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Who is the king of the micromobility industry?

New research from CB Insights about the "meteoric" rise of bike and scooter sharing startups suggests that mega-deals are driving the frenzy.

The Fontus: Miracle device attached to bike makes water from air

There are many areas of the world that are currently experiencing water shortage issues, including California. One solution that could help in the future is the Fontus, a small device you can attach to your bike that makes water out of air.

Bike constructors' challenge searches for innovative pioneers

Five teams of creative engineers are being sought for the Bespoked Constructors' Challenge, an event in the UK next year that aims to showcase the diverse range of bespoke bikes available.

The Siva Cycle Atom charges your phone as you ride your bike

With an ever increasing amount of battery-powered tech entering our lives, finding the time to charge them can be difficult. A new invention seeks to change that though by allowing the millions of cycling commuters to charge their devices as they ride.

Watch a GoPro-wearing South African man get robbed at gunpoint

Cape Town - Wearing a GoPro camera on his helmet, a cyclist in South Africa recorded footage of two men robbing him at gunpoint. The video has been uploaded to YouTube, and will reportedly be used as evidence.

Hover bike will go on sale in 2017

A hovercraft that allows riders to zip over terrain by flying up to almost 10 feet above the ground will go on sale in three years, according to the maker.

Renewable energy bicycles power Times Square ball drop Special

It's true, not just some snow job--stationary bikes have helped power 32,000 LED lights on New York City's six-ton New Year’s Eve Ball this year.

Autistic boy's bike stolen, but replaced by stranger

Maple Ridge - A stranger donated a brand new bicycle to an autistic boy, 12, who had his own bike stolen outside a local library in British Columbia. Ryan Nicholson heard about Nathan's story, and he decided that he would help out.

Invisible bike helmet invented

After almost nine years of research and development two Swedish designers have invented a new way to keep cyclists safe on the roads — an invisible helmet. The new helmet is in fact an airbag that fits into a large collar around the cyclist’s neck.

Motorcycle stolen in 1967 is found in 2013

Omaha - When Donald R. Devault's 1953 Triumph Tiger 100 motorcycle was stolen in Omaha, Nebraska in 1967 and not recovered, he might have thought it would never be found. The bike was found recently, however, headed to Yokohama, Japan.

Girl sees her stolen bike on Craigslist, girl gets it back

Vancouver - It's always good to hear a story with a happy ending these days. A girl had her bicycle stolen. Then she saw it for sale on Craigslist, and what happened next is absolutely priceless.

AZ police officer gives bike to teen who walks 9 miles to work

Phoenix Police Sgt. Natalie Simonick, 46, was on patrol around eleven at night, when she spotted a young man who was walking in a desolate area.

Over 14-foot-tall bike shadows over the streets of Los Angeles

Los Angeles - Bikes are used everyday in our society for the sport or traveling quickly from one place to another. But only on rare occasions do you see a rider pedaling a 14-and-a-half-foot-tall bike.

Op-Ed: Piano bike rider doesn't just play music, but inspires people too

San Francisco - Imagine seeing a person riding a piano bike down the street. You would be pretty impressed and would probably feel happier just listening to the tunes that flow out of the piano. This is what Gary Skaggs dreams of.

Olympic gold medallist knocked off her bike

London - British gold medallist, Joanna Rowsell, has been hit by a car whilst cycling on Saturday. The member of the Great Britain Olympic team was cycling recreationally when she was knocked off her bike by a car.

Norman the biking dog makes his television debut

Atlanta - The internet is full of skateboarding and surfing pooches, but it is not everyday that you see a 70 pound dog riding through the neighborhood on a bicycle.

Toronto artist makes 'Cycle Critters' out of recycled bike parts Special

Toronto - It started with two kickstands. Toronto sculptor Mike Schram looked at those simple discarded bike parts and decided to craft a new piece of art, making a small bird. Now his passion has led him to sculpt 70 so-called Cycle Critters.

Israeli inventor builds a cardboard bicycle for $9

Just like any bicycle it can withstand water and humidity even though it's made of recycled cardboard, but this bike costs next to nothing and is the ultimate in "environmentally friendly."

Video: 3-year-old boy on toy scooter survives heavy traffic

Wenzhou - The incident was captured on a CCTV camera in the city of Wenzhou in Eastern China. The child weaves his way through heavy traffic and survives.

