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Black market News

COVID-19 vaccine easy to get with the right amount of money

The much-criticized rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine has laid the groundwork for a scenario in which the rich and the politically connected use their money and power to cut in line and get vaccinated before everyone else - a black market for the "haves."

Stolen Fortnite accounts sold on $1 billion black market Special

News has broken that thousands of Fortnite users' accounts are being sold on a $1 billion black market for stolen video-game accounts. The data could enable hackers to access individual user profiles.

Canada's marijuana companies may be facing bleak year

Ontario - Some of Canada's biggest cannabis producers are facing proposed class-action lawsuits in the United States, while two other cannabis companies had to seek creditor protection last month. What's going on?

Canadian cannabis market continues its downward spiral

It was a bad week for the cannabis industry. While the Canadian stock market was reaching an all-time high, shares of cannabis companies continue their downward spiral.

A warning about black market THC vaping cartridges

A Wisconsin man is accused of running a 10-man operation that manufactured thousands of counterfeit vaping cartridges loaded with THC oil every day for almost two years, authorities said.

Legal pot prices nearly 80 percent higher than illicit: StatCan

Ottawa - The average cost of a gram of cannabis from the illicit market continues to drop as legal prices rise, with authorized retailers charging as much as 80 percent more, according to an analysis by Statistics Canada.

Regulators looking for way to end Oregon's pot glut

Oregon is awash in pot, glutted with so much legal weed that if growing were to stop today, it could take more than six years by one estimate to smoke or eat it all.

Ontario's legal adult-use cannabis sales hit new low

Ontario - Statistics Canada data shows that Canadians bought less legal cannabis for the second consecutive month in February, or about $49.9 million worth, while in Ontario, online sales from Ontario's Cannabis Store hit a fresh new low in February.

Black market cannabis continues to undercut legal sales in Canada

Black market cannabis continues to undercut Canada’s legal market by a wide margin, according to the latest crowdsourced price data released by Statistics Canada.

Higher pot prices driving Canadians to black market

Ottawa - Canadians are paying nearly 50 percent more for their legal cannabis when compared to illegal sources, according to an analysis of price quotes by Statistics Canada on Wednesday.

Canada's hasty roll out of legal pot — Gift to the black market?

Ottawa - Canada's roll out of its legal marijuana market has been a political victory for the Liberal government but with shortages of cannabis for sale at retailers — almost from day one — it has been a gift to illegal sellers.

Canada’s legal marijuana rollout plagued with distribution issues

Canada officially legalized marijuana, but people across the country have had a tough time accessing the product legally.

Incoming Quebec government to raise legal age for pot use to 21

Yerevan - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested Saturday morning the incoming Quebec government's plan to raise the legal age for smoking cannabis to 21 could leave an opening for organized crime.

Edible marijuana products are still illegal in Canada

Businesses big and small across Canada are cooking up pot-laced goodies - even though edible products made with marijuana will not be legal until sometime in 2019.

Canada's recreational demand for pot far exceeds supply on hand

Ottawa - The supply of legal pot in Canada will only meet 30 percent to 60 percent of demand after legalization, keeping the black market very much alive and stunting the government’s tax take, according to a new study.

Proposed marijuana packaging rules threaten choice and safety

Health Canada came out with its proposed branding restrictions for marijuana on Tuesday. But executives and analysts are warning the restrictions are far greater than those for cigarette packaging and the government is risking a “policy fail.”

Death toll in Russian bath oil poisoning rises to 58

Irkutsk - With the death toll at 58, according to local media, 37 more people are fighting for their lives in the Russian city of Irkutsk after drinking a concoction made with methanol, a chemical found in antifreeze.

Social media is not helping in illegal organ trafficking in India

Delhi - With the recent arrests of five people, including the personal secretaries of one neurologist at the Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India, police unearthed an elaborate kidney trading racket.

Meat thefts out of control as Canadian food prices soar

As food prices continue to rise across Canada, meats are flying off grocery store shelves and moving straight out the doors, as thieves rush to make profits on stolen goods.

Time Warner Cable: Up to 320,000 email passwords possibly stolen

Time Warner Cable Inc. reported Wednesday that email passwords for up to 320,000 customers may have been stolen. The company also said it hasn't determined how the information was harvested, but there no indications of a breach at Time Warner Cable.

Op-Ed: Marijuana TV ads get their foot in the door

Newark - What does marijuana have to do with sushi? This weekend, the first TV add that could be seen as promoting weed premiered in New Jersey started out with a slippery guy selling black market sushi.

Review: ‘Tales from the Organ Trade’ gets inside the controversy Special

‘Tales from the Organ Trade’ is a riveting investigative documentary that chronicles the desperately poor and the desperately ill in a complex ethical dilemma.

Symantec's 'Internet Black Market' event highlights cyber crime Special

If someone held you up for $3,000 you would go straight to the police. One out of every five people that have a computer are a victim of cyber theft but rarely are the police involved. How do you protect yourself from being one of a growing statistic?

Information of 21M German Bank Accounts Bought Off The Black Market

According to a German magazine, the details of twenty-one million German bank accounts was bought off the black market. It has caused a stir amongst authorities.

New York and China authorities investigating Black Market in bodies

New York and Chinese authorities are working together and have opened investigations into allegations that a black market in Chinese bodies is sending corpses to the United States for public display.

Winnipeg: Junk Food Ban Creates Underground Market

Hey man can I score a mars bar? A move to crack down on sugar consumption may have yielded and unintended result, an underground market for chocolate bars and other hot items has sprung up.

Buy a Stolen Identity for Only $14

In a report released by Symantec Corporation, in its Internet Security Threat Report, the company details how a person’s birth date, Social Security Number, credit-card number, and other personal information are being sold for as little as $14.

Black Market – Baby Food?

I have never posted here before, so if I have this in the wrong category. Opps- sorry. However, I did find this news artical today on and would like to share my thoughts.

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A woman shows off her scar showing she donated her kidney. She was supposed to be paid about $4 000 ...
A woman shows off her scar showing she donated her kidney. She was supposed to be paid about $4,000 but has never received her money.
Al Jazeera English
A kidney just removed from a donor.
A kidney just removed from a donor.
Al Jazeera English
An array of air conditioners outside a commercial office building.
An array of air conditioners outside a commercial office building.
Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler (CC0 1.0)
Al Jazeera English
Kidney Racket Gang: Nalgonda Police arrested 16 members of Kidney racket gang who are selling the ki...
Kidney Racket Gang: Nalgonda Police arrested 16 members of Kidney racket gang who are selling the kidney illegally. Police started an investigation and also went to Sri Lanka to find more details on this issue. (May 12, 2016)
Studio N News

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