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Bill gates News

Gates pledges action to stop malaria deaths

Liverpool - Bill Gates and a consortium of charitable bodies and governments are aiming to end deaths from malaria. Behind this aim is a multi-million investment from the British government.

Bill Gates letter to Microsoft employees on 40th anniversary

Microsoft marked 40 years of creating personal computing products on April 4, 2015, and Bill Gates marked the anniversary with an email to all employees.

Op-Ed: Bill Gates warns against artificial intelligence

The debate regarding artificial intelligence has reached the commercial sphere. Bill Gates has joined Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in warning of the risks to humanity from artificial intelligence. In an interview on Reddit, he explained his views.

GlaxoSmithKline asks for regulatory approval of malaria vaccine

Researchers at GlaxoSmithKline believe they have finally developed an effective vaccine for Malaria. Now they need government approval to finish and deploy the latest version.

Op-Ed: Microsoft needs a PR boost after layoffs; should buy Yahoo!

Microsoft has taken a big PR hit after announcing that it will lay off 18,000 employees. The tech giant needs a PR boost and a revamped image, which it might get by...buying Yahoo!

Bill Gates Foundation donates funding to wireless birth control

Bill Gates has both contributed both ideas and funding for a device that would give women an easy way to access birth control. A long-lasting implant would be placed in the body and be switched on or off to release drugs with a wireless transmitter.

Op-Ed: Bill Gates hosts AMA on Reddit

Beginning at roughly 1 p.m. EST and lasting for about two hours, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft founder Bill Gates was available via Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

Bill Gates predicts almost no poor countries by 2035

Bill Gates has predicted that by 2035 there will be virtually no poor countries in the world. According to information from the World Bank there are officially 35 poor countries in the world today where citizens live with low or no income.

Poll: Bill Gates the most admired person in the world

The Microsoft founder, philanthropist and billionaire Bill Gates is the most admired person in the world, according to a new poll.

Bill Gates sees fortune grow

The world's richest man, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, increased his fortune by $15.8 billion, to $78.5 billion over 2013.

Op-Ed: Putin world’s most powerful person — Forbes

Sydney - Vladimir Putin can’t be called a popularity seeker, but Forbes rates him as the most powerful man in the world, followed by Barack Obama and Xi Jingping. Pope Francis came in fourth, followed by Angela Merkel and Bill Gates.

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to offer free coding lesson has a new campaign called 'Hour of Code" and they have enlisted some of the tech world's most well-known figures to help students understand computer programming.

Bill Gates passes Mexico's Carlos Slim as world's richest man

For 20 straight years Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been the richest man in America and at moments, the world's wealthiest man. He has now again surpassed telecom billionaire Carlos Slim to become the richest person on the planet.

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer retiring within 12 months

Microsoft has announced that its chief executive, Steve Ballmer, who joined the company in 1980, will retire within 12 months. The retirement will come after a special committee can find his successor.

Bill Gates reported to invest in social network for scientists

Berlin - Microsoft co-founder and global philanthropist Bill Gates is reported to have placed a quiet investment in the Berlin-based scientific social network company ResearchGate, reflecting his long-held interests in science.

Video: Slingshot Channel's condom applicator slingshot gun

The YouTube video introduces the world to the first Condom Applicator Slingshot Gun (CASG), the Slingshot Channel's answer to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's $100,000 grand condom challenge.

Microsoft Home: A sneak peek at the home of the future

The first Microsoft Home was built in 1994 to show people how technology could transform everyday experiences, and now the reinvented full-scale model home continues imagine a future in which interacting with computers is as comfortable as coming home.

Top 10 list of America's 'beasts of wealth'

The world, or at least a great part of it, is incessantly getting poorer due to the global recession but several of America's "beasts of wealth" seem unaffected by this whole mess; even better, they are getting richer.

Op-Ed: Zanzibar is Sinking in Political Upheaval

Zanzibar - On Wednesday, October 17, hundreds of Uamsho (Awakening) supporters took to the streets of Zanzibar demanding police release the leader of Islamic movement Sheikh Farid Hadi who disappeared mysteriously the day earlier.

