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Bicycle News

Pedal power revival in China as bike-share apps race for glory

Shanghai - Unlock them with an app, drop them off anywhere, and nip past lanes of stationary car traffic: the humble bicycle is seeing a revival in China as a new generation of start-ups help tackle urban congestion and pollution with fleets of brightly coloured ...

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry out of hospital following surgery

Boston - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry pledged Friday to be "fully engaged" in nuclear talks with Iran when he returns to Geneva after surgery on his fractured leg.

Female bishop linked to U.S. bicycle fatality

Baltimore - The first female Episcopal bishop in Maryland has been put on leave after she was involved in the hit-and-run death of a bicyclist, her diocese said.

New study: One in every six Danes has stolen a bicycle

Copenhagen - Bicycles are a popular mode of transport in Denmark, but it seems there is a problem. According to a new study, 17 percent of Danes have, at some stage, stolen another person's bicycle and it's costing Danish insurance companies a fortune.

Bike constructors' challenge searches for innovative pioneers

Five teams of creative engineers are being sought for the Bespoked Constructors' Challenge, an event in the UK next year that aims to showcase the diverse range of bespoke bikes available.

VIDEO: Watch as 'luckiest cyclist in Russia' cheats death, twice

Lyubertsy - Russia is known for dash and roadway cameras, one of which captured dramatic footage of the moment a bicyclist narrowly escapes death, not once, but twice.

Renewable energy bicycles power Times Square ball drop Special

It's true, not just some snow job--stationary bikes have helped power 32,000 LED lights on New York City's six-ton New Year’s Eve Ball this year.

Invisible bike helmet invented

After almost nine years of research and development two Swedish designers have invented a new way to keep cyclists safe on the roads — an invisible helmet. The new helmet is in fact an airbag that fits into a large collar around the cyclist’s neck.

Girl sees her stolen bike on Craigslist, girl gets it back

Vancouver - It's always good to hear a story with a happy ending these days. A girl had her bicycle stolen. Then she saw it for sale on Craigslist, and what happened next is absolutely priceless.

High-tech bicycling is invented with Lumigrid

Cycling should be a fun and joyful experience minus the fear of crashing or slipping over rocks. Lumigrids might be the new way of riding bicycles.

Norman the biking dog makes his television debut

Atlanta - The internet is full of skateboarding and surfing pooches, but it is not everyday that you see a 70 pound dog riding through the neighborhood on a bicycle.

UCI gives Lance Armstrong 3 weeks to appeal title stripping

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has given Lance Armstrong three weeks to appeal its decision, which strips him of 14 years of titles.

Israeli inventor builds a cardboard bicycle for $9

Just like any bicycle it can withstand water and humidity even though it's made of recycled cardboard, but this bike costs next to nothing and is the ultimate in "environmentally friendly."

'A dream situation' says Wiggins of Tour de France

Bradley Wiggins stands on the threshold of history. Sometime later today, he will reach the half-way point of the Tour de France, but already pundits are claiming he will wear the famous yellow jersey on the podium in Paris.

Video: 71-year-old granny who cycled Russia now to hit Europe

Yulia Mikhailyuk has cycled right across Russia 16 times and now plans to travel across Europe. An amazing feat indeed!

David Byrne champions bike hire scheme for New York

New York - "The future is visible", says former Tailing Head David Byrne, as he backs a new scheme to make rental bikes available in New York City.

Video: 3-year-old boy on toy scooter survives heavy traffic

Wenzhou - The incident was captured on a CCTV camera in the city of Wenzhou in Eastern China. The child weaves his way through heavy traffic and survives.

Friends help man move with bicycle caravan

A man from Washington got his friends to help him move some of his stuff. The group moved the stuff using only bikes and bike trailers.

Op-Ed: Good Samaritan Helps Senior who falls off Bicycle Special

Baker City - At approximately 10:45 on June 8, an elderly man, who appeared to be in his 70's, fell off his bicycle while riding with a small group of people on an isolated section of the Leo Adler Memorial Trail.

