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Biomass News

New microorganism helps produce alternative fuels

Researchers have used genetically engineered algae that can grow three times faster than starch crops and used this to produce biofuel and biochemicals.

Global spider community eats 4-800 MN tons of insects annually

While some squeamish folks may disagree, it is true that spiders are an essential part of the environment. They are also one of the world's top predators, consuming 400 to 800 million tons of insects annually.

Bill Gates investment looks to keep biofuel company going strong

Billionaire and energy aficionado Bill Gates has announced his latest investment is in a biotechnology company that turns biomass into fuel and bioplastics.

Essential Science: Bio-designing yeast to improve biofuels

Scientists have engineered a new strain of yeast designed to create biofuel from switchgrass, turning the collected cellulosic biomass into an energy alternative. The process is described together with a review of biofuel progress.

Europe’s biomass boom is destroying America's forests

European Union’s stringent renewable energy requirements are forcing coal-based power plants to use biomass fuel. Swaths of woodlands in Southeastern United States are being cut down to fuel the biomass boom across the Atlantic.

ESA’s new Biomass satellite to measure Earth’s precious resources

The European Space Agency (ESA) announced Monday, the selection of ‘Biomass’ as the subject of its seventh Earth Explorer mission. The planned satellite will measure, to great accuracy, biomass and carbon stored in the world’s forests.

Review: John P. Smol — Oil sands and lake ecosystems study — Part 1 Special

Kingston - This is a 2 Part interview with Professor John Smol, (Department of Biology, Queen’s University). Part 1 has excerpts from “Legacy of a half century of Athabasca oil sands development recorded by lake ecosystems.” Questions and results are discussed

Op-Ed: John P. Smol — Environmental oil sands commentary — Part 2 Special

Calgary - “Environmental oil sands commentary - Part 2” is a continuation of questions asked of John P. Smol based on the commentary by Peter V. Hodson called “History of environmental contamination by oil extraction” about the Kurek et al (2013) oil sands.

Op-Ed: A Mideast conflict could turn garbage into energy

As the globe searches for superior power sources to become less dependent upon desert oil barons, the US has developed technology that converts fuel from garbage. This fuel source could become more necessary during the coming Mideast conflicts.

Monsanto genetically engineered corn approved for sale in U.S.

Washington - Monsanto has been given the go-ahead to sell its genetically engineered, drought-resistant corn after the Obama administration quietly approved the variety, with the announcement being made during December’s Christmas break.

Report: Green economy to be determined by corporate control

Ottawa - A new report by a Canadian nongovernmental organization reveals the relationship between the climate and oil crises, corporate power, and new technologies could turn the quest for biomass control and the green economy into a “Greed Economy.”

Latest Greenpeace study underlines problems of biomass energy

Ottawa - The latest report from Greenpeace Canada is arguing the dangers of using biomass on an industrial scale for heating and generating electricity far outweigh the potential benefits.

New process turns bio-oil into common chemicals for manufacturing

Amherst - Researchers at Massachusetts University at Amherst have created a viable portable processor that can turn biomass fuel into chemicals widely used in industry and manufacturing processes.

Biomass shows the Way Forward

Biomass is all set to play a major role in future energy projects in India. A Bangalore based renewable energy company has reportedly planned launching a mammoth number of 10 projects based biomass in future 2 to 3 years.

Fresh Roasted Biomass

A process used to roast coffee beans could give Britain's biomass a power boost, increasing the energy content of some of the UK’s leading energy crops by up to 20 per cent.

Researchers Make Breakthrough in The Development of Green Gasoline

Researchers have made a breakthrough in the development of "green gasoline," a liquid identical to standard gasoline yet created from sustainable biomass sources like switchgrass and poplar trees.

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