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Bilingualism News

Bilingual people recover from strokes better

Edinburgh - Bilingual people, according to a new study, are twice as likely to recover from a stroke compared with people who speak just one language.

Op-Ed: Deep down, we all have something of a Mark Zuckerberg in us

Beijing - When Mark Zuckerberg traveled to Beijing last Wednesday, he spoke to his audience for 20 minutes... in Mandarin! (... and he was good!)

Op-Ed: Is bilingualism dangerous for our society?

Some people — mainly ultra-conservative politicians — say that the social phenomenon that is bilingualism is a danger for a nation’s unity and claim it creates communitarianism, and by doing so endangers the stability of a country.

Op-Ed: Can all parents raise their children as bilingual speakers?

“Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gisele Bündchen do it, so why can’t we do it too?” Some monolingual parents ask when they hear about the Hollywood stars, rich or celebs, for whom it has become trendy to bring up children to be bilingual.

Bilingual skills may protect aging adults from dementia

Toronto - A report recently published by Canadian researchers reviews recent studies showing that bilingualism helps to protect the brain from cognitive decline and delays the onset of Alzheimer's disease and other signs of dementia.

Report: Bilingualism costing Canadians $2.4 billion annually

Toronto - Would you like English or French? A new report from a leading think tank suggests that bilingualism is costing the country approximately $2.4 billion per year. The province of Ontario spends the most out of all provinces with $623 million per year.

Air Canada fined $12,000 for not speaking French to passenger

Ottawa - A federal court in Ottawa ruled that Air Canada must apologize to two Ottawa passengers and pay $12,000 after failing to provide the couple services in French. The judge ruled that the airline failed to follow the Official Languages Act.

Canadian Commissioner of Official Languages Says Spend More on Bilingualism

Canada's Commissioner of Official Languages says that the federal government needs to spend more and is moving to slowly on bilingualism.

Bilingualism May Delay Onset of Dementia

A new Canadian study says speaking more than one language over the span of a lifetime can delay the symptoms by as much as four years.

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Bilingual sign in Gaelic and English in Scotland.
Bilingual sign in Gaelic and English in Scotland.
Ruaridh McIlleathain

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