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100-year-old grandmother skydives and shark dives

A woman who turned 100 years old decided to celebrate her birthday by going skydiving, and then going shark diving just two days later.

Down's syndrome man receives 30,000 birthday cards via Facebook

Paris - A French man, Manuel Parisseaux, with Down's syndrome has been sent 30,000 birthday cards after Facebook appeal by his mother.

Katy Perry to play Madison Square Garden show with Capital Cities

New York - On July 9, pop superstar Katy Perry will be playing a show at New York City's Madison Square Garden, as part of her "Prismatic World Tour."

Arts features heavily in Queen Elizabeth's birthday honors

London - Three times Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis has been made a knight in the Queen's Birthday Honors. Several other awards have been given to those famous for acting and writing.

Review: Katy Perry is a revelation in new music video for 'Birthday' Special

Pop mega-star Katy Perry released the music video for her latest single "Birthday" on April 24, via her YouTube channel.

Adam Lambert turns 32, aids We Are Family Foundation

On January 29, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Adam Lambert celebrated his 32nd birthday. Many of his fans, which are known as "Glamberts," tweeted him with their heartfelt birthday wishes and love.

Op-Ed: Apple Mac turns thirty

The Macintosh computer (nowadays the 'Apple Mac') has turned 30. To mark this landmark, Apple has put online an interesting series of images charting the evolution of the iconic brand.

Artists to celebrate world’s weirdest birthday Special

Archaeologists may roll their eyes at the mere mention of the theory, but a contingent of artists worldwide believe art is more than a million years old.

David Cook celebrates birthday, wishes fans 'Happy New Year'

December of 2013 was a pleasant month for former American Idol Season 7 winner and rock singer-songwriter David Cook for several reasons.

Mao's 120th birthday celebration in China toned down

Beijing - Celebrations of the birthday of the man who built the foundation for modern China were held Thursday, but the extent of the festivities were not as extravagant as years past.

'Queen of Pop' Madonna celebrates 55th birthday in France

On August 16, the “Queen of Pop” Madonna celebrated her 55th birthday. According to the Daily Mail, the pop songstress had a birthday bash in France, where she dressed up in a Marie Antoinette costume.

Orwell's birthday celebrated with party hats on surveillance cams

Utrecht - The famous author of "Nineteen Eighty-Four", George Orwell, would have turned 110 on June 25, 2013 if he was still with us. Two Dutch artists found the perfect way to celebrate his birthday in the current surveillance climate.

Today in HipHop history: Happy Birthday, Tupac!

On June 16, 1971, one of the most influential figures in rap music, Tupac Amaru Shakur, was born in East Harlem, New York.

Pilot plans major journey for 90th birthday

Ohio pilot plans to fly his Cessna 172 airplane across the U.S.-Canadian border 90 times on his 90th birthday. He will start his journey in Buffalo, NY near the site of the closest call of his piloting career.

Visit the first website ever! World Wide Web 20 years old today

Twenty years ago, something happened at CERN: Tim Berners-Lee handed a document to his supervisor Mike Sendall entitled "Information Management : a Proposal". The following year, the World Wide Web was born. Now you can revisit the first website ever!

Toddler finds knife in birthday cake

Cayden Bibeau, 2, got an Elmo-themed birthday cake, which was bought from a Walmart. However, the toddler found a knife in the cake.

Op-Ed: Boy will turn 12 at 12:12 on 12/12/12, I predict all will be well

A boy will turn 12 years old at exactly 12 minutes after 12 o'clock noon, EST, on December 12, 2012. Kiam Moriya was born in Bronxville, NY and currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

Op-Ed: From Pedophiles to Murder – The top five films of Fritz Lang

Vienna - Fritz Lang has captivated audiences around the globe since 1919. Today he would have been more than a century old and it would be an applicable time to look back at some of his best motion pictures that changed the filmmaking experience.

Op-Ed: The 10 best films of Woody Allen's career

New York - In just a couple of days, Woody Allen, the Academy Award-winning director of such films as "Annie Hall" and Manhattan," will turn 77 years old. Although he is still going strong by writing and directing a film each year, let's look back at his top gems.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson to celebrate 30th birthday in prison

London - English Defence League leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (known as Tommy Robinson) is due to celebrate his thirtieth birthday on 27 November behind bars, on remand at Wandsworth Prison, London.

