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Black panthers News

Op-Ed: Remembering the Black Panther Party

Despite its revolutionary pronouncements, the Black Panther Party began very much under the influence of the mainstream patriarchal culture. In 1968, the Party newspaper stated that the role of female members was to be "subordinate" to the males.

Op-Ed: Power to the People — Remembering the Black Panther Party

Forty-seven years ago this month the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was formed in Oakland, California. For almost 16 years the Party represented one of the most influential radical, progressive organizations in the history of the U.S.

Op-Ed: Whitewashing Huey Newton

Oakland - The Socialist Workers Party in Britain has recently published a eulogy to Black Panther leader Huey Newton. What is the truth about this people's champion?

Voting controversies and problems high in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia - The Pennsylvania polls have already closed. During the voting, the state of Pennsylvania had to deal with all sorts of problems such as machine malfunctions and voter intimidation.

Op-Ed: Martial law and no US election?

It is perhaps a marker for how deeply paranoid the United States has become over the thought of a second term for the current Administration. That thought has convinced some to think Martial Law will be instituted and no election will be held.

Successful black father's solution to black unemployment, jails Special

Can you imagine being an innocent man jailed 20 years on death row or a young father in jail for drugs? An African American businessman offers sound advice on prison issues and unemployment of fathers in the black community.

Are the new Black Panthers a danger to America?

Are the New Black Panther ideals and intent a danger not only to the fundamental philosophies prosperity's of America, but to the stability of public security as well?

Protests in Texas over the dragging death of a black man

Texas state riot police have their hands full dealing with both black separatists and white supremacists in Paris, Texas. The two groups are protesting the death of a black man being dragged to death.

Did Black Panthers Intimidate Voters at a Philadelphia Polling Station?

According to a recent news report, Republicans were allegedly blocked off at the front door by two Black Panthers who were the poll watchers.

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Victor Fiorillo for The Philly Post
Original members of the Black Panther Party; Huey Newton is standing next to Bobby Seale. Although N...
Original members of the Black Panther Party; Huey Newton is standing next to Bobby Seale. Although Newton was murdered at the age of 47, Seale suffered a fate worse than death, writing a cookbook and becoming a spokesman for an ice cream company.
Creative Commons
Original six members of the Black Panther Party (November 1966)
Original six members of the Black Panther Party (November 1966)

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