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Blindness News

Deep red light therapy can improve failing eyesight

A new study has demonstrated that eye conditions that lead to failing eyesight can be moderated by applying deep red light technology. Initial findings are encouraging and could pave the way for a wider application of the therapy.

CRISPR trial sets out to cure human blindness

The next-step with the progression of the gene editing tool CRISPR is to be with non-genetic diseases, based on a new phase where the technology can be used to edit single letters in RNA. One application is to attempt to find a cure for blindness.

Artificial intelligence used to combat blindness

Scientists from Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University have discovered the means to use artificial intelligence to combat a complication of diabetes that affects the eyes, leading to vision loss.

First human optogenetics trial to treat blindness

In a medical first, doctors in Texas are planning to use a groundbreaking neuroscience technique to attempt to restore the sight of blind people sometime in the next month, MIT Technology Review reports.

New daddy longlegs named after Smeagol of Lord of the Rings

Living in a deep, dank cave in Brazil, this tiny, pale creature never emerges into the sunlight. Even if it did, the little harvestman, or daddy longlegs, is blind, so seeing sunlight isn't something it could ever do.

Toxic plant that can cause blindness found in Michigan

Battle Creek - Michigan's Calhoun County Public Health Department has issued a warning to people who want to take nature walks, especially near Battle Creek. A highly toxic plant, called the giant hogweed, was found in Pennfield Township and was removed.

Scientists have developed an eye drop that dissolves cataracts

California-based researchers have developed a new drug, which can shrink and dissolve cataracts — the leading cause of blindness in people worldwide.

Mitt Romney faces up to Evander Holyfield for charity

Mitt Romney swapped the suit, tie and hurricane-proof hair for gloves and shorts on Friday, as he squared up to Evander Holyfield in the name of charity

Neuroprosthetic helps 'blind' rats 'see'

Tokyo - Rats that have lost their eyesight can sense direction with the aid of a neuroprosthesis. This consists of a geomagnetic compass and a microstimulator with electrodes implanted in the animals’ brains, according to a new study.

Comcast launches talking TV interface for the blind

Philadelphia - In the U.S., TV accessibility for those who are blind and visually impaired is far behind in advances, compared to other countries, such as the UK. Today, however, Comcast is taking the first step to an accessible future

Stem cell study for eye disease

Kobe - Scientists at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology will shortly treat the first patient in using a stem cell-based treatment for age-related macular degeneration.

Undergraduate loses eyes after leaving contacts in for six months

An Acanthamoeba had the perfect conditions in which to grow since Lian Kao, 23, had left her contacts in for six months straight. Her eyes were eaten away due to this.

Light ahead in fight against degenerative blindness

Paris - Once doomed to a life of darkness, dozens of people stricken by retinal diseases are rediscovering a world of light as scientists push ahead on cures for blindness.

Blind entrepreneur creates a Netflix for the blind Special

Toronto - To people who are blind or visually impaired, audio description IS important. Audio description can be found on various platforms except video on demand services. This is changing with an audio description on demand service.

Teen engineer develops a braille printer out of LEGOS Special

San Francisco - One of the greatest challenges for lowering the cost of printed braille is making braille printers affordable to everyone. A seventh grader, though, has made a solution that may eradicate this problem entirely.

Op-Ed: Marijuana train picking up speed despite federal laws

New York - With Congress resisting marijuana reform, courts ignoring several government reports, and President Obama giving it lukewarm support, the marijuana train keeps chugging along.

Blindness boosts hearing ability

New research shows that hearing improves in mice that were deprived of visual stimulus for a week. The experiment was designed to measure 'sensory compensation'.

FCC grants waiver of accessibility rules to e-readers

Chicago - Devices to read electronic books have been a new way to consume information or enjoy a vast fantasy novel but to the blind and visually impaired they have been inaccessible, with few improvements.

Samsung and the Carroll Center team up to test TV Accessibility

Newton - Finding inaccessible devices were as common as expectant weather changes. A lot of companies are making the right move and caring about accessibility. Today, a partnership will enhance inclusion even more.

Gene therapy improves sight

Following a gene therapy trial, patients who were progressing toward blindness now have better vision after completing the treatment.

Advance in gene therapy for rare form of blindness

Paris - A groundbreaking experiment to treat a rare form of inherited blindness has notched up startling success in early tests on half a dozen volunteers, doctors reported on Thursday.

Nokia create challenges to make apps for visually impaired

Chicago - Accessible applications on cell phones, even in today's age, are hard to come by. Developers either don't want to include accessibility or don't consider that disabled people may want to use their applications.

Verizon FIOS offers audio description on demand

Chicago - Usually if blind people want to see a movie with audio description on demand they have to get DVDs or subject to the few described movies on iTunes. Verizon now brings description on demand.

Freedom Scientific releases JAWS 15 screen reading software

Fort Lauderdale - JAWS has been one of the popular screen readers that incorporate features to make navigating the computer and web just as effortless, and in some cases, more effectively than the sighted populace.

Blindness doesn't stop Robert Kingett from becoming a Digital Journalist Special

Chicago - His school didn't have a newspaper so he created one. His journalistic reportage tackles the oft-neglected stories on disabilities. Welcome to the world of Robert Kingett, a blind Digital Journalist whose reporting aims to educate and inspire.

Students create yoga for the blind with Microsoft Kinect

Bellvale - In a typical yoga class, students watch an instructor to learn how to properly hold a position. But for people who are blind or can’t see well, it can be frustrating to participate in these types of exercises. A group of students have created a solution

Assistive technology manufacturer partners with optics company

Los Angeles - HumanWare announced a major strategic partnership with Essilor, the world's leading ophthalmic optics company. It becomes the majority shareholder of the company, specializing in assistive technologies for people who are blind or have low vision.

Blind driver to race motorcycle at Bonneville Salt Flats

Chicago - For the blind and the visually impaired, racing has been something that they could only watch. With the help of the National Federation of the Blind, a former racer will race again on a motorcycle.

Internet TV for the blind Special

Chicago - TV has become partially accessible to visually impaired people. Internet streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu continually refuse audio description for streamed content. A group of blind programmers set out to level the playing field.

Stem cells used to treat loss of vision

A study of stem cell therapy using patients’ own cells, reprogrammed to be stem cells, to treat vision loss has been approved in Japan.
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Human-computer interaction researcher Eelke Folmer of the University of Nevada  Reno  watches as Dor...
Human-computer interaction researcher Eelke Folmer of the University of Nevada, Reno, watches as Dora Uchel, a university student, demonstrates the indoor navigation system for the visually impaired developed by Kostas Bekris and Folmer
Mike Wolterbeek, University of Nevada, Reno
Italian researchers found a way to use stem cells to restore eyesight in damaged eyes caused by chem...
Italian researchers found a way to use stem cells to restore eyesight in damaged eyes caused by chemical burns. Here you see the eyes before and after treatment
New England Journal of Medicine
HumanWare specializes in products for the blind and visually impaired. On photo: Prodigi Tablet hand...
HumanWare specializes in products for the blind and visually impaired. On photo: Prodigi Tablet handheld electronic magnifier
HumanWare Group

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