Special delivery birthday stunt almost ends tragically

A man in China thought it would be fun to mail himself to his girlfriend for a birthday surprise. Trouble is the package got lost in transit and by the time she opened it up, it was almost too late, the guy had nearly suffocated.

Google Doodle for Amelia Earhart's birthday

If Amelia Earhart was still alive, she would turn 115-years-old today. Google is honoring the anniversary of her birth with a Google Doodle.

Millions celebrate as Nelson Mandela turns 94

Around 12 million South African school children started their day by singing Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela for his 94th birthday.

Man celebrates 65th birthday by giving away money

Oklahoma City - An Oklahoma man was approaching a birthday milestone and wasn't sure how to celebrate, so he did what many people would probably do nowadays, he turned to Facebook to get a variety of ideas or opinions.

Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday Honors announced

Queen Elizabeth II has announced her favored actors, singers, civil servants and politicians, along with more ordinary folk, who have contributed significantly to the British community recently, through the publication of the honors list.

Op-Ed: 'Cards of Love' group illustrates the value of US Postal Service Special

Cards of Love is about "a person taking one minute, one stamp, and one card to make a difference in one life," and these inspirational cards are delivered the old-fashioned way.

Op-Ed: Twitter turned 6 on March 21, or did it?

Twitter, the famous micro-blogging website apparently had its 6th birthday on 21 March 2012, but others say the birthday is actually on 15 July. Whichever it is, Twitter is having a major effect in the world.

Graceland announces plenty of 35th anniversary events

Memphis - The 35th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's death is August 16 and those who work at Graceland are gearing up for a big year. Year-long events kick off this week with birthday celebrations.

Baby Lisa Irwin still missing, parents now suspects in the case

Kansas City - Baby Lisa Irwin went missing on Oct. 3. Since then police have conducted searches and questioned many but are not any closer to finding out what happened to the child. During this time, the baby turned one.

Lady Gaga shocks Bill Clinton on his 65th belated birthday

Los Angeles - Former President Bill Clinton celebrated a belated 65th birthday at the packed Hollywood Bowl this weekend and among the performers invited was Lady Gaga, who delivered a performance that had some heart-stopping moments.
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Birthday Image

Annerae Vasquez and Josefina Rosado.
Annerae Vasquez and Josefina Rosado.
You can t fix stupid.
You can't fix stupid.
Bruce White
Performance artist Philip Jagger  a distant relative of the famed Rolling Stones singer  performs at...
Performance artist Philip Jagger, a distant relative of the famed Rolling Stones singer, performs at a 2013 Art's Birthday event in Edmonton, Canada.
Abram Hindle
Activists decorated surveillance cameras to celebrate George (1984) Orwell s birthday on June 25  20...
Activists decorated surveillance cameras to celebrate George (1984) Orwell's birthday on June 25, 2013.
Anonymous Art of Revolution
Francesca Cesa Bianchi, Milano
Black and white photo of the bronze statue honoring Ernie Banks  Mr. Cub  outside of Wrigley Field
Black and white photo of the bronze statue honoring Ernie Banks "Mr. Cub" outside of Wrigley Field
Joon Han
Canadian musician Dale Ladouceur  one of the country s best-known Chapman stick performers (seen her...
Canadian musician Dale Ladouceur, one of the country's best-known Chapman stick performers (seen here onstage in Holland) is playing an Art's Birthday event in Edmonton. (image approved for editorial use only)
Dale Ladouceur
Cake for one-year birthday celebration of 3 Bags in 2 Days.  Nov. 14  2010.  Springdale  Ark.
Cake for one-year birthday celebration of 3 Bags in 2 Days. Nov. 14, 2010. Springdale, Ark.
The delicious cake baked for the occasion was soon consumed.
The delicious cake baked for the occasion was soon consumed.
Daniel Nickerson greatly enjoyed practically swimming through his pile of presents.
Daniel Nickerson greatly enjoyed practically swimming through his pile of presents.
Madeleine Dubois
Madeleine Dubois

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