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More than 20 advertisers drop O'Reilly over sex harassment claims

At least 21 advertisers have pulled their ads from Fox News Channel's O’Reilly Factor after the New York Times revealed Fox paid five women $13 million to settle sexual harassment claims against host, Bill O’Reilly.

Bill O'Reilly doubles down on Falklands 'combat' reporting lies

New York - As numerous Fox News hosts proceeded to eviscerate NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams after it was revealed he lied about some of his combat reporting during the Iraq War, the conservative network's most popular host was unusually restrained.

Op-Ed: Fox News' Bill O'Reilly mocks Berkeley's free medical marijuana

Berkeley - Displaying characteristically staggering (wilfull?) ignorance, Fox News blowhard Bill O'Reilly hosted a panel mocking a California city's compassionate decision to provide free medical marijuana to low and no-income residents.

Fox News airs false transphobic report

Fox News has been promoting a false story claiming a transgender student at a Colorado high school has been harassing female students in the girls' restroom, republishing word-for-word a bogus report from an anti-gay Christian 'news' site.

Bill O’Reilly instant meltdown ruffles some FOX fur

Sydney - FOX’s high decibel right wing front person loses it on a regular basis, and apparently the natives aren’t happy about a new incident. A new video getting plenty of coverage is obviously not designed to enhance his image.

Op-Ed: Persnickety fault-finders dump on Michelle Obama at Oscars

It seems the rabid, uber-politicized persnickety fault-finders were out to criticize Michelle Obama's appearance at the Oscars. While like a hurricane, we can do without them, happily, like a stomach flu, they soon pass.

Jon Stewart to debate Bill O'Reilly Oct. 6 for 90 minutes

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart will debate Fox's Bill O'Reilly on Saturday October 6 in Washington for 90 minutes, an event anyone can watch via a livestream costing $4.95.

Fox conservative commentator Bill O'Reilly signs three-book deal

New York - Fox News Channel conservative political commentator Bill O'Reilly will write two more books, his publisher announced earlier this week. The bestselling author will write two books about a presidential history.

Olbermann: FOX 'has become the enemy of American democracy'

In a video-taped monologue posted on, ahead of his Current TV debut on June 20, Keith Olbermann cited Ed Rendell, James Murdoch and Bill O'Reilly as contenders for the 'worst person of the day' and said FOX is an enemy of democracy in America.

Glenn Beck continues 'fear mongering' Egypt’s new freedom

Many people celebrate Egypt’s proclamation of freedom and promise of democracy as President Hosni Mubarack stepped down paving the way for it. But some say Glenn Beck raises fear by asserting the rebellion was inspired by Communists and fundamentalists

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Bill O Reilly is digging himself a deeper hole by doubling down on his glaring Falklands lies.
Bill O'Reilly is digging himself a deeper hole by doubling down on his glaring Falklands lies.
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