Review: Bee Gees — In Our Own Time Special

The recent death of Robin Gibb made this hour long tribute documentary by the BBC inevitable. Obviously not a rush job, it contains much archive footage and interviews with all the brothers.

Op-Ed: The latest web conspiracy talk

Is Bill Gates using vaccination against polio as part of a sinister plot to reduce world population? Was T.J. Ready a government agent? Is the FBI fighting terrorism or inciting it?

Op-Ed: More statistical racism nonsense

A radical website has just published what it would have us believe are some alarming statistics about the true extent of racial bigotry in the American IT industry. As usual though, things aren't quite what they appear.

Microsoft's youngest professional Arfa Karim Randhawa dies at 16

Lahore - Arfa Karim Randhawa, the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, died at the age of 16 from complications following an epileptic seizure and cardiac arrest. Karim, a Pakistani, became a Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of nine, in 2005.

Bill Gates testifies in lawsuit against Microsoft

Billionaire and the Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill gates testified Monday in a $1 billion antitrust lawsuit filed against the software giant by Novell, the creator of former Microsoft rival WordPerfect.

Bill Gates is asking for more Western aid to fight poverty

Cannes - Microsoft chairman Bill Gates is calling on Western nations assembling for the latest G20 summit to promise greater efforts to fight global poverty.

Op-Ed: Why taxation is unnecessary

The super-rich on both sides of the Atlantic are appealing to their governments to tax them more to aid those less fortunate than themselves. The truth is, all taxation is totally unnecessary.

Mark Zuckerberg named 'Worst-dressed Man of Silicon Valley'

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg edged out Apple's Steve Jobs and a pack of equally worthy candidates to become GQ magazine's 'Worst-dressed Man of Silicon Valley.'

UK government pledge millions in vaccination funding

Ministers, officials and CEOs gathered in London on Monday for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) summit. The aim of the meeting was to raise funding for vital vaccinations.

Gates tells WIRED crowd ‘cute’ is not the answer to energy crisis

New York - In a keynote speech at the WIRED Business Conference, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said more money needs to be spent on research and development in the field of energy innovation rather than old technologies, making it affordable for developing nations.

Bill Gates now largest CN Railway shareholder, owns $3.2 billion

Montreal - Bill Gates, the multi-billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, is now the largest shareholder of Canadian National Railway Co. and now owns $3.2 billion. Since 2006, Gates has been increasing his involvement in the nation's biggest railway company.
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Bill Gates takes a very on-hands approach to all of his charity work  from visiting tech companies t...
Bill Gates takes a very on-hands approach to all of his charity work, from visiting tech companies to speaking at events.
Bill Gates speaking at DFID via russavia
The game-changing bivalent oral polio vaccine is used for the first time ever in Jalalabad in Decemb...
The game-changing bivalent oral polio vaccine is used for the first time ever in Jalalabad in December 2009.
Photo: Courtesy of UNICEF AFG/Cornelia Walther
Bill Gates
Bill Gates in his Microsoft office in Bellevue, WA in 1980. Gates was 25 years old at the time.
Photo courtesy Microsoft
Bill Gates & Paul Allen
Paul Allen (left) and Bill Gates shortly after signing a major contract with IBM to write software for their upcoming line of PCs in 1981.
Photo courtesy Microsoft
Bill Gates meets with young men who have been circumcised or will be circumcised at the Bophelo Pele...
Bill Gates meets with young men who have been circumcised or will be circumcised at the Bophelo Pele Male Circumcision Clinic in Orange Farm, South Africa. Gates says circumcision is an important step in AIDS prevention.
Photo courtesy Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Robert Scolbe
Warren Buffett and the Gates Family
Warren Buffett (right) sits beside Bill and Melinda Gates at a Town Hall meeting.
Photo courtesy Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Hex dump of the Blaster virus  showing a message left for Microsoft CEO Bill Gates by the virus prog...
Hex dump of the Blaster virus, showing a message left for Microsoft CEO Bill Gates by the virus programmer

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