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Detroit's African-Americans cast cynical eye on Trump

Detroit - Donald Trump visits Detroit Saturday insisting he is the change agent that America's blackest big city needs in the White House, but residents have a message for the Republican presidential nominee: Not buying it.

Op-Ed: Police change story in Ferguson case

Ferguson - Although St. Louis cops made much to do of witnesses changing stories in the Michael Brown killing, investigators themselves made a significant change in their description of what occurred.

Op-Ed: Missouri national guard sent into St. Louis area

Ferguson - The Missouri national guard was sent into the St. Louis area after reports that a private autopsy revealed a white cop shot a black teen six times. The New York Times got a report of the autopsy.

Op-Ed: Obama worst president ever, including future

Chicago - The pathetic failures of the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama, probably will mean he is not only the worst president the country has had, but the worst one it will ever have.

U.S. schools still biased in disciplining black students

According to the 2011-2012 Civil Rights Data Collection, released Friday by the Department of Education, black students in the U.S. are getting more punishments and less educational opportunities than their white peers.

Louis Farrakhan to Kanye West: 'Don't bow to Jewish pressure!'

Earlier this month, the Anti-Defamation League denounced remarks made by Kanye West during a radio interview and asked him to apologize for what they called "classic antisemitism."

Op-Ed: Paula Deen gets a pass

Paula Deen is bearing a great deal of America's racial animosity. The full story of her racist practices cannot be fully understood without taking the following into account.

US Census Bureau: Whites losing majority in the under-5 age group

The US Census Bureau has released a report that shows that the country's ethnic minorities now make up about half of the under-5 age group. Based on 2012 growth rates, whites will become a minority in the under-5 group for the first time in 2013/2014.

US majority wants death penalty for Boston bombing suspect

Boston - According to a Washington-Post ABC news poll, 70 percent of surveyed Americans say they would support the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, the Boston bombing suspect.

Op-Ed: Obama loses support of some African American faith leaders

President Obama loses African American support as E.W. Jackson calls out Democratic Party’s sins and black faith leaders plan million dollar effort against same-sex marriage. While the black vote may cost Obama the election, analysts believe he will win

Op-Ed: Arkansas Rep. Jon Hubbard says slavery a 'blessing' for blacks

Arkansas Republican Jon Hubbard, in his book "Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative," argues that slavery was a "blessing" and that African-Americans should be thankful that their fathers caught the slave ship to America.

Study: White males live longer than black males by 7 yrs in U.S.

A new study says that in the U.S. white males outlive black males by seven years and white females outlive black females by five years. The researchers concluded from the results that the U.S. still needs to improve on the health of African-Americans.

Gingrich tells blacks to demand paychecks not food stamps

Washington - In an interview on CBS's Friday "The Early Show," GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, accused the national media of misrepresenting his comment about the NAACP, blacks and food stamps. Gingrich said, "You guys have distorted what I said."

Op-Ed: The ongoing non-controversy of 'Stop & Search' in London

London - London's new Police Commissioner has promised a fresh approach to stop and search in the capital, but is police attitude the real problem?

Pennsylvania high school mentoring program resorts to segregation

Lancaster - A Pennsylvania high school has instituted a new mentoring program for students that began with dividing the homeroom classes by race, gender and language skills, stirring a controversial debate on the historical significance of segregation in schools.

Louisiana Man sentenced for Civil Rights violation cross-burning

Washington - Driven only by bigotry and hate, the defendant threatened members of his own family with violence because they associated with persons of another race, He erected a cross on their lawn and set it on fire in protest of interracial relationships.

Unemployment Rate For Blacks Is Higher Than Other Groups

While unemployment numbers fell overall in November, they actually rose for African Americans. CNN reports that black unemployment is a real concern.

Op-Ed: Alan Keyes Does Harm to GOP’s Outreach to Blacks

While many Blacks often disagree with the GOP on matters of public policy, particularly its far-right wing, we know that many Black Republicans fervently believe in the party’s fundamental economic and social message.

Menthol Cigarettes Create Controversy For Black Congress Members

A menthol exemption contained in current legislation has stirred the race pot with over 75 percent of black smokers choosing menthols and suffering a higher rate of smoking-related cancers. The controversy has spilt blacks in congress.

First Black Police Officers of Georgia Could Possibly Fight For Their Pensions

Until 1976, black police officers were prohibited from joining a police retirement plan. White officers that did enter that retirement fund tended to get bigger paychecks than black officers did.

Op-Ed: Blispanic Power

As in Black-Hispanic Power! Much has been made of the so-called "divide" between Black and Hispanic voters in the Democratic presidential primaries; and how each community has fallen behind either Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Barack Obama.

Between Clinton and Obama, Southern Blacks Are Divided

Between US Democratic presidential hopefuls Senator Hillary Clinton of New York and Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, the black population of the south are split between both candidates.

Employers Discover Troubling Racial Split in 401(k) Plans

Employers have begun to find troubling racial differences within their 401(k) plans, a gap they say could leave black workers far less financially prepared for retirement than whites.

The History of Black Americans within the Republican and Democratic Parties

When Abraham Lincoln was elected the first Republican President in 1861 and 16th President of the United States (along with the first ever Republican Congress), southern PRO-slavery Democrats saw the handwriting on the wall.

Cubs, too, say baseball loses appeal for blacks

Professional baseball is losing its appeal among some blacks - for a number of reasons, said Oneri Fleita, director of player development for the Chicago Cubs.

Depression Hits U.S. Blacks Harder Than Whites

U.S. study shows Black Americans suffer severe depression in comparison to whites.

Post 9/11 Islam Flourishes Among Blacks

African Americans are converting to Islam at ever growing rates in the post 9/11 world according to experts.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hears that a White Supremacist should be fined and banned from Spewing Hate on Internet

Can you believe it, the man did not even show up to answer the charges against him. You would think if this is happening it would be criminal charges laid.!

'Dr. Death' To Take Stand In Trial Over S. African Apartheid Horrors

JOHANNESBURG, (AP) South Africa – Witnesses have talked of creating poisoned chocolates and clothes, lacing a letter with anthrax and releasing cholera in the water supply at a refugee camp. Wouter Basson, the so-called "Dr. Death," takes the stand..

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The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow - these signs were common throughout the south even after laws made th...
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow - these signs were common throughout the south even after laws made them illegal.
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