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It’s Groundhog Day for password security

How secure is your password? The chances are, if you are an ‘average’ member of the population, the answer is ‘not very’. A new report examines the typical passwords used and their relative weaknesses.

Canada probe concludes Clearview AI breached privacy laws

Montr - US facial recognition technology firm Clearview AI illegally conducted mass surveillance in breach of Canadians' privacy rights, Canada's privacy commissioner said Wednesday following an investigation.

Biometric security offers the answer to password weaknesses Special

Why is password security important right now? The global pandemic has forced people to live and work in a more digital centric world, where password and digital security are more important than they were in years before. Joe Palmer explains.

Is it time for passwords to become a thing of the past? Special

According to analyst Be Goodman, while passwords have been around many years, they are the ultimate lose-lose. They simultaneously provide a poor user experience and represent a tremendous security risk for all users and their employers.

UN urges 'moratorium' on facial recognition tech use in protests

Geneva - The UN human rights chief called Thursday for a "moratorium" on the use of facial recognition technology during peaceful protests, stressing that it could increase discrimination against people of African descent and other minorities.

Facial recognition: IT and police in delicate dance

Paris - Tech giants love to portray themselves as forces for good and as the United States was gripped by anti-racism protests a number of them publicly disavowed selling controversial facial recognition technology to police forces.

Sizable number of Americans use photo of someone to access data

New data compiled by iProov finds that a sizable number of U.S. citizens - 16 percent - have used a photograph of someone in order to access data and hence bypass a biometric system.

UK health service tests out facial authentication technology Special

The developer of facial authentication technology, iProov, is working with the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) to implement biometrics in order to boost security and reduce cybersecurity incidents.

For Moscow's quarantined, 100,000 cameras are watching

Moscow - A vast and contentious network of facial recognition cameras keeping watch over Moscow is now playing a key role in the battle against the spread of the coronavirus in Russia.

Biometrics used to assess worker happiness and productivity

A new industrial study has used a biometric wearable to draw the conclusion that worker happiness leads to greater productivity. The study collected data relating to worker emotions, and cross-related the data to work rate.

Apple pledges to support passwordless authentication movement Special

Apple has recently joined the FIDO Alliance to support efforts to replace password-only logins with secure and fast login experiences across websites and apps using the emerging standard WebAuthn. Ben Goodman looks at the issue.

Q&A: 2020 predictions: Biometrics to identify verification Special

What does 2020 have in store for technological developments? The trajectory is that technology will continue to permeate deep into different aspects of society and culture, as two leading experts explain to Digital Journal readers.

Watch this: China surveillance tech seeks to go global

Villepinte - Chinese firms are omnipresent at a Paris homeland security trade show, capitalising on their vast experience in developing surveillance systems for Beijing to conquer the global market despite concerns the technology has been used to violate human righ...

Facial recognition makes subtle advance in Britain

London - The experiment was conducted discreetly. Between 2016 and 2018, two surveillance cameras were installed in the Kings Cross area of London to analyse and track passers-by using facial recognition technology.

Beijing eyes facial recognition tech for metro security

Bejing - Beijing will use facial recognition tools to speed up security checks in the city's overcrowded metro, using a 'credit system' to sort passengers into different channels, state-run media reported on Wednesday.

EU sets out plans for giant biometric database

The European Union is to go ahead with developing a giant biometric database, containing information pertaining to EU and non-EU citizens. The objective is to use the searchable system to assist with crime, border control and inward migration.

Brazil lawmakers' trip to China stirs anger

S - A trip to China by lawmakers from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro's party has stirred anger in the far-right leader's entourage, partly because of his wariness of the Asian power but also because of the group's stated mission.

Q&A: Vibrational biometric system for identity recognition Special

Neurophysiologist Martin Zizi has invented a new form of biometric technology that is almost impossible to crack or hack. The system uses the human nervous system as its method of authentication.

Q&A: Where is biometric technology heading next? Special

Facial recognition has its supporters and detractors. Is facial recognition as force for good in solving crimes or a violation of human rights? Are other types of biometrics better suited? Martin Zizi of NeuroPrint weighs in.

How safe are wearables to wear?

Wearable devices are increasingly becoming commonplace. However, there are some safety concerns that consumers should be aware of, especially with substandard devices. These issues include electrical overheating, biocompatibility and data security.

New consumer app to control biometric information: Q&A Special have developed a consumer app to help people control how others can use their biometric information - particularly for facial recognition technologies. Arturo Falck, the co-founder and CEO of explains more.

Canada set to expand biometrics program for those entering Canada

Ottawa - Beginning this summer, Canada’s Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship will require biometric data from people from Europe, the Middle East and Africa coming to Canada to visit, work, study or immigrate.

ATM's are 50-years-old — What does the future hold for ATMs?

The automated teller machine (ATM) was considered a radical move when Barclay's installed the machines in a London suburb in 1967. At that time, the machines gave a fixed amount of money using a special voucher - The familiar ATM card wasn't invented yet.

New e-passport harnesses digital technology for multi-country use

Amsterdam - The Dutch technology company Gemalto developed a biometric passport that can be used by thirty different countries. Now the company is pushing ahead with digital passport technology to combine stronger security with enhanced traveler experience.

Mug shots: facial recognition nabs crooks at China beer fest

Bejing - Criminals looking for a quiet pint suddenly found themselves collared when cops used facial recognition technology to catch thirsty crooks at a Chinese beer festival.

India's top court says privacy is a fundamental right

New Delhi - India's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that citizens have a constitutional right to privacy, a landmark decision that could jeopardise a government programme holding biometric data on over a billion people.

India's top court says privacy is a fundamental right

New Delhi - India's Supreme Court ruled Thursday that citizens have a constitutional right to privacy, a landmark verdict that could have wide-reaching implications for the government's flagship biometric programme.

Germany to test face recognition software in terror fight

Berlin - Germany will start testing facial recognition software at a Berlin train station this summer which could help police identify and locate terror suspects more quickly, a minister said Saturday.

Bank's voice recognition system fooled by user's twin

The voice recognition security system used by a major UK bank was compromised in a test by a user's twin. The breach allows recent transactions to be displayed and money to be transferred between accounts. Withdrawals are not permitted.

Valencell files a federal lawsuit against hearable maker Bragi

The North Carolina hearable and wearable manufacturer Valencell filed a lawsuit against Bragi, accusing the German startup of infringing its patent over a pair "smart" headphones known as Dash.
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Biometrics Image

File photo: Biometrics in use.
File photo: Biometrics in use.
Facial recognition software (Tim Sandle being scanned by a biometric system).
Facial recognition software (Tim Sandle being scanned by a biometric system).
Digital Journalist Tim Sandle is scanned by biometric facial recognition.
Digital Journalist Tim Sandle is scanned by biometric facial recognition.

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