1,400 cyclists ride in protest of bike lane closures in Toronto Special

Toronto - Jarvis St. in downtown Toronto became one big bike lane yesterday as a reported 1,400 cyclists turned up to protest the cancelling of the bike lanes by city council.

Czech hero catches runaway tram on a bike now may face prison

A Czech tram driver chased the empty, runaway tram on a bicycle until he caught up to it and stopped it, then suffered a heart attack. He now may face prison time for "breaching his work duties".

World Naked Bike Ride Toronto 2010 Special

Toronto - On Saturday naturists gathered at Toronto's Coronation Park getting ready for the World Naked Bike Ride 2010. The riders were out in force to speak out against the pollution that comes from the use of petrol.

The Skoda Velothon 2010 Berlin race Special

Berlin - On May 30, the Skoda Velothon race has taken place in the center of Berlin through the bad weather and heavy rain. The races were organized in two tracks -- 60 km and 120 km.

,Ontario Recreation Resort Set For Expansion

Toronto - A historic Southwestern Ontario resort is gearing up to take on Blue Mountain in hopes of becoming the premiere outdoor recreation destination in Ontario.

Bike Train Provides Urban Escapes

Toronto - Ontario cyclists gather steam by riding the Bike Train between urban centres to discover new trails and territory. Two-wheel enthusiasts can now easily traverse between Toronto, Niagara Falls, North Bay, Montreal and Windsor.

Toronto Bike Awards 2009 Winners Announced

The annual Toronto Bike Awards took place on Tuesday January 19th to a packed room at the Gladstone Hotel. It was the who's who of the cycling community, either there to be recognized or to support the work of those making a difference in the city.

Bike Rider Breaks Leg in Unforgiving Desert During Dakar Rally

The fifth stage of the Dakar Rally has seen accidents and breakdowns in the toughest stage yet, from Copiapo to Antafogasta, both in Chile. Desert conditions have forced out motorbike favourite David Casteu with a broken leg.

Toronto Bike Friendly Business Nominations Close Dec 17

Forget the winter blahs and head to the annual Toronto Bike Awards on Jaunuary 19, 2010. Before that don't forget to nominate your favourite bike friendly buddies.

Nova Scotia's Wharf Rat Rally a Big Success Special

Five years ago the Digby, Nova Scotia Wharf Rat Rally was just a small event with about 750 motorcycles. Today it is the largest motorcycle rally in Atlantic Canada.

Freewheelin' Around The Big Smoke

It was the day that London went quite and all that we heard was the tinkling of bicycle bells and the whizz of wheels as London got to ban traffic of the engine kind for a day as 30,000 cyclists took to the streets
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Bike Image

Ray Chaplin preparing to circumnavigate the world using only human power.
Ray Chaplin preparing to circumnavigate the world using only human power.
Photo courtesy of Ray Chaplin
Bikers near old Montreal during the Tour de l Ile  June 2011.
Bikers near old Montreal during the Tour de l'Ile, June 2011.
Yesterdays Antique Motorcycles
File photo: An electric bike ready for hire.
File photo: An electric bike ready for hire.
Tour de l Ile  Montreal QC - June 2011
Tour de l'Ile, Montreal QC - June 2011
Beautiful bike and more monkeying around at Bikes  Blues and BBQ.  Fayetteville  Ark.  10-01-11
Beautiful bike and more monkeying around at Bikes, Blues and BBQ. Fayetteville, Ark. 10-01-11
Norman the biking dog.
Norman the biking dog.
Screen Capture
May 20  2012 I Bike It! parade  from Moscow to St Petersburg
May 20, 2012 I Bike It! parade, from Moscow to St Petersburg
koraxdc photostream, Pavel
Skoda Velothon Berlin 2010
Skoda Velothon Berlin 2010
My Ellis Briggs bike.
My Ellis Briggs bike.
An Uber electric bike ready for hire in London  U.K.
An Uber electric bike ready for hire in London, U.K.
SkyRide - cycling for all ages.
SkyRide - cycling for all ages.
With the roads closed to motor vehicles  everyone can join in the fun.
With the roads closed to motor vehicles, everyone can join in the fun.
Bikes covered in snow in Helsinki  Finland
Bikes covered in snow in Helsinki, Finland
Elvert Barnes
Competitor at Bikeapalooza.  First Friday events.  Bentonville  Ark.  Sept. 2  2011
Competitor at Bikeapalooza. First Friday events. Bentonville, Ark. Sept. 2, 2011

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