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Black death News

Cause of the Great Plague of London identified

London - In 1665 London was ravaged by a deadly plague that was only stopped by an equally great fire. New evidence, from examining bones of the victims, has pinpointed the causative organism.

Black Death: Plague lingered around in unknown hidden reservoir

Scientists have believed for years that the Black Plague spread across Europe by way of sporadic travel, reinfecting cities in its wake. An interesting new study suggests Yersinis pestis never disappeared, but was present all the time, just hidden.

Burial site for Black Death victims a first in Spain

Barcelona - When the Black Death plague hit Spain back in the 14th century, the population reportedly plummeted from around six million to a mere 2.5 million people. However, the first mass grave from that period has only now been discovered, in Barcelona.

Liberia's 'white shield' reminiscent of Black Death

Monrovia, Liberia's largest slum, West Point, was the epicenter of a looting spree late Saturday when looters broke into the quarantine center, taking bloodied sheets and mattresses and sending the 30 patients into the crowd.

Scientists create Black Death family tree

Scientists have constructed the first view of the Black Death bacterium's entire family tree. The analysis shows how some family members evolve to become harmful.

London skeletons reveal the 'Black Death'

Twenty-five skeletons uncovered in London last year appear to have been part of a larger burial ground for plague victims, according to laboratory tests.

Not fleas but humans spread ‘Back Death’ in Medieval London

London - New archaeological and forensic evidence suggests that the great plague epidemic of 14th-Century London was airborne and spread via coughing and sneezing of people, not by flea bites.

Could the ‘plague’ become a re-emerging infectious disease?

The discovery of the London 14th century plague pits has triggered an interesting debate amongst scientists and historians: could the plague ever re-emerge on a similar level in the twenty-first century?

Video: Archaeologists uncover 'Black Death' skeletons in London

London - Archaeologists believe they may have uncovered the burial site of more than 50,000 victims of the Black Death that hit the city of London in 1348.

7-yr-old Sierra Jane Downing catches bubonic plague from fleas

Denver - A 7-year-old girl from Pagosa Springs, Sierra Jane Downing fell sick after she returned from a camping trip in Colorado. Her parents thought she had the flu, but after a seizure, they rushed her to a hospital where she was diagnosed with bubonic plague.

Oregon man hospitalized with likely case of 'Black Death'

Bend - An Oregon man has allegedly become ill with the bubonic plague after he was bitten by a stray cat. The man, who was trying to pull a mouse out of the cat's mouth when he was bitten, is in critical condition at the St. Charles Medical Center, Bend.

Plague originated in China, spread through trade routes: Study

The plague pathogen originated in or near China. Then it evolved and emerged multiple times to cause global pandemics. And it spread far and wide, an international team of scientists has found using DNA fingerprinting analyses.

The Black Death Claims Algerian Al Qaeda Cell

It is believed that the Black Death has come to an Al Qaeda Algerian training camp. Reports are coming in that 40 members of the terrorist group have died from Bubonic Plague.

Did The Plague Pick Its Victims?

Was the Black Death really the bubonic plague or could it have been caused by a viral hemorrhagic fever? Did the disease pick out its victims depending on their overall health? It appears that being frail did make a difference when it came to the illness.

The Plague is Re-emerging Worldwide

Researchers warned Tuesday that the plague is re-emerging worldwide and poses a growing but overlooked threat. The plague has only killed 100 to 200 people over the last 20 years, but the plague is now shifting to Africa.

Fleas May Not Have Caused the Black Death

"For centuries, rats and fleas have been fingered as the culprits responsible for the Black Death, the medieval plague that killed as many as two thirds of Europe’s population." But the disease may have had another cause.

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Sierra Jane and her team of doctors.
Sierra Jane and her team of doctors.
Screen Capture
Sierra Jane is recovering in a Denver Hospital after contracting Bubonic Plague from a dead squirrel...
Sierra Jane is recovering in a Denver Hospital after contracting Bubonic Plague from a dead squirrel.
Screen Capture
Original photograph of the triple-inhumation regarding the three male soldiers (Brandenburg  Germany...
Original photograph of the triple-inhumation regarding the three male soldiers (Brandenburg, Germany), dated to the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648).
Plos One
Medieval drawing depicts 2 000 Jews being burned to death in Strasbourg because it was erroneously t...
Medieval drawing depicts 2,000 Jews being burned to death in Strasbourg because it was erroneously thought that they caused the plague. Circa 1350.
By Anonymous Medieval drawing (Life time: circa 1375) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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