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Bishop News

Indian Bishop goes on trial for raping nun

Kottayam - A Roman Catholic bishop went on trial in southern India on Saturday accused of repeatedly raping a nun. Franco Mulakkal arrived in court in Kottayam, Kerala state, with a group of supporters after attending morning prayers.

Australia foreign minister quits in PM ousting fallout

Sydney - Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, a rare female voice in the Australian government, said Sunday she was quitting the frontbench after a failed tilt at the nation's top job during a messy party-room coup.

Pope defends Chilean bishop accused of abuse cover-up

Iquique - Pope Francis on Thursday strongly defended a Chilean bishop accused of covering up a priest's sexual abuse of minors.

French bishop resigns over 'inappropriate behaviour'

Dax - A French bishop resigned Thursday over "inappropriate behaviour" towards youths after a rare initiative by the Vatican just weeks after complaints came to the attention of his diocese.

Belgian bishop told to pay damages to victim of paedophile priest

Brussels - A Belgian court on Thursday ordered the Archbishop of Brussels to pay 10,000 euros in damages to a former choir boy subjected to sexual abuse by a priest.

Church of England's first female bishop gets to work

London - The Church of England's first female bishop was to preach her maiden sermon in the role Sunday as she is installed in her home diocese.

Church of England gets first female bishop despite protest

York - The Church of England ended centuries of male-only leadership on Monday as Libby Lane became its first female bishop in a ceremony briefly disrupted by a traditionalist priest's protest.

Church of England gets first female bishop despite split

London - Libby Lane becomes the Church of England's first female bishop on Monday despite entrenched opposition from traditionalists, who say that the clergy's top rung is no place for a woman.

Church of England names first female bishop

London - The Church of England on Wednesday named a saxophone-playing vicar with a taste for football as its first female bishop in a move hailed as an important step towards greater equality.

Watchdog group alleges Pope Francis covered up sex abuse

Buenos Aires - Pope Francis is accused of looking the other way when sex abuse occurred while he was still the Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

High ranking Australian Catholic Bishop arrested on sex charges

A senior Roman Catholic Bishop who is head of the Australian Defence Force military diocese, has been arrested by Western Australian police and charged with sexual assault.

Germany's 'bling bishop' resigns, Pope Francis I accepts

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation Wednesday of the Bishop of Limburg, the controversial German “Bishop of Bling” whose lifestyle of excess has been the subject of much controversy within the church as of late.

Bishop Lahey sentenced to time served for child porn

Raymond Lahey, the disgraced Canadian Roman Catholic bishop who was caught with hundreds of pornographic images of young boys, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison, and released on time served.

Catholic bishop admits fathering two children

A Roman Catholic archdiocese assistant bishop made the decision to resign because he has a secret family, which includes two teenagers.

Bishop and Diocese that failed to report child abuse indicted

Kansas City - It's an historic indictment not only of a Bishop who failed to report a child abusing priest, but of the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City as well. At an appearance in court Friday, the Bishop and the diocese denied wrongdoing.

Art works inspired by poet Elizabeth Bishop go on display Special

Truro - Works of art inspired by Pulitzer prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop, and her childhood home in Nova Scotia, went on display recently.

Catholic Church sponsors seminar to recruit and train exorcists

Baltimore - Inundated with requests for exorcists, US Roman Catholic bishops held a special training workshop in Maryland over the weekend to teach clerics the esoteric rite of exorcism. The much-anticipated event hosted more then a hundred attendees.

Man arrested after bishop severely beaten in BC

Kamloops - A 30-year-old man was arrested after a 69-year-old Roman Catholic Bishop was severely beaten in a rectory in British Columbia Friday night.

Los Angeles church ordains lesbian bishop

The Episcopal diocese of Los Angeles on Saturday, 15th May, ordained a lesbian bishop, Mary Douglas Glasspool, in a ceremony attended by about 3,000 people.

Another Catholic child abuse letter released

Fresh allegations in the Catholic child-abuse scandal have emerged from France, where it has been alleged that a Vatican cardinal in charge of clergy around the world congratulated a French bishop for not denouncing a sexually abusive priest.

Germany's highest Protestant bishop caught driving drunk

A controversial female bishop, the head of Germany's unified Protestant and Lutheran churches, was stopped by police after driving through a red light. Police say she was drunk. Now, critics ask if she should keep her job.

Bishop says Christmas carols are nonsense

A leading English bishop says that some Christmas carols are nonsense and feels the songs have turned Jesus Christ into a Father Christmas figure. Looking at biblical accounts we can find other inaccuracies that are thought to be truth today.

Bishop excommunicates those who helped child abort twins

The Catholic Church Archbishop in Brazil has excommunicated everyone who helped a 9-year-old girl abort her twins. He didn’t excommunicate the child.

Holocaust-Denying Bishop Won't Change Mind Until He Sees Evidence

Richard Williamson, the Holocaust-denying Bishop, was asked by the Vatican to recant his denial, but he refused to do so until he reviewed the evidence himself.

Bishop Richard Williamson apologizes for Holocaust comments

The ultra-conservative Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, who was reinstated by Pope despite heavy criticisms, has written a public apology for his remarks denying the existence of the gas chambers and the Holocaust.

Pope Reinstates Holocaust-Denying Bishop

In a shocking move, Pope Benedict the XVI has reinstated an excommunicated Bishop who publicly rejects the Holocaust ever happened.

Bishop backs brothel regulation in Portsmouth, England

A Roman Catholic bishop from England is supporting a campaign to legalize brothels in the Southern English port city of Portsmouth. However, he doesn’t condone prostitution and would be more happy if it didn't exist.

Bishop urges Christians to call God 'Allah'

Catholic leader believes it would help ease tensions between religions. What's in a name after all? One would think that God does not care what you call him by. He/She is above such things.

“The Bishop” Mail Bomber Suspect Arrested

Suspect arrested and search warrant issued in case of mail bomber known as "The Bishop."

Update: Lawsuit against diocese sparks police investigation

A lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie alleging priests had sexually abused boys is now getting the attention of the police.
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