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Blackberry News

BlackBerry purchases AI firm Cylance

Blackberry's fortunes continue to rise and the Canadian firm has made its largest acquisition ever, shelling out $1.4 billion for the artificial intelligence company Cylance.

BlackBerry bounces back as a cybersecurity consultancy

BlackBerry may still be associated with the first wave of smartphones, However the Canadian company has had more success recently with system security services and products.

New Blackberry Key 2 phone to be launched this Thursday June 7

Multinational Chinese electronics company TCL will release the new BlackBerry Key 2 this Thursday, June 7th in New York. The new phone appears to be a refined version of the earlier BlackBerry KeyOne.

Were Blackberrys modified to help drug cartels?

Toronto - It appears that some Blackberry devices were modified to 'help drug cartels', according to U.S. authorities. The allegation is that Canadian company Phantom Secure sold modified Blackberry devices for illicit reasons.

Blackberry CEO John Chen to stay on after company turnaround

Waterloo - John Chen can keep his job of chief executive officer(CEO) of Blackberry until at least November 2023. Chen is given the credit for rescuing the company when Blackberry appeared to be doomed when he came on as CEO in 2013.

BlackBerry shares spike on better than expected financial results

Waterloo - The Canadian-based technology company BlackBerry Ltd shares had one of their best days in months following better than expected financial results.

BlackBerry unveils its latest Android smartphone

BlackBerry has unveiled a new Android smartphone aimed at mid-range customers. It has a 5-inch display, a large battery and BlackBerry's extensive suite of productivity and security apps preinstalled. It will only be available in Indonesia.

BlackBerry's next smartphone is coming this month

BlackBerry has confirmed it will launch a new Android-powered smartphone later this month. The DTEK70, alternately known as the BlackBerry Mercury, will feature a touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard, in homage to classic BlackBerry devices.

New BlackBerry is on show at CES 2017 — complete with keyboard

This year’s CES convention in Las Vegas will feature a brand new Blackberry. And yes, the phone will come with a qwerty keyboard.

BlackBerry admits the end, announces withdrawal from smartphones

BlackBerry has announced it will withdraw from the smartphone market, ceasing development of its own devices and focusing instead on software. The end has been foreshadowed for years and marks the end of an era for BlackBerry, once a mobile market leader.

BlackBerry unveils the DTEK50, the 'most secure' Android phone

BlackBerry has launched the DTEK50, a handset it claims is the world's most secure Android smartphone. The device is BlackBerry's second Android phone and the first to have a touchscreen-only design. BlackBerry is targeting businesses with the DTEK50.

BlackBerry 'really struggling' to sell Android phones

BlackBerry's first Android device has been on the market for several months now. Despite receiving generally positive reviews at its launch, the Priv is dramatically underperforming, according to a high-level executive at AT&T.

BlackBerry planning two mid-range Android phones for 2016

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has said the company will launch two mid-range Android-powered smartphones this year. BlackBerry's first Android device, the premium Priv, has failed to revive the firm's falling sales due to quality issues and a steep price.

BlackBerry slams Facebook for discontinuing mobile app

Facebook is discontinuing its mobile app for BlackBerry users, taking many of the strong Facebook integration features of the BlackBerry 10 software with it. The move puts another nail in the coffin for BlackBerry's proprietary OS as it moves to Android.

WhatsApp announces plans to withdraw its app from BlackBerry

Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has announced it will be discontinuing support for several aging phone platforms. Notably, the app will no longer support all BlackBerry devices, including recent BlackBerry 10 ones.

Blackberry laying off workers in Ontario and Florida

Waterloo - Blackberry is laying off an unspecified but "small number" of employees both in Waterloo, Ontario, and at Sunrise Florida. The creator of the Blackberry Messenger, Gary Klassen, has left the company, according to reports.

BlackBerry signals it could abandon BB10 for Android after all

When BlackBerry launched the Priv in late 2015, its first Android-powered smartphone, the company promised it wouldn't let its own BlackBerry 10 (BB10) operating system suffer as a result. This week the company indicated it may be rethinking that.

BlackBerry abandoning BB10, launching only Android this year

BlackBerry has confirmed it intends to launch only Android smartphones this year, abandoning its own BlackBerry 10 operating system until at least 2017. The company had previously pledged to remain committed to the platform while building Android devices.

BlackBerry faces battle with Pakistan over privacy of user data

Islamabad - The Canadian company BlackBerry Ltd., formerly known as Research in Motion, has decided to delay closing down operations in Pakistan until at least December 30, as it continues negotiations with the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority(PTA).

