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Bad code update knock out Bing and Yahoo Search for 20 minutes

According to newspaper reports, a botched code update took Bing, and Yahoo Search which is based on it, offline for about 20 minutes on Friday.

Microsoft denies global censorship of China-related searches

Microsoft Corp denied on Wednesday it was omitting websites from its Bing search engine results for users outside China after a Chinese rights group said the U.S.

Yandex passes Bing in search engine rankings

Bing is no longer the fourth biggest search engine on the Internet. Yandex, based in Moscow, has now become the fourth biggest search engine.

Microsoft's Bing and Encylopedia Britannica to link-up

Microsoft's Internet search engine Bing will now add entries and links from the Encyclopedia Britannica when certain key words are used.

Op-Ed: Yahoo boss steps down, but what’s wrong with the company?

Sydney - Super un-competitive former Internet pioneer Yahoo is still in the cellar-dweller class after the ignominious departure of CEO Scott Thompson. Thompson’s departure may be just a further humiliation but it’s not the whole story. That’s much worse.

Report: Bing publishes most-searched news stories of this year

New York - From the acquittal of Casey Anthony to the death of Osama bin Laden to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the year 2011 had quite a year when it came to the news. Bing recently released the top most-searched news stories of 2011.

One-click search results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

In traditional search methodology, users enter in keywords and key phrases in the query field and search results with the highest rankings are populated and displayed on the search page. But a new search engine is operating differently.

Yahoo search ads now served by Microsoft

On October 27, 2010 General manager, David Pann, of Microsoft Advertising Search Network announced, along with their partners, Yahoo! a leading global consumer brand in search technology, have completed the partnership transition.

ChinaVision may operate Bing in China

Beijing - ChinaVision Media Group, a Hong Kong-listed media company, may purchase 50 percent of shares in MSN China for about US$100 million, according to the Chinese local media.

Google search gets a shot of caffeine with new indexing system

Search engine giant Google announced it has updated the way it crawls and indexes the Web. The company says its new method called "Caffeine" provides better results for those searching the Web.

Microsoft to delete Bing users' IP addresses after 6 months

Microsoft announced that after six months, data collected on users who use the search engine Bing will be deleted, according to Microsoft.

Op-Ed: The battle over the 'bing' name

Thoughts that can occur when one gets to read about Bing! (almost unknown) taking on Bing! (Microsoft) over the name issue …

Search agreements may help Twitter to become profitable

Reports say Twitter is likely to achieve profitability thanks to Internet-search deals with Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

Op-Ed: Implications massive for integration of Twitter, Facebook updates in search results

At the Web 2.0 conference today, Microsoft's Qi Lu confirmed his company has signed a strategic partnership with both Twitter and Facebook to include real-time updates into search results. The implications for both news and search are enormous.

Microsoft encourages people to 'Sing about Bing'

In a move that seems very similar to recent Google initiatives, Microsoft has launched a competition that encourages users to sing about Bing, its new "decision engine."

Report: Bing overtakes Yahoo as No. 2 search engine

Within a week after it's launch, the new search engine from Microsoft Bing surpassed Yahoo to become the No. 2 search engine in the World. However it remains to be seen whether Bing can sustain the sudden surge in traffic.

Microsoft rolls out Bing Travel

Earlier this week Microsoft began rolling out its new 'decision engine' to the public and today it added Bing Travel to the site which allows you to compare prices on things such as airfares and hotel bookings.

Hands on with Bing, Microsoft's new 'decision engine' Special

After taking the new Bing search engine for a pre-release test ride, I'm amazed at what I see. But is it enough to keep Microsoft in the search game?

Microsoft's Bing Means 'Disease' in Chinese

Yesterday, Microsoft said it will launch a new search engine, Bing,. Many are curious to know what the word “Bing” means. It has many meanings in various languages, not all of them favourable.

Microsoft rolls out ‘Decision engine’

Microsoft has looked into its arsenal and produced a new kind of search engine to compete with giants such as Google and Yahoo

Reports: New Microsoft search engine will be called 'Bing'

AdAge reports that the name for Microsoft's new search engine, currently referred to as Kumo, could see a name change for its public release to 'Bing'.

Microsoft launching ad campaign to push its search engine

The software giant is looking to topple Google from its search engine perch by rolling out a new search engine called Bing or Kumo. Microsoft is reportedly spending $80 million to $100 million on an upcoming ad campaign for the new product.

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