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Bleach News

Lethal autism 'cure' feared spreading to Britain

Police in Britain are investigating that country's first potential case of a parent giving their child bleach as a "cure" for autism.

Man who sold bleach as a miracle cure gets 51 months in jail

Spokane - It was hailed as a miracle cure for cancer, AIDS, malaria, asthma, hepatitis, Lyme disease and numerous other ailments, but it was actually industrial bleach, used for hydraulic fracking, wastewater treatment, and as a pesticide.

Remains of son missing for 11 years found in trunk of mom's car

Chesapeake - The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young boy in 2004 came to a tragic end when Virginia State Police confirmed at a press conference on Friday that remains found in the trunk of his mother's car were those of Quincy Jamar Davis.

12-yr-old girl tried to poison mother for taking away her iPhone

Boulder - Police said on Friday that they have detained a 12-year-old girl in Boulder, Colorado for allegedly attempting twice to kill her mother by spiking her drinks with bleach because she took her iPhone away.

Parents are giving children anti-vax bleach enemas to cure autism

Little Rock - Some U.S. parents are reportedly trying to cure autism in their children by using a dangerous "cure-all" bleach solution called "Miracle Mineral Solution," being marketed as a way to "flush out" from their children's systems vaccines that cause autism.

Bleach can treat inflammation

Scientists have shown that the active ingredient in bleach can reduce inflammation by targeting an activator in the immune system of mice.

4th 'Bleach' movie to stream on Neon Alley before DVD release

While the English dub of "Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse" will be released on December 4, Neon Alley users will be able to watch the movie stream in advance on November 25.

Georgia teens charged in bleach balloon bomb assault

Lilburn - Teenagers armed with a bleach-filled super-squirter water gun and balloons have been charged following an assault on another student that resulted in severe injuries to the boy's eyes. Police also recovered bottles of bleach and rubber gloves at one home.

Nurse Indicted For Using Bleach as Deadly Weapon

Most of us think of bleach as a whitener used for the laundry or to sterilize the bathroom, but a nurse was indicted for using it as a deadly weapon and killing five people and injuring five others.

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Empty shelves for soaps and disinfectants at the Stop and Shop at 3333 NJ-27  Franklin Park  New Jer...
Empty shelves for soaps and disinfectants at the Stop and Shop at 3333 NJ-27, Franklin Park, New Jersey, on March 9, 2020.
Richard Arthur Norton (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Woman in Florida has been accused of allegedly pouring bleach into a boyfriend s goldfish tank.
Woman in Florida has been accused of allegedly pouring bleach into a boyfriend's goldfish tank.
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