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Op-Ed: How do blogs and websites differ?

Websites are key elements of the Internet with much of our time on the net spent browsing different sites. However, we also often read blogs on the net or even have our own personal blogs. What are the differences between the two?

Blogs remaining free in an era of online paywalls, paid content

Boston - In an era of online paywalls and paid content, the Amvona blog remains free to readers. The website does not generate any revenues or profit – no advertisements and paid exclusives have been turned down.

John McAfee blogs about life on the run in Belize

Belize City - John McAfee, antivirus software mogul, hiding from Belize police after he was described as a "person of interest" in the murder of a neighbor, fellow American Gregory Viant Faull, has started a blog in which he tells the story of his life on the run.

One-on-one with professional lifestyle blogger Casie Stewart Special

Toronto - Whether she's at the latest, hippest, soiree, in front of the cameras, or walking down the red carpet, Casie Stewart is not your typical blogger.

Gawker Media offloads adult content blog Fleshbot to editor

Most people think an adult website generates a lot of revenue, but Gawker Media's recent sale of the blog Fleshbot may prove them wrong.

Men and their sports blogs Special

Men and their sports blogs. How to start them, where to find them, why they are obsessed with them, and how two college guys started their own sports site.

Philadelphia wants fees, taxes from personal blogs

Philadelphia - The majority of blogs published by the average citizen rarely make enough to pay the rent; however, the city of Philadelphia potentially sees a new revenue stream from this group: Apply fees and taxes to blogs.

New UK ruling suggests bloggers need to adhere to press codes

A new ruling by the UK media watchdog, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC), suggests that bloggers might, in future, have to adhere to certain codes of practice.

Supreme Court of Canada To Bloggers: Act Responsibly

In a landmark decision Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Canada added an extra layer of libel protection for blogs, traditional journalists

Young French bloggers find a new and risky way to create buzz

“If you comment on my blog, I’ll send you a photo of my thighs with the name of your blog on them.” That kind of virtual deal, despite the dangers involved, is tempting more and more very young French girls who are looking to gain Internet notoriety

Social Networks, Blogs More Popular Than Email

According to Nielsen Online, more than two-thirds of the global online community visit social networks and blogs. They are currently the fourth popular online category ahead of email.

Indian blogger faces $1 million defamation suit

A group of social activists held a meet in Panjim, Goa to demand the immediate withdrawal of the R.500 crore ($125,000 US ) defamation suit against anti-mining activist Sebastian Rodrigues.

Blog Almighty? Not if you’re a jerk, and someone takes you to court

A couple of Australian bloggers with a penchant for persecution have hit the wall. The Hack and Caz, who were best known for their attacks on people who disagreed with them. The result of their nasty blog war has been a bit of conspicuous discretion.

Bloggers Will be Out in Force at Democratic National Convention

Bloggers will be out in force this year at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. A record number of bloggers will be given credentials to cover the political event this summer.

Air Force bans sites with 'blog' in the URL

Air Force will deny access to any of its crew if they try to access sites with “blog" as part of the address, such as or Air Force officials say the blogs are not legitimate media outlets and shouldn’t be read at work.

Study Shows Blog Buzz Directly Related to How Well an Album Sells

If you've ever wondered about the true power of bloggers, look no further than a new study that shows blog buzz is directly related to real-world album sales. The implication: User-generated content influences decision making in the music industry.

Op-Ed: The American political blog, for or against

I sometimes wonder, watching American political “debates” online or on TV, whether anyone’s listening to each other, or any actual issues will ever be debated. So I went for a little stroll around the net. The short answer is “No”.

Blog Directories Can Make Your Blog Work For You

Blogging has become an important tool in both social networking and as a business skill. Being able to have your blog have exposure can help you in your career. So how do you make sure your blog will get the notice it needs to?

Attention: Zombies Attacking

If you have ever journaled in such venues as Live Journal and the like you know that once in a blue moon the natives get restless lending a hand to creative juices and strange things ensue. Such as zombies. They are out tonight coming for you.

op-ed:Rosie Blogs Again

I know she's widely popular but I get the gag reflex going when Rosie O'Donnell opens her mouth or her pen. Don't get me wrong, I stand with her on a lot of her views but the woman likes to anger.

Bloggers Give New Life to American Deaths in Iraq

In war, it’s often said truth is the first casualty. So how many American soldiers have actually been killed in Iraq? The Pentagon spits out numbers, but as the war rages into its fourth year, bloggers are now putting a human face on cold stats.

California Grandmother Blogs from Baghdad

Tired of hearing stories from mainstream media about the Iraq war, Jane Stillwater decided to see it for herself. The 64-year-old grandmother picked up her life and moved to Green Zone, Baghdad, to blog about the war.

The Land Of Forgotten Blogs

Thousands of blogs are started each year and then, after time, abandoned, left to sit, somwhere in a vast net cemetery

Create a Standalone Music Player for Blogs, Websites

A tutorial, how to create your own music jukebox.

Gravatar to return next month

Gravatar is a service that allows little avatars (called gravatars) to appear next to people's comments left on blogs.

Setting Up And Keeping Your Crochet Blog

You no longer have to be a nerd to chit chat with the internet hip. Because now crochet is all the rage.

The Mommy Blog Has Arrived

Now Moms have a place to vent and get some advice. The Mommy blog is here at long last.

Pelosi reaches out to net politicos

Taking time out from a hectic schedule that included the '100-hour' legislative marathon, Nancy Pelsoi fielded questions from bloggers.

How to Choose a niche for a profitable blog

An interesting article in a blog about selecting the best niche for your blog.

White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow, plugs LiveLeak

Tony Snow says Thank God for Blogs, lol I wonder how he would rate some of mine.lool
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