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Blood pressure News

Op-Ed: Is coronavirus infectivity linked to blood pressure medication?

London - As part of the review into why some people are more prone to contracting a coronavirus infection, some scientists are finding a connection with high blood pressure medication. Other researchers, however, have yet to find evidence.

New tech calculates blood pressure via a selfie video

Scientists have developed a straightforward way to assess blood pressure where the user takes a selfie video. The technique works well with some people, but it is less effective with certain skin tones.

Mobile app aids lowering blood pressure: Interview Special

Adults with hypertension and prehypertension can lower their blood pressure by using a mobile health app. A new study shows patients can lower their blood pressure and return to a normotensive status.

Lactate helps vets to diagnose sick cats

With sick cats suffering with illnesses that lead to low blood pressure a study has found animals with a normal level of lactate are more likely to survive. This could lead to a new treatment option.

Essential Science: Gut microbes cause your blood pressure to rise

Unhealthy gut microorganisms can trigger a rise in blood pressure and this can trigger the unhealthy effects of hypertension, according to new research. The research further reinforces the role the balance of human microorganisms play in disease.

New wearable provides continuous blood pressure monitoring

For a growing number of people control and monitoring of their blood pressure is vital to their leading a healthy lifestyle. A new innovation in wearable technology offers a continuous blood pressure monitoring system.

Want to lower your blood pressure? Listen to Mozart

New research indicates that listening to Mozart is as effective in lowering blood pressure as reducing salt intake from your diet.

Obese kids face blood pressure risk

A new study shows blood pressure rises as children become overweight, emphasizing a new dimension to the obesity health concern among young people.

Can a blood pressure drug help with autism?

New research suggests a common drug, administered to people with high blood pressure, could be effective for people with autism, in addressing some of the behaviors associated with the condition.

Research: Blood pressure meds should be given to all at risk

London - New research suggests medics should administer blood pressure drugs to all patients at high risk of heart disease. This applies even to those who have "normal" blood pressure.

Half of U.S. citizens not taking cholesterol-lowering medications

Washington - Many people in the U.S. who are eligible to take medications that lower cholesterol do not do so, according to new data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Controlling blood pressure with one shot

A research group has developed a biochemical remedy for blood pressure. The drug is administered via single shot into a vein. Initial trials are promising.

Which is worse: Sugar or salt?

London - Which is worse for you: sugar or salt? Conflicting information is presented to consumers year-on-year. A new row has erupted on this issue within the scientific community.

Blood pressure drug could reverse diabetes

Birmingham - Researchers have found that a drug used to lower blood pressure has the potential to reverse the effect of diabetes. This has been shown, so far, in animal studies.

Concern over hypertension drugs

A relaxation of controls for hypertension management drug may have placed millions of patients at risk, according to a new study into prescribing in the U.S.

New cardiac drug shows real, life-saving promise

Basel - A new drug developed by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis could turn the world of cardiovascular medicine on its head in less than 12 months.

Blood pressure drug olmesartan cleared of causing heart issues

Washington - The U.S. FDA has completed a safety review and has found no clear evidence of increased cardiovascular risks associated the blood pressure medication olmesartan in diabetic patients.

Blood pressure drug helps TB treatment

Scientists have discovered that drug better known as a treatment for high blood pressure and headaches effectively speeds up treatment of tuberculosis when added to the standard medication.

Drinking beetroot juice 'helps lower blood pressure'

An 8 oz glass of beetroot juice a day can help reduce blood pressure by 7%, researchers say. The effect is produced by beetroot's high level of nitrates.

Op-Ed: Music's Universal Appeal

The increased use of music therapy as a primary treatment and the combined use of music therapy with other therapies has helped treat a wide array of conditions and diseases.

Smelly pigs raise blood pressure

Scientists have found that the smells produced from a hog farm may have an adverse impact on human health. This is due to the level of dust and allergic materials poured into the atmosphere from such farms, which trigger a rise in blood pressure.

Kiwis compared with apples for lowering blood pressure

If you’re looking for a natural way to help keep your blood pressure lower, think kiwi. The little green fruit is found in a small study to lower blood pressure almost 4 points systolic, compared with eating apples.

Blood pressure medication better taken at night Special

A new study has shown that timing blood pressure medication with a patients body clock could make it more effective and give people better protection against heart attacks and strokes.

Studies show that poverty can affect blood pressure in women

The Centre for Research on Inner City Health through the Keenan Research Centre at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto reports that women living in poorer areas are at risk for high blood pressure and that parent's stress can risk a child for asthma.

New Effort for Protecting the Heart

As the world experiences new wave heart related illnesses, the doctors are coming out with the new efforts aimed at lowering down the heart attacks.

Study Suggests Exposure to Bad Air Raises Blood Pressure

The air people breathe while walking in the park, working in the garden or shopping downtown may be unhealthy enough to seriously spike their blood pressure, a new study suggests.

Anticipation of An Afternoon Nap Can Lower Blood Pressure

To nap or not to nap, that is the question. A research team has conducted a study that indicates that the expectation of a nap and the time just before falling asleep may be where the benefits lies.

Cocoa lowers blood pressure

German researchers today claim that cocoa not tea, may help to lower your blood pressure.

High Levels Of Sodium In Chinese Restaurant Dishes

While many adore the flavours of chinese cuisine we forget about what we intake daily

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Blood pressure Image

Table showing the new recommended hypertension reading levels
Table showing the new recommended hypertension reading levels
American Heart Association and AMA
Chart showing blood pressure and blood flow
Chart showing blood pressure and blood flow
A sphygmomanometer  a device used for measuring arterial pressure.
A sphygmomanometer, a device used for measuring arterial pressure.
Medical students taking blood pressure readings.
Medical students taking blood pressure readings.
Kilbosh (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Blood pressure measurement.
Blood pressure measurement. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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