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Blood News

Rare, preserved monkey blood found in amber fossils

The actions of two monkeys grooming each other, some 20-30 million years ago, appears to have been the precursor to the first fossilized red blood cells ever recovered from a mammal. The blood cells are preserved in amber.

New discovery leads to mass produced blood

Bristol - A new scientific breakthrough could lead to the production of mass produced, laboratory created blood, bypassing the need for blood donations.

Drug cuts bad cholesterol to unprecedented levels

London - A new breakthrough medication is being heralded by medics as a potential life-saver. The innovative new drug can prevent heart attacks and strokes by cutting bad cholesterol significantly.

Studying a person’s blood says how old they are

Scientists have found a way to accurately determine how old a person is biologically from studying some newly identified biomarkers in the blood. This represents a step forward in estimating age and this will lead to medical benefits.

Capsule technology designed to treat hemophilia

Austin - A biodegradable oral delivery system has been designed for treating hemophilia B, a bleeding disorder. The pill has been developed at the University of Texas at Austin.

Blood flow patterns provide stroke predictions

The shape and flow of blood through the heart can acts as model to predict the likelihood of a person developing a stroke, according to a new medical study.

Lab grown blood vessels can be used in humans

A research team from the University of Minnesota have successfully bio-engineered blood vessels. The vessels have the potential to continue developing once they’ve been placed inside people.

New initiative to reduce bloodstream infections

Washington - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has teamed up with various health bodies in order to reduce the rate of bloodstream infections affecting kidney dialysis patients.

Reversible blood thinner invented

To overcome the risks associated with the continued effects of blood thinners, medical scientists have developed a blood thinner that can be reversed.

US urges all donated blood undergo tests for Zika

Miami - All donated blood should undergo tests for the Zika virus, which can cause birth defects, US regulators said Friday amid a mounting outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus in the United States.

Contamination and shortages dog India's blood supply

New Delhi - Every month, Seema Mishra and her daughter make the trip to an Indian hospital, praying the blood transfusion the youngster needs to keep her alive will not make her sicker.

Promising drug dissolves blood clots

Saint Petersburg - A promising new development drug lowers the risk of strokes by dissolving away blood clots (thrombolysis) in a targeted manner.

Canada reduces waiting period for gay men to donate blood

Ottawa - Canada has loosened requirements for gay men who want to donate blood, reducing the compulsory period of sexual abstinence from five years to one year.

Two new types of childhood blood cancer detected

Lund - Two new types of blood cancer have been detected, by virtue of advances in genetic testing. The discovery may signal the greater use of personalized medicine, applicable to different patients.

The heart attack monitor that runs on one drop of blood

A new, portable device can assess patients for the risk of developing a heart attack by screening a single drop of blood. The test is also five times faster than comparable diagnostic devices.

New gel increases blood flow for arterial disease patients

A novel bio-gel formed from natural scaffolding taken from human muscle could help to treat treating arterial disease. The gel is administered by injection.

Is it possible to have a bloodcurdling experience?

Amsterdam - Is it scientifically possible to watch a film so scary that your blood actually curdles? Yes, is the answer from a new study.

New Mexico: Why 5,341 untested rape kits are a nationwide problem

After repeated complaints from victim advocates about the burgeoning backlog in testing sexual assault evidence kits in New Mexico, the state's Department of Public Safety began surveying police agencies in order to find out how big the backlog really is.

Single blood test to diagnose most cancers

A new test, designed to detect a range of different cancers from a single drop of blood, is being developed in The Netherlands. If successful, such a method would cut-down the time taken to extract equivalent information from biopsies.

Blood product could be an Alzheimer’s cure

Sutter Institute of Medical Research has undertaken a study using an immunoglobulin blood product to control and seemingly cure Alzheimer’s disease at a particular stage of the disease’s progression.

HIV continues to grow despite treatment

Liverpool - HIV is adept at avoiding treatment by hiding out in blood cells. This occurs even when a patient is responding well to treatment, according to a new research study.

Laboratory-made blood to begin trials

Cambridge - The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) aims to test blood made in a laboratory within the next two years. This could signal a move away from blood donations.

Drop in U.K. blood donors

Watford - A new campaign for blood donation has been launched in England and Wales following a 40 percent drop in donations, year-on-year.

New test uncovers every past infection

New York - A science group have revealed a blood test that can reveal every past viral infection a person has contracted. It is based on the immune system containing "memory codes" of past diseases.

Researchers genetically alter human blood vessel cells

Scientists have used the new genome-editing tool CRISPR to alter cultured human endothelial cells. These cells were taken from blood vessels.

'Blood rain' falls on Britain

"Blood rain" is forecast to fall on Britain Friday night, as sand from the Sahara sweeps north from Africa to blanket parts of the island.

Doctors do 180 on America's most common medical procedure

The most common medical procedure performed for patients hospitalized in the US in 2011 was a blood transfusion. Specifically, 12 percent of hospital patients who underwent some procedure had a blood transfusion.

Blood clotting polymer developed

Washington D.c. - Scientists have developed an injectable polymer solution that stops bleeding in rats with nicked femoral arteries. The polymer will be tried in human trials soon.

Sleep deprivation revealed from studying blood

Sleep deprivation can now be revealed from an analysis of blood samples. Research shows that circulating fats and acids drop in people who are not getting enough sleep. Why have test? So employers can see if someone is "fit for work."

Nanorobots designed to swim through human blood

Bonn - Nanorobots could be designed to carry out medical tasks in the human body. Researchers have created “swimming bodies” that can navigate through biological fluids like blood.
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Hanna Schwarz (L) as Herodias and Erika Sunnegårdh as Salome in the Canadian Opera Company’s prod...
Hanna Schwarz (L) as Herodias and Erika Sunnegårdh as Salome in the Canadian Opera Company’s production of Salome, 2013.
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Taika Waititi  the co-creator of vampire mockumentary  What We Do In The Shadows   plays Viago  an 1...
Taika Waititi, the co-creator of vampire mockumentary 'What We Do In The Shadows', plays Viago, an 18th century vampire trying to fit into modern life.
(l – r) Hanna Schwarz as Herodias and Erika Sunnegårdh as Salome in the Canadian Opera Company’...
(l – r) Hanna Schwarz as Herodias and Erika Sunnegårdh as Salome in the Canadian Opera Company’s production of Salome, 2013.
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A mysterious blood splattered sheet hangs over an unknown object in the Grimm Tales.
A mysterious blood splattered sheet hangs over an unknown object in the Grimm Tales.
Smog in London Friday
Smog in London Friday
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A patient awaiting a blood transfusion
A patient awaiting a blood transfusion
Dollar on a sea of blood with the black and the original Sun
Dollar on a sea of blood with the black and the original Sun
Blood bags
Blood bags
Waititi s vampire alter-ego Viago references old and new cinema vamps  including Brad Pitt and Tom C...
Waititi's vampire alter-ego Viago references old and new cinema vamps, including Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in 'Interview With The Vampire.'
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