs about $1, developed at Columbia Engineering, an article in Nature Medicine reported.
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Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
Philips Minicare I-20
Enabling near patient blood testing in the acute care setting.
Philips Minicare I-20 Enabling near patient blood testing in the acute care setting.
Dry blood spot test on an infant.
Dry blood spot test on an infant.
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (CC BY 2.0)

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