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Bilderberg Group News

Op-Ed: The Bilderberg conference and conspiracy theories

Telfs - At Telfs-Buchen in Austria, only a few miles from where the recent G7 meeting took place, a conference of the Bilderberg Group will be held under conditions of utmost secrecy from June 11 to June 14 at a secluded alpine resort.

George Osborne comes clean about Bilderberg Special

London - How do we know what our leaders do at Bildeberg meetings? Well, we could always write and ask them. George Osborne has replied, to a degree.

Op-Ed: Can technology destroy the New World Order?

Since the inception of the Council on Foreign Relations, our rulers have been centralising the power everywhere, but technology can reverse this trend.

Op-Ed: How crazy is Alex Jones?

Alex Jones appeared on the BBC yesterday wherein he behaved like the clown he is, and was treated as such. But he's not simply a clown, he's crazy, right? Right??

Op-Ed: At last, the BBC reports Bilderberg

Watford - At one time only "conspiracy theorists", bigots and cranks mentioned the Bilderberg Group. Now, surprise, surprise, even the BBC is curious.

British taxpayers to fund security for Bilderberg meeting in UK

Watford - This year's annual Bilderberg conference, scheduled to take place at the Grove Hotel in Watford June 6 - 9, will cost British taxpayers millions of pounds in security.

Luke Rudkowski beats the mainstream media to Senator Marco Rubio

When Senator Marco Rubio attended an Earth Freedom Coalition conference recently, the mainstream media were all lined up to ask him questions. However, it turns out none of them had any luck whatsoever.

Op-Ed: Bilderberg academic henchman preaches austerity for the young

A distinguished academic is about to deliver a lecture on the virtues of austerity. For us little people, not for himself and his masters.

Op-Ed: Bilderberg in and out of the news

Although its latest meeting is now over, the Bilderberg Group is still making the news, and at long last it appears that the mainstream media is taking an interest.

Op-Ed: Did Bilderberg plan the Euro?

A Ghanaian website claims to have in its possession evidence that the Euro was planned by the Bilderberg Group 40 years before its inception. Sadly, this is not news but history.

Op-Ed: The Bilder Burger is no joke

A Bilderberg watcher has produced a cartoon depicting the global schemers as a fast food. Sadly, the real thing is nothing to laugh about.

Bilderberg group label protesters cockroaches, want Ron Paul dead

Bilderberg members may prefer to keep all their business under wraps at their annual conference, but hotel employees working at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly,VA., have let slip an interesting gem or two.

Op-Ed: MSM journalists don't know what the Bilderberg Group is?

Luke Rudkowski, citizen journalist, is not shy. In the videos, he interviews journalists from CNN, Fox and MSNBC about the Bilderberg Group.

Op-Ed: Time to occupy Bilderberg 2012

Chantilly - The Bilderberg Group is meeting in Virginia from May 31. The world is not invited, so make sure you turn up, or if you can't, give these Machiavellian schemers as much publicity as possible.

Op-Ed: Pay writers, not banksters!

Attitudes towards copyright theft vary: some regard it as a victimless crime; some as no crime at all; others as something akin to serial murder. There is though a solution to the problem, if our governments are brave enough to take it.

Op-Ed: Confessions of a trader – Goldman Sachs rules the world

Alessio Rastani is handsome, intelligent, charismatic, extremely expensively dressed, and dreaming of a big stock market crash so he can make money off your misery.

Op-Ed: Bilderberg – some dare call it conspiracy

Strasbourg - Thirty years ago, only ‘right wing extremists’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ dared to mention the Bilderberg Group. Earlier this month, it was openly accused in the European Parliament of colluding with the media.

Does YouTube censor videos?

This is a lengthy analysis of a claim earlier this week by Brasscheck TV that YouTube is censoring videos under pressure from governments.

Op-Ed: The secret rulers of the world?

For years, decades, watchers of the Bilderberg Group were derided as conspiracy cranks and bigots. Nowadays, this rhetoric is beginning to look increasingly empty.

Op-Ed: The secret rulers of the world?

For years, decades, watchers of the Bilderberg Group were derided as conspiracy cranks and bigots. Nowadays, this rhetoric is beginning to look increasingly empty.

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