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FacePalm Friday: Azealia Banks allegedly bit bouncer's boob

New York - On Wednesday, 24-year-old rapper Azealia Banks was arrested in New York City following an incident with bouncers at a nightclub.

Woman bites Macy's employee because item was overpriced

Newark - Police arrested a woman in Newark after she allegedly bit an employee at Macy's. The woman was allegedly upset over the price of an item.

Why do some people attract mosquitoes more than others?

Been sitting outside with a group and wondered why some people are bitten more often than others by mosquitoes? The answer lies in the genes, resulting in some people being ‘super magnets’ for the buzzing nuisances.

Spider bites off genitals after mating

After having sex, the male coin spider chews off its own genitals. In the past, the emasculation was just considered a strange evolutionary phenomenon.

Fast and effective action is best for animal bites

A major cause of hand injuries each year relates to animal bites. A new survey has shown why an injury assessment, the use of antibiotic and other treatment methods to avoid infection are of great importance.

Teen rides bike home and makes breakfast after shark bites him

A teen in Western Australia was bitten by a shark on Saturday, but managed to ride his bike home and make himself some breakfast.

Tips for checking for signs of bedbugs Special

The U.S. is experiencing an alarming increase in the number of bedbug populations. This affects private residences, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools. To help manage this, dermatologist Seemal R. Desai, MD offers some tips.

Infection risks from cat bites

Mayo - Cats often look cute and cuddly, however when they strike or bite a hand, they can inject bacteria deep into joints and tissue. In the U.S., one in three people bitten has to visit a doctor or hospital, according to a new study.

New treatment for spider bites

The venom of the brown recluse spider reacts differently in the body to most other spider bites. Researchers are of the view that the discovery could lead to new treatments for spider bites.

Anti-mosquito patch attracts $164,000 in crowd-sourced funding

The Kite Mosquito Patch is billed as a safe way to keep away mosquitoes for 48 hours, and its inventors recently achieved their Indiegogo fundraising goal of $75,000 by receiving more than $164,000.

Horse bites off girl's finger

A four-year-old girl, who is from London, went on a field trip to a farm and ended up losing part of her finger when a horse bit it.

Thousands in compensation paid over police dog bites

During the past three years £770,000 in compensation has been paid out to people across the UK who were bitten by police dogs.

K-9 police officer bitten by man at LAX

It’s not particularly news when dog bites man. It’s big news when man bites dog. But when man bites K-9 police officer, it’s news of an oddly different kind.

Man Saves Best Friend From Shark, Man's Best Friend That Is!

Greg LeNoir's wife describes him as a "Dr. Doolittle" so it was no surprise to her that when their pup Jake got bit and dragged under water by a shark in the local marina that her husband dove after the shark and saved the dog.

Lab tech bites boy, 3, during blood test

A modern day vampire? A laboratory technician was fired after the parents of a 3-year-old boy claimed she bit his shoulder during a blood test, a hospital spokesman said. Strange tale.

Queen's Guard Bites Off Chickens Head

One of the Queen's guards has been filmed biting the head off a live chicken, as a drunken and sick joke.

Man Bites 3-year-old Nephew all over His Body to Warn Against Biting

A 40 year old man was charged with assault for allegedly biting his 3-year-old nephew all over his body to teach the toddler that biting people is wrong.

57 Pound fish bites Florida man

Who got caught in this fishing tale ?

Bank Robber Bites Police Officer

A man who police say tried to eat a bank robbery note and then bit a police officer is facing felony charges.

Rat Bites Baby

Police said "the parents heard some weird noises coming from the baby monitor and when they rushed into her bedroom they found their daughter's face mangled."

K-9 Bites His Partner While Apprehending A Man

A Florida police K-9 officer was bitten by his own dog while trying to protect it Tuesday

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Dunkin Donuts food.
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Solano health officials regularly check mosquitoes for West Nile virus  as witj this trap set on Fir...
Solano health officials regularly check mosquitoes for West Nile virus, as witj this trap set on First Street in Benicia, the county's oldest city.

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