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Strange gigantic supervoid or Cold Spot found in universe

A mysterious "hole in space" called a "supervoid" has baffled scientists since it was first found in 2004. Now a new theory is trying to explain its highly unusual features.

Survey: No free Wi-Fi biggest hotel guest complaint

One of the biggest complaints that hotel guests have is the lack of free Wi-Fi in their rooms. Guests believe that all hotels should offer free Internet connection and think it is more important that many other hotel amenities.

See's Candies unveils the world's largest lollipop

San Francisco - See's Candies unveiled the world's largest lollipop on National Lollipop Day, Friday July 20. The candy company installed a 7,000-pound chocolate lollipop at Justin Herman Plaza that won the Guinness World Records title for the largest lollipop.

Trawler finds UK's biggest oyster

Experts believe that a Shetland Trawler has possibly caught the largest oyster that has ever been found in the United Kingdom.

Biggest demonstration since fall of Communism in Hungary

Budapest - Hungary has seen the largest demonstration since the end of Communism, comprising civil society groups, as well as the Roma minority and Hungarians from former Hungarian lands in neighbouring countries.

Israel rocked by the biggest protest in its history

Tel Aviv was paralyzed tonight by a sea of demonstrators matching anything seen in the nearby Arab Revolutions. Figures are coming in from various sources. One estimate says that as much as 1-in-7 of the population took to the streets.

Footprints in Arizona lend credence to idea Bigfoot is real

There are few locations in North America that have not been touched with sightings of Bigfoot or other reported signs, such as footprints.

14 Biggest Gaming Myths Exposed

Consider these gaming myths officially busted!

YouTube: The biggest Pirate of them all?

Is the YouTube magic really the enabling of a “creation of sophisticated goods,”

World's Biggest SnowGlobe unveiled in Barrie

The world's biggest snow globe was unveiled in Barrie as part of Winter Fun in Ontario.

The Biggest Crime You've Never Heard of -- Return Fraud -- and How the Criminals Do It

National Retail Federation (NRF) says return fraud costs 3.5 Billion Dollars to businesses.

Biggest Nascar Crash In History

Classic clip. 37 cars mashed together. You've got to love the commentary, "The most fantastic pile up in racing history!"

World's Largest Gas Pipeline Proposed to Run Through Amazon

There are plans to build an enormous natural gas pipeline through 5,000 miles of South American wilderness. The proposal is causing widespread concern amongst activists due to perceived environmental, and cultural risks.

'Biggest wolf ever' shot dead

Bulgarian shots 80 kg wolf

It’s Official: MySpace Is Biggest Site on Internet

Myspace is the biggest site on internet in terms of total number of page views.

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