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Bizarre News

California beachgoer suffocates when sand hole collapses

Half Moon Bay - A young California man died Monday when a deep hole he was digging at a popular Half Moon Bay beach collapsed, trapping him below ground for a half-hour.

DI-Wine-O: Drunk driver demolishes Home Depot display in Utah

VIDEO -Watch the bizarre moment that a drunk driver relieves some frustration by smashing through a Home Depot display in Riverdale, Utah, USA

Car goes airborne, hits one house, somersaults onto another

Houston - Residents in one Houston, Texas neighborhood were awaken by loud crashes and an unbelievable sight early Sunday morning, finding a car stuck upside down in the roof of a home.

Woman run over by own car when picking up mail

Boynton Beach - A woman who stopped to pick up her mail wound up in a bizarre turn of events that left her injured by the vehicle she was driving.

Posted Ad on Craigslist to buy Pot

Roswell - We've heard of ads posted on Craigslist for prostitution and had a Craigslist killer, but now there's an ad posted on Craigslist for someone looking to buy pot.

Department of Defense receives 'bizarre' help from civilians

Last year the Pentagon spent $2 million to find out whether honey bees could be relied upon to sniff out roadside bombs. That is nothing compared to the suggestions that civilians offered.

Bizarre, elongated skulls found in Siberia

This one-minute video shows skulls dating from the 4th century AD, excavated near Omsk, Siberia by Russian archeologists. They show a prominent deformation which they said was created by skull clamping or binding of newborns crania.

Man Leaves Hospital, Pregnant

In a true case worthy of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, this 71-year old man was admitted to the hospital for abdominal pains and due to a computer mishap, was informed that he was pregnant! Read on and learn more about this most unusual hospital discharge

Op-Ed: When passing bizarre laws becomes a trend

What length are city mayors willing to go to pass some of the oddest, most bizarre laws in a bid to enhance 'public decorum'? Read on!

Tusk, Tusk, What Big Teeth You Have!

Some people go too far for a joke, especially when it comes at someone else’s expense. Here’s a story about one oral surgeon who lived to rue his practical joke from an impractical standpoint. Read on and try not to smile.

Does Money Grow on ATMs And Not On Trees?

Some people have reason to believe that the proverbial pot of gold is waiting for them at the end of their illusive rainbow, the ATM machine. The only problem is that it’s a mistake, for alas, this windfall is really just a cheap rainfall in disguise.

Dog Votes in Three Elections: Is Country Going To The Dogs?

How did this dog living in Seattle, Washington, become a registered voter? What part, if any, did his democratic owner play? What does this mean for the country and for dogs who mean well everywhere?

Coffee, Tea, Lawn or Me? Bikini-Clad Lawn Mowers

What happens when a clever Memphis business owner devises an age-old tactic to get people to use his services? Lawns are mown by ladies in bikinis, although there’s not much call for male mowers! Read on for the itsy bitsy, teeny-weeny truth.

The World’s Largest Catsup Bottle: Why Not?

Where is the largest bottle of the ketchup in the world and why doesn’t it stand near the world’s largest plate of French fries? Read on and learn about the first and longest surviving example of roadside art in America today.

“Hey, Jude”: A Song That Sprang From Depression and Divorce

Did you know that the original title of this famous song was actually “Hey, Jules,” and was written to help Julian Lennon cheer up about his parents’ breakup? Read on for a little known story about a legendary group of English rock and rollers.

Jogging Nude: A New Kind of Draft

Is being nude one of our inalienable albeit somewhat drafty rights? Well, according to our naked fellow jogger below, if it isn’t, it certainly should be. Read on for his drafty tale, but cover up please! It’s a different kind of cold outside.

Fish and Flush: A New Bathroom Combo?

Haven’t you always wanted an aquarium in your bathroom? Come on now. Tell the truth. Well, even if you didn't, now is your one chance to own one. Read on, even if you can’t swim.

Poodle’s Identity Stolen: Will Thief Lead a Dog’s Life?

What happens when a prize-winning French poodle becomes the victim of identity theft? Why was the dog chosen and not the owner and will this lead to feelings of inferiority? Read on, but don’t bark.

The Pink Dolphin: A Horse, Panther or Elephant of a Different Color?

Just when did pink dolphins first appear upon the scene? Are they different in any other ways from the well-known dull gray dolphin? Read on for some fascinating facts about a rare and endangered species.

Mona Lisa, Has Your Mystery Been Solved?

Who was the lady with the mystical smile so lovingly depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci and serenaded by the velvety baritone of Nat King Cole? Has computer technology cracked some of her mystery? Read on for some thoughts on a fascinating subject

With This Trial, I Thee Wed: Couple Meet as Jurors on Murder Case

Even when murder most foul occurs, the course of true love runs smooth. Such is the case with this man and woman who fell in love while serving on a jury for a murder case! Be the first on your block to read about their heart to heart tale right here!

Sacred Bones Dangle from New Home: A Grisly Rhyme

How did the bones of plague victims come to dangle from the ceiling of a 12th century Bohemian chapel? Read on for an amazing tale of art imitating what was once life, but be warned. This is not fare for the faint of heart.

Turnabout Is Fair Child’s Play: Boy Steals Back Mother’s Car From Kidnappers

What happens when a nine-year-old boy decides to take kidnapping matters into his own little hands? Read about this Chinese lad who decided that he had quite enough with his abductors.

Does Music Soothe the Savage Surgeon?

Can it be that music has effects on mankind never before imagined? Read on for some strains, perhaps of a Stradivarius and perhaps just a bit of conversation about how music may affect some important members of the medical profession.

The King Of Rock But Forget About Roll: Elvis Image On Stone

The king may be dead, but his image is still said to live on a very strange rock found in Estes, Park Colorado. Does it really bear the unmistakable profile of the king of rock and roll? Read on for the answer, but don’t be cruel.

The Chocolate Fondue Fountain: Decadence Beyond Understanding

What is the most decadent thing in the world? Surely chocolate flowing freely from a fountain has to be among them somewhere outside the dentist’s office. Read about this gadget only fit for those who have money to burn.

Politics: Your Past And Its Bite You Know Where

Even with amnesia, the past creeps up on us all whether we want it to or not. Consider this embarrassing predicament for the mayor of New York City who has lived to experience the past coming back to bite him where the sun doesn’t shine. Read on and may

Polish Women Training For Construction Work: The New Female Mystique

No, this is not some bad Polish joke. Read on and learn how Poland is coping with the loss of male workers who have migrated to Great Britain and how their women are picking up the slack. No joke. Stand back, guys and make way for some real…women.

Unexpected Cell Phone Charms: Can They Find UFOs?

Is technology really leading a double life as a science fiction movie looking for a producer? Is art imitating life as we don’t know it yet? So it would seem to the manufacturer of cell phone charms that light up when aliens are near. Read on if you dar

Global Warming Mug With a Message

Novelty mugs are certainly not new but mugs with a story to tell, well, that’s a horse of another color, as they say. Rad on and watch this disturbing view of global warming as viewed from the comfort (?) of your very own coffee mug.
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