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Blackwater News

Blackwater founder resurfaces selling Afghan plan

Washington - Nearly 16 years after US forces entered Afghanistan, a shadowy figure from the past is making the rounds in Washington with a plan to end America's longest war.

Op-Ed: Eric Prince presents plan to privatize much of Afghan war

Washington - The Trump administration is considering a plan to turn over much of the Afghan US war effort to private contractors supposedly as a means of breaking the stalemate in the war against the Taliban.

Op-Ed: Former Blackwater head Erik Prince had dealings in Libya

Washington - The U.S. Justice Department is investigating Erick Prince over evidence he used Frontier Services Group, of which he is chair, to sell defense services in Libya. He is also suspected of being involved in a money-laundering deal using the Bank of China.

Blackwater guards get heavy sentences in 2007 Iraq killings

Washington - A former Blackwater guard was sentenced to life in prison and three others received 30-year sentences Monday for their roles in a 2007 mass shooting in Iraq that left at least 14 civilians dead.

Blackwater guards found guilty in 2007 Iraq 'massacre'

Washington - Four former Blackwater security guards were found guilty Wednesday for their roles in a notorious 2007 mass shooting in Baghdad that left at least 14 civilians dead and deepened resentment of America's involvement in Iraq.

FBI details 2007 Blackwater killings

Washington - Blackwater guards fired dozens of shots into cars and people, an FBI expert testified, in an example of the brutality of the 2007 killings that left 14 Iraqis dead in Baghdad.

Blackwater threatened to kill U.S. investigator in Iraq: Report

Washington - The top manager in Iraq of the notorious private security firm Blackwater threatened to kill a U.S. State Department investigator for probing the company's performance, the New York Times reported Monday.

'Call of Duty' teaser gives hints of PMC-themed game

A new teaser for the upcoming 'Call of Duty' game has given hints that it will be set in a future dominated by Private Military Companies (PMC).

Blackwater admits to facts behind 17 federal charges

Academi LLC (formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide) will pay a $7.5 million fine in order to settle U.S. federal charges against them over arms trafficking.

Op-Ed: Private security contractor Blackwater now known as Academi

Washington - Infamously known for killing 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad's Nisour Square in 2007, private security contractor Blackwater's name-changing continues, calling itself Academi, with a byline of Elite Training, Trusted Protection, and now wants back in Iraq.

Blackwater hires John Ashcroft as new ethics chief

Washington - Blackwater, the controversial private defense contractor that first drew major attention after killing 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisoor Square in 2007, has hired former Attorney General John Ashcroft to help pursue lucrative government contracts.

What the Iraq war logs have revealed

109,032 deaths (66,081 civilians). 176,382 wounded (99,163 civilians). 24,764 air strikes including 1,684 Hellfire missile strikes. These are just some of the figures to have come out of the war logs, the biggest top secret document leak in history.

Business unit of Blackwater gets new contract in Afghanistan

A business unit of Blackwater Security, the company that provided private security services to diplomats and the US Armed Forces in Iraq, has been awarded a new contract for security services in Afghanistan.

Blackwater secret tape exposed

As government secrets go, Blackwater may well be the leader in keeping the lid on sensitive activities in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, thanks in no small part to its secretive owner, Erik Prince.

Blackwater ex-president and other company officials indicted

Gary Jackson, former president of Blackwater, has been indicted for conspiracy to violate firearms laws, making false statements and possession of an unregistered firearm. Four other former employees were charged simultaneously.

Op-Ed: 'Establishing rule of law in Afghanistan is an illusion'

Both Canada and the United States seem to have an illusion that is no longer shared by their European allies, namely the idea that an Afghan police force can be trained, and fast enough, to establish rule of law in the country and secure its population.

Iraq Planning Class Action Lawsuit Against Blackwater

The Iraqi government is collecting signatures from civilians, as it prepares to launch a class action lawsuit against Blackwater, the private security contractor now known as Xe Services.

House Rep to introduce bill to ban private security contractors

A House Democrat is planning to introduce a bill that would ban private security contractors, including Blackwater, from US military and intelligence operations.

Who is Who in the World of 'Intelligence'

If the CIA distanced itself - as previously announced - from Blackwater and/or Xe, how come two such contractors are among the seven so-called CIA agents who died in last week's suicide attack?

US Judge Throws Out Manslaughter Case Against Blackwater Guards

A U.S. District Judge has thrown out the case against five Blackwater guards who were charged in the deaths of 17 civilians in Iraq in 2007.

Blackwater Guards' Alleged Role in Secret CIA Raids

Guards working for the private security firm Blackwater Worldwide, now known as Xe Services, allegedly worked alongside CIA agents during secret raids against insurgents, including members of al-Qaeda, in Iraq and Afghanistan.

US employing Blackwater for Pakistan assassinations

The Obama administration is using mercenaries with the firm formerly known as Blackwater to kidnap and assassinate high value targets in Pakistan, according to a new report.

Blackwater, billions and alleged bribery of Iraqi officials

Former top Blackwater executives claim the company planned to use about $1 million in bribe money to silence Iraqi officials "and buy their support" after security guards killed 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007. Billions for Blackwater were at stake.

Blackwater’s Prince accused of killing innocent civilians

A civil lawsuit accuses Blackwater USA and its founder, Erik Prince, of being responsible for the deaths of more than 20 innocent Iraqis. During a hearing Aug. 29, an attorney for the plaintiffs argued Prince had essentially committed war crimes.

CIA, Blackwater assassination program did not operationalize

Former intelligence officials describe the CIA’s outsourcing of assassination program to Blackwater, where Al-Qaeda leaders were targets and millions of dollars were spent on a program that was unknown to Congress and canceled by Panetta.

Erik Prince Steps Down As Blackwater CEO

The founder of Blackwater security company, founded in 1997 has stepped down as CEO and appointed new leaders. Prince will still helm the chair but no longer be involved in day to day operations.

Blackwater Barred From Iraq

Iraq has barred Blackwater Worldwide form providing security protection to United States diplomats. The company has been accused of using excessive force to carry out its mission. In 2007 17 Iraqi civilians were killed by Blackwater members.

New Evidence Could Shift The Case In Favor Of Blackwater

In regards to the controversy surrounding the private security group known as Blackwater, some new and interesting evidence has come into light.

Blackwater Listed As Donors to Clinton Foundation

The names of donors to the Clinton Global Initiative have been released. So far, it looks like a very interesting list to say the least: Bill Gates, Chevy Chase and the Blackwater Training Center are among the donors.

In the Near Future, Blackwater Could Get Expelled From Iraq

Things may not be so pleasant for the private defense contractor known as Blackwater. There is the high chance that Blackwater will lose its license to operate in Iraq.
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File photo: Blackwater operatives in action
File photo: Blackwater operatives in action
Security in Iraq.
Security in Iraq.

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