BlackBerry 'Vienna' leaked online, company's second Android phone

Images of BlackBerry's next Android phone have leaked online just days after the company officially launched the Priv. Codename 'Vienna' eschews the Priv's physical keyboard for a fixed one beneath the display and shows BlackBerry is committed to Android.

The BlackBerry Priv Android phone with a keyboard is now on sale

BlackBerry has officially launched its Priv Android smartphone in the U.S. and UK. The device features a slide-out keyboard and curved display and has proved to be a hit with many reviewers, although it still needs to save BlackBerry's devices division.

BlackBerry values its first Android phone at a pricey $750

An accidental appearance of a page on BlackBerry's website has confirmed the unlocked price of its first ever Android phone to be a substantial $750. The phone's release date is listed as November 16.

BlackBerry CEO admits a smartphone pull-out may be on the cards

The Android-powered BlackBerry Priv smartphone, set for release later this year, has a lot resting on its shoulders. Many have speculated that it will make or break BlackBerry's handset business and this week CEO John Chen hinted he thinks the same.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen fails at delivering a demo of Priv phone

BlackBerry CEO John Chen gave a hands-on demo of the company's new Android slider smartphone, the Priv, to a news reporter this week just days after confirming the phone's existence. Unfortunately, Chen didn't quite seem to know his way around the device.

BlackBerry confirms it is making an Android phone

BlackBerry CEO John Chen today confirmed the company is working on an Android phone to go on sale sometime later this year. Although details are still scant, the phone, previously known as "Venice," will be sold as the BlackBerry Priv.

BlackBerry CEO: 'We need more apps'

BlackBerry CEO John Chen admitted yesterday that the company needs more apps if its handsets are to be successful. An Android phone is believed to be in the works to solve this problem, although Chen did not confirm this.

Pakistan shutting down encrypted BlackBerry messages for security

Pakistan's communications authority has asked the major phone networks in the country to stop delivering encrypted messages between BlackBerry smartphones within the next 90 days, due to "serious" security concerns.

BlackBerry's eye-catching first Android phone revealed in photo

The first clear image of BlackBerry's upcoming Android smartphone has appeared online. It shows a stylish, sleek handset with a slider display that curves round to the edges in the same manner as Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge. It appears to run stock Android.

BlackBerry's rumoured Android phone could be built with Samsung

A well-known analyst has suggested that BlackBerry may be turning to Samsung for help in releasing a new phone. It comes after recent insider tipoffs claimed that BlackBerry is considering making an Android-powered smartphone for the first time.

Report: BlackBerry phones of the future may run Android

BlackBerry may be considering a switch to making Android-powered phones as part of its plan to rescue itself from the declining market share and sales that its own BlackBerry 10 phones are faced with, according to a new report.
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BlackBerry Torch 9810
BlackBerry Torch 9810
Research In Motion
The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
Research in Motion
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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry checks his Blackberry before a meeting with European Union foreig...
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry checks his Blackberry before a meeting with European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Geneva
With permission by Reuters / Jason Reed
BlackBerry Classic.
BlackBerry Classic.
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A message on Scoreloop s website promises that the services developed for the BlackBerry platform wi...
A message on Scoreloop's website promises that the services developed for the BlackBerry platform will be "unparalleled."
Scoreloop will assist BlackBerry manufacturer RIM in improving their social gaming platform.
Scoreloop will assist BlackBerry manufacturer RIM in improving their social gaming platform.
A Blackberry Storm is one of several phones that Verizon is promoting along with their other changes...
A Blackberry Storm is one of several phones that Verizon is promoting along with their other changes.
Leaked renders of the BlackBerry  Vienna  [Via CrackBerry]
Leaked renders of the BlackBerry 'Vienna' [Via CrackBerry]
A leaked render of the BlackBerry Venice Android phone via @evleaks. [Since officially launched as  ...
A leaked render of the BlackBerry Venice Android phone via @evleaks. [Since officially launched as "BlackBerry Priv"]
BlackBerry PlayBook featuring BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry PlayBook featuring BlackBerry 10
Courtesy BlackBerry Media Gallery
Blackberry Twitter screenshot
Blackberry Twitter screenshot
Former RIM CEO Thorsten Heins during the keynote session at BlackBerry World
Former RIM CEO Thorsten Heins during the keynote session at BlackBerry World
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A Blackberry s layout at close-range.
A Blackberry's layout at close-range.
BlackBerry DTEK50
BlackBerry DTEK50
BlackBerry DTEK50
BlackBerry DTEK50
The BlackBerry Torch: cheap knock-off or innovative device?
The BlackBerry Torch: cheap knock-off or innovative device?
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