Kansas House green-lights 'Dead Red' motorcycle bill

Topeka - The Kansas House of Representatives gave the green-light to a bill that will establish specific conditions and situations when motorcyclists may proceed through a red light traffic signal without the risk of being ticketed.

Nova Scotia introduces bicycle safety laws Special

Halifax - The province of Nova Scotia will introduce legislation that requires drivers of motor vehicles to leave one-metre of open space between the vehicle and cyclists when passing.

Pedal-powered hotel takes green living to next level

A luxury Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark is the place to be for foodies, fitness fans and greenies - especially if you're all of the above. Here you can hop on a pedaling bike to stay fit while at the same time generate electricity and earn a free meal.

Buttocks grabbing Ball State bicyclist: Police Update Special

Muncie - The assaults done by a bicycle-riding male on the campus of Ball State University have not led to an arrest yet. However, Assistant Chief Robert Fey, Ball State University Police Department has provided with an exclusive update.

Buttocks grabbing Ball State bicyclist wanted

The normally pastoral campus of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana has been shocked by a series of bum grabbing incidents. The alleged perpetrator is a bicyclist who silently swoops down on his prey and touches their tushies.

Op-Ed: Bicycles for America?

We need a serious presentation from the President of the United States in Copenhagen next week. We cannot let Afghanistan or Iran distract our governments from the effects of our emissions on global warming.

RFID Technology Deters Bicycle Thefts in Denmark

To prevent bike thefts and reclaim stolen bikes, many cities are using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology on bikes. The bikes will now be able to identify the owner of the bike and also communicate with the authorities when it is stolen.

First U.S. Bike Rental Program Will Open in Washington, Thanks to Clear Channel

A new bike-sharing program in Washington will offer 120 rental bikes at 10 locations, the first of any such project in the U.S. SmartBike DC is teaming up with Clear Channel Outdoor to introduce the cyclist’s version of Zipcar.

Mexico City Striving to be More Bicycle-Friendly

It looks like city authorities are set to take another incremental step in tackling the intractable air pollution throughout this sprawling Mexican metropolis of over 20 million people.

Police Search for Bank Robber; Needs the Public's Help

Witnesses say a man walked into the bank, took the time to fill out slips, or perhaps his demand note, and without words or weapons, left the bank with an undisclosed sum of money. Police need the public's help in identifying the robber.

An Enterprising Idea

Turn you bicycle into a knife shapener and create your own job. This entrepreneur by kicking the bike up onto its stand and engaging a gearing system, is able to use “leg-horsepower” to drive a grinding wheel and sharpen knives while “on the move”
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Bicycle Image

Girl riding bicycle
Girl riding bicycle
SLO County Bicycle Coalition
The owner is hoping someone can identify this bike.
The owner is hoping someone can identify this bike.
Roberta F.
The S-Works McLaren Tarmac bespoke bike
The S-Works McLaren Tarmac bespoke bike
Fatal Dose
Norman the biking dog.
Norman the biking dog.
Screen Capture
Bicycle in the streets of Barcelona.
Bicycle in the streets of Barcelona.
José Porras
This decorated bicycle is a reminder of what Portland values in going green.
This decorated bicycle is a reminder of what Portland values in going green.
Camera on bicycle recording the surroundings for Google Street View
Camera on bicycle recording the surroundings for Google Street View
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A lookout point outside Madison  WI
Picture of a road and a bicycle
Mike Drach
File photo: An electric bike ready for hire.
File photo: An electric bike ready for hire.
A bicycle is offloaded from the ferry that transports people and goods along the Irrawaddy river
A bicycle is offloaded from the ferry that transports people and goods along the Irrawaddy river
close up of the gears
close up of the gears
A man and his bicycle seem to float on water as the road is submerged in flood including the vast ri...
A man and his bicycle seem to float on water as the road is submerged in flood including the vast ricefield behind him in the Philippines
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