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Bird News

World's loudest bird sings heart out in pursuit of love

Washington - In the mountainous northern Amazon, a tiny white-plumed suitor turns to face his would-be paramour and belts out a deafening, klaxon-like call, reaching decibel levels equal to a pile driver.

E-scooter startup Bird raises $3900 million

The e-scooter startup Bird has secured $300 million for its expansion plans, with assistance from financial giant Fidelity. The investment shows the growing popularity of e-scooters. However, this form of transport continues to remain controversial.

Electric scooter startups are about to run into Trump tariffs

As electric scooter-rental startups like Bird and Lime battle for market share on American streets, in a matter of days, the budding companies will be slammed with a slew of Trump tariffs.

Scooter startup offers discounts to people with low incomes

Scooter startup Bird announced Thursday that they're waiving the base fee per ride for those who are enrolled in or eligible for a state or federal assistance program.

Evidence of one of world's rarest birds found in Australia

Sydney - A feather from one of the most elusive birds in the world has been found in South Australia, the first proof in more than a century that it lives there, wildlife experts said Thursday.

Culls, poultry transport ban as S. Korea fights bird flu outbreak

Seoul - South Korea has imposed a temporary nationwide ban on poultry transportation as it struggles to contain a fresh outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N6 virus, which has led to the slaughter of some 190,000 birds.

UN urges China to act as bird flu deaths spike

Rome - The UN's food agency on Friday urged China to step up efforts to contain and eliminate a strain of bird flu which has killed scores of people this year.

S. Korea issues top bird flu alert

Seoul - South Korea on Friday issued its top bird flu alert for the first time, giving officials extra powers to contain an outbreak that has already triggered the slaughter of more than 10 percent of national poultry stocks.

This bird does something extraordinary, and it will surprise you

The greater honeyguide has a name that's slightly misleading, but that's only because it doesn't eat honey. Instead, it prefers the larvae and eggs in a bee hive, and strangely, it is one of the few animals in the world that can live on wax.

Scientist kills rare bird that's been lost for more than 50 years

A New York Museum research team discovered a "ghost" bird that hadn't been seen in half a century in the remote highlands of Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal. Then they killed the bird to collect as a specimen for additional study.

India arrests a pigeon and charges it with spying

Pathankot - A pigeon has been arrested by authorities in India on suspicion of being a spy from Pakistan. There are no plans at present to release the bird.

Neon signs are causing robins to stay awake at night

Researchers have discovered that bright lights emitted by neon signs and streetlamps at night in cities are disrupting the sleep cycles of robins and other birds, keeping them awake at night and getting "worn out" due to a lack of sleep.

Hat-stealing owl attacks joggers

Salem - An owl in the city of Salem, Oregon is reportedly swooping down on unsuspecting early-morning joggers and grabbing their hats, according to state officials.

New bird flu case in Netherlands

Den Haag - Dutch authorities reported a new outbreak of bird flu Sunday on a western poultry farm, but could not say if it was the worrying new strain detected elsewhere in the country.

New bird flu case in Germany

Berlin - A worrying new strain of bird flu has been observed for the first time in a wild bird in northern Germany, the agriculture ministry said Saturday.

WHO braces for bird flu spread in European poultry

Geneva - The World Health Organization cautioned Tuesday that a new kind of bird flu hitting European poultry farms would spread among birds, after Britain confirmed its outbreak was of the same strain as in the Netherlands and Germany.

'Contagious' bird flu outbreaks on Dutch, British farms

Hekendorp - Dutch officials were on Monday checking poultry farms for a highly infectious strain of bird flu following outbreaks of similar strains of the virus in Britain and Germany.

Bird parasite alert issued

House Finch eye disease, a bacterial parasite, is infecting a wide range of species, though most do not show signs of illness, according to a new report. The disease is primarily a respiratory infection and appears on birds as conjunctivitis.

