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Big oil News

Only two major oil companies disclose their carbon emission plans

Only two companies among the 10 biggest oil and gas producers globally have disclosures that allow investors to see and track how their carbon emissions will decline over time.

Big Oil and utilities square off for piece of EV charging dollars

The world's automakers are ready to release more than a dozen new hybrid or all-electric cars by the end of 2020, and oil companies, who have for years sold gas to fuel cars are now moving into the EV sector — but so are traditional utility companies.

Shell ups the stakes in race for clean energy betting on LNG

Royal Dutch Shell has been having a growth-spurt recently, growing to a $300 billion oil giant. At the same time, Shell has spent over $400 million on a range of acquisitions in recent weeks, from solar power to electric car charging points.

Op-Ed: Big Oil goes green? It’s happening, but in tiny doses

OK, given that oil is sacred to the cows of the financial world, never to be questioned or to provide a rational statement on any subject – Why is Big Oil investing in green energy? It looks almost like sanity, so there must be something wrong with it.

As crude prices falter, is Big Oil worried about price cuts?

Oil prices were looking up at the start of 2017, with crude hitting a high of $58 a barrel in January after dropping to $27 in 2016. But oil prices have started to flounder again, and the big oil companies are preparing to do some more belt-tightening.

Op-Ed: Town rejects solar panels amid claims they 'suck up' sun's energy

Woodland - During a meeting of the Woodland Town Council, residents rejected a proposal for a solar farm. One local resident, Bobby Mann, voiced concerns that solar farms would suck up all of the sun's energy and drive businesses away.

No wagering in Nevada for you, sports fantasy

The appellate court said the case “tests the boundaries of fair use,” but found Google’s practices were ultimately allowed under the law.

San Francisco supervisors vote to divest from Big Oil

San Francisco - San Francisco's governing body voted on Tuesday to approve a resolution urging the city's retirement system to stop investing in fossil fuel companies.

Op-Ed: Capriles, the CIA, and their War against Chavez and Venezuela

As Hugo Chavez is mourned and remembered by the people of Venezuela and the world, Henrique Capriles, the CIA and the IMF lie in wait, ready to snatch up Venezuela's resources. Cindy Sheehan and Cynthia McKinney remain optimistic.

Kichwa Amazon tribe fights Big Oil to keep rainforest safe

Chevron Oil is preparing to invade the Amazon rainforest over a find of $7.2 billion in oil reserves, located in Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park. They began Monday, January 15, 2013, unless the Kichwa tribe of the Amazon rainforest can stop them.

Environmental Minds Unite at (de)Occupy Talks Special

Toronto - Activists staged a panel discussion in Toronto on Tuesday concerning the Tar Sands, ethical oil, and First Nations land rights

Shell’s Arctic oil response plan approved by Obama administration

Washington - Shell Oil won a major consideration on Friday when the Obama administration approved the oil giant’s oil spill response plan for drilling in the waters of the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea, now opening up a drilling process set to begin as early as this summer

Big Oil promises more jobs if it can expand drilling projects

With Big Oil raking $36 billion in profits, on March 1, 2011, Rep. William Keating (D-MA) offered a motion on the House floor, saying, “let’s stop sending taxpayer’s money to the most profitable companies in the world,”

Exxon CEO calls effort to repeal oil tax breaks ‘discriminatory’

Washington - Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson has labeled an attempt by US Senate Democrats to pass a bill that would repeal tax breaks for oil companies as counterproductive and has charged the undertaking as “misinformed and discriminatory.”

Op-Ed: New offshore drilling bill another ‘wake-up call’ for Americans Special

Washington - As gasoline prices continue surging almost on the same level as oil company CEO compensation packages, House Republicans late last week passed a bill that would force the White House to allow more offshore drilling.

Op-Ed: International Energy Agency says oil supplies really drying up

Fossil fuels and fossilized economics have been such fun in recent decades. The global economy, glued to a vanishing resource, has been in denial, but the last word has come from the International Energy Agency. Oil prices are going nowhere but up.

Windfall Profits Tax Roadblocked By Senate GOP

On Tuesday, June 10, a bill by Senate Democrats which would let them tax Big Oil ended up getting blocked by Senate Republicans. In short, the bill failed to get the necessary 60 votes.

Op-Ed: Big Oil is Not the Enemy, Big Intrusive Government Is

When the major media outlets run stories decrying “record profits” earned by the evil oil companies, they are not telling you the real story. Profit dollars are not indicative of the profit MARGIN, which is the really important figure.

Oil Prices at 20 Month Low

Prices of crude oil drop below $50 a barrel.

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