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Birth control News

FDA approves 'Natural Cycles' birth control app

The FDA has now granted marketing approval to an app that tracks a user's temperature and menstrual cycle in order to determine which days they are fertile and which days they aren't.

Science and technology create the birth control app

Natural Cycles is the only app that has been certified by the European Union and is the only app that can be called "contraception" in Europe. It is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store to users everywhere.

FDA issues Black Box warning for Essure — Lawsuits keep growing

A federal court ruled that 2 cases of women who claim they were harmed by Bayer's birth control device Essure can continue. In the meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a "black box" label to warn the public about its dangerousness.

CDC warning to women: Don't drink if you're not on birth control

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a press release earlier this week that warned women of child-bearing age about the dangers of drinking alcohol when they may be pregnant, unless they were on birth control.

Los Angeles Zoo sees first Hippo birth in 26 years

Los Angeles - Guests who happened to stop by the Hippopotamus exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo on Halloween Day were in for a real "treat." Mara, the zoo's female Hippo gave birth at 3:30 Friday afternoon. This is the first hippo calf the Zoo has had in 26 years.

Op-Ed: Republicans want to give women the right to buy birth control

This week Republicans introduced a rather useless bill to answer the Democrat’s response on the highly unpopular Hobby Lobby decision passed down by the Supreme Court earlier this month.

Bill Gates Foundation donates funding to wireless birth control

Bill Gates has both contributed both ideas and funding for a device that would give women an easy way to access birth control. A long-lasting implant would be placed in the body and be switched on or off to release drugs with a wireless transmitter.

Study reveals common misconceptions about conception Special

One in six couples struggles to get pregnant, yet a new study released by the group Fertility & Sterility shows that infertility is widely misunderstood among modern women. The Digital Journal has been given an exclusive insight into the main findings.

The end of the Year of Faith, gays, and the new Pope

Rome - Today marks the end of the Year of Faith, a Roman Catholic initiative to refocus on the core teachings of Christ. Pope Francis has been visibly leading a quiet reformation attempt within the Church.

Pope says church 'obsessed' with gays, abortion, contraception

In an interview with an influential Jesuit journal, Pope Francis blasted the Catholic Church's 'obsession' with homosexuality, abortion and birth control.

Do genes help us select our romantic partner? Special

Irvine - Novel research is being conducted whether genetic-compatibility, through different genes, plays a role in the way people select romantic partners.

Women may have taken placebos instead of birth control

People who were prescribed Alysena-28 birth control pills may have continued to use them after Apotex recalled the product.

Affordable birth control may be denied to Oklahoma women

A bill being presented to the Oklahoma Senate may deny women the right to have their insurance cover birth control. Some believe it poisons a women's body.

Increase in the use of the morning after pill across the U.S.

A new report indicates that the use by women of the morning after pill has increased across the U.S. Approximately one-in-nine women having used an emergency contraceptive at some point in their lives.

Pastor says birth control pill causes fetuses to embed in womb

Colorado Springs - Colorado radio host and pastor, Kevin Swanson, is known for his odd and extremely conservative comments, but a recent segment on his radio show have many people scratching their heads.

Safety of new generation contraceptives investigated

Europe’s main health regulator has announced that it will examine the safety of newer forms of contraceptive pills. This follows concerns over potential health risks for such combined drugs.

Israel admits forcing birth control shots on Ethiopian women

Tel Aviv - After Israel was accused of forcing Ethiopian women to accept injections of the contraceptive Depo-Provera in an attempt to lower birth rates among black immigrants, an official has for the first time admitted use of the drug among Ethiopian women.

Limbaugh: Fluke nominated for TIME Person of Year? Oops my bad!

As Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke has made the short list for TIME's Person of the Year for 2012, conservatives are quick to attack the nomination.

Judge: Hobby Lobby must offer 'morning after pill' on insurance

Oklahoma City - A federal judge on Monday ruled that Hobby Lobby will have to provide insurance coverage for emergency contraceptives in their group health care plan.

Study: Free birth control slashes teen pregnancy, abortion rates

Missouri's rate of unplanned pregnancies and abortions fell dramatically when women and teenaged girls were provided birth control at no cost, a new study found,

NYC high schools offer morning-after pills to students

New York - New York City's Department of Education says girls as young as 14 will now be able to get the "Plan B" emergency contraception without parental consent.

Op-Ed: Religious organizations and health coverage: Where's the line?

The Department of Health and Human Services issued a mandate saying that all employers, including religious organizations that hire people, must provide health insurance that covers the purchase of contraceptives.

Gingrich, Catholic bishops attack Obama's birth control policy

Washington - Newt Gingrich has intensified attacks against President Obama over his administration's birth control policy that requires some religious hospitals and other institutions to offer birth control under the new health care law.

New act requires insurers to cover birth control

Under new federal guidelines made on Monday insurers will be required to provide women with birth control without a co-pay, making it virtually free.

Yaz birth control pill may carry higher risk of blood clots

When the birth control Yaz came out a few years ago in 2006 ads appeared in movie theaters. What wasn't known then was that taking that and other oral contraceptives that contained drospirenone may put a woman at a higher risk of blood clots.

Church critic arrested for protesting inside church during mass

An artist and performer was arrested by police inside The Manila Cathedral church while carrying a placard with a "Damaso" imprint during the church homily.

High number of UK youth not using contraception

There are calls for more relationship and sex education in schools, following a survey indicating that one in four sexually active young people in the UK are not using any type of contraception with a new partner.

Wisconsin D. A. threatens to jail sex-ed teachers

Mauston - In Wisconsin's, Juneau County, District Attorney Scott Southworth is threatening to charge teachers with misdemeanor or felony delinquency of a minor if they teach sex-ed. Punishments could range from nine months in jail to six years of prison time.

Catholic Church Opposes New Contraceptive Bill in the Philippines

A controversial bill that provides for the use of condoms and other forms of contraceptives is being opposed by the leaders of the Catholic church in the Philippines because it violates the church ban on the use of contraceptives in family planning.

Official hints China may relax one-child policy in future

Since 1979, an estimated 400 million births have been stopped in China due to the state's one-child policy. As a result, the country is growing and looking older with every day that passes.
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Different kinds of birth control pills.
Different kinds of birth control pills.

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