New 'bird' drones land on power lines to recharge themselves

A research project at the MIT university has enabled a student to produce a prototype version of a small unmanned drone that can land on nearby power lines in order to recharge itself when it runs short of power without returning to base.

The science behind our Flappy Bird addiction

There is a formula behind those simple and addictive games that bring us back again and again to beat our original high scores.

Bird steals camera and records journey in Australia

In northwest Australia a bird snatched a video camera that was recording crocodiles, and captured its 70-mile journey across a remote landscape.

Genetic secrets of the world's toughest bird revealed

Scientists have revealed the genetic secrets of how a small bird can survive in one of the most hostile environments on earth. The bird is the ground tit (Parus humilis), which lives in the Tibetan plateau.

Video: Lioness kills heron at the Artis Royal Zoo, Amsterdam

The video shows a lioness killing a heron that was foolhardy enough to land in the lion enclosure at the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam.

Op-Ed: Bird watching ─ a popular winter activity Special

The brisk days of winter are a popular time of the year for bird watching. Ardent bird lovers and amateur watchers often find the colder months a great time to spot winter birds.

Kid hit by bird whilst riding Kingda Ka roller-coaster

New York - A freak accident took place on the Kingda Ka roller-coaster, as Shane Matus was hit in the eye by a pigeon. Kingda Ka was closed for thirty minutes whilst it was examined, to see what had happened.

Pet parakeet points cops to owner whereabouts

A trio of police officers in Japan were very surprised when a bird spoke to them and gave them some unexpected information.

Rare spotting of South American bird in Chicago

Chicago - Birdwatchers across the U.S. were treated this week to news a rare spotting of a South American bird that reportedly missed its mark while migrating.

Stowaway owl found on cruise ship

An owl in Florida almost set off on a Caribbean cruise. The bird was found near the synthetic grass on the ship’s miniature golf course.

From amateur ornithologist to citizen scientist Special

The 2009-10 Project FeederWatch season wrapped up on Friday, April 9. A birder, with a professional background in the arts, I spent the winter watching my feeders, recording my observations as an amateur ornithologist and a Citizen Scientist.

Bird of prey gets talon caught in escalator

Usually it’s a shoe lace or flip-flop that gets someone trapped on an escalator, but sometimes it something far more out of the ordinary.
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Bird Image

White-throated robin
White-throated robin
The little waxeye bird which lives in the sheep farm territories of New Zealand
The little waxeye bird which lives in the sheep farm territories of New Zealand
American Goldfinch
American Goldfinch
Red-winged blackbird
Red-winged blackbird
Kelly Martin
White-breasted Nuthatch
White-breasted Nuthatch
A fantail  normally shy and whizzing along forest trails  got trapped in our New Zealand cottage
A fantail, normally shy and whizzing along forest trails, got trapped in our New Zealand cottage
Black-capped Chickadee
Black-capped Chickadee
The tree swallow in flight
The tree swallow in flight
Callie Bowdish
Purple Finch
Purple Finch
Cute pigeon
Cute pigeon
A seagull
A seagull
The giant ibis
The giant ibis
Henrik Grönvold
The common blackbird.
The common blackbird.
Andreas Trepte
The flag of Zimbabwe has the bird on a pedastal  as does Zimbabwe s Coat of Arms.
The flag of Zimbabwe has the bird on a pedastal, as does Zimbabwe's Coat of Arms.
By Franz Antonicek (Nationalpark Donau-Auen) [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons
Blue tit
Blue tit
An adult White-browed Coucal in Tanzania
An adult White-browed Coucal in Tanzania
adrian valenzuela
The blue-capped cordon-bleu or blue-capped cordonbleu (Uraeginthus cyanocephalus) is native to Ethio...
The blue-capped cordon-bleu or blue-capped cordonbleu (Uraeginthus cyanocephalus) is native to Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, and Tanzania in East Africa.
D. Gordon E. Robertson

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