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Bias News

Gender funding gap grows when research pitches get personal: study

Paris - Women are less successful in receiving research funding than men if the selection process focusses on the scientist making the pitch rather than the science presented, according to new research released Friday.

Q&A: What is media bias and how can this be tackled? Special

According to Dr. Tania Ahuja there are concerns with the state of online news, especially when it comes to bias. Ahuja has founded Nobias which has tools that can flag bias in news and grade articles for credibility.

Amazon facial recognition software may be racially biased

The use of facial recognition technology is becoming more common, ostensibly used by security firms for security purposes. There are concerns that some forms of software contain biases, a charge leveled against Amazon's version - Rekognition.

Google defends its practices against Trump's charge of bias

Washington - The U.S. President is fond of attacking the media and using the phrase 'fake news'. This week he has turned his attentions to Google's Internet search engine. Google has refuted the charges.

Uncovering Wikipedia's geographical biases

Like any platform with a social media slant, Wikipedia contains as much 'point of view' as it does 'facts.' A new Internet platform allows the geographical origins and potential biases of contributors to be revealed.

Doctor's political preferences influence their recommendations

Washington - The treatment options recommended by a medical doctor appear to be influenced by their political leanings (as expressed by party preference), according to a new study.

War on Women: Modern office air temperatures

To the shivering receptionist lamenting frigid air conditioning that's left her wearing long sleeves in July: You've been vindicated.

Study makes people less racist and sexist with science

According to a new study, all it takes to make a person less racist and sexist — at least temporarily — is a simple exercise and a bit of sleep.

Op-Ed: Slant I am

Slant. We all have it. Race, religion, creed. Right, left. Gay, straight. Like Bill O'Reilly, we stake out a territory and defend it. A journalist without slant is nothing but a copy clerk.

Report confirms left-wing, politically correct bias of BBC

A study by independent think-tank The New Culture Forum has confirmed that the BBC has been reporting the news in a biased manner, downplaying the immigration threat and glossing over controversial issues.

'No independent journalism any more' says ex-Al Jazeera reporter

Beirut - Ali Hashem, an ex-Al Jazeera correspondent, says that television channels have turned into political parties, pushing the agenda for "some outside forces."

Chris Christie: Too obese to be President?

Trenton - Too fat to be U.S. president? As Chris Christie mulls over a presidential run, it's a question that has many voters concerned.

Docs show US gov’t bias to Keystone XL during environmental study

Washington - New documents reveal the US State Department was “doing favors” for TransCanada during a government review of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline and sheds light on a White House bias in favor of the pipeline.

Researchers to study bias in eyewitness identifications Special

Biases in eyewitness identifications in police line-ups have been observed empirically. Now scientists would be finding out more about these biases to determine if people avoid pointing the finger at someone they like in a police line-up.

Most media news outlets ignore the growing ACORN scandal

Over the past week, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) has been exposed in several cases as committing a variety of illegal acts. But are media outlets reporting the controversy?

Ghostwriting taking over in some medical journals

A recent study through online questionnaire revealed industry-sponsored ghostwriting is widely used by some of the top medical journals.

Op-Ed: Bias in news reporting a worrying trend?

People have differing ideas; that goes without saying. Assemble 50 economists in a room and you’ll end up with at least 50 different economic forecasts.

UK: BBC spends £200,000 to Stop Report on Bias Being Published

UK: The BBC has come under fire for wasting huge amounts of license fees - in a desperate bid to bury its own report. The BBC commissioned the Balen Report in 2004, to disprove allegations of anti Israel bias in its news coverage of the Middle east.

Op-Ed: Should Journalists Be Biased in Their Reporting?

The debate over whether or not the press is liberal or conservative is one thing. There’s another debate going on as well. That’s whether or not the press or the public is more biased.

Op-Ed: Media Bias And Political Leanings

Journalists are more prone to being liberal when it comes to politics. Although political orientation in the news media doesn't vary much across the field it is more likely that editorial writers are conservative. Does that mean all media is biased?

Op-Ed: Do AP's Standards and Practices Even Matter To Them Anymore?

AP has been the standard for news reporting in America for 150 years. That standard has slipped greatly of late, and the AP's David Espo is a case study of just how far they've slipped. Question is, does AP even care? Doesn't look like it. What a shame.

Center For Media and Public Affairs Finds Fox News Most Balanced

Election Study finds Hillary Clinton hit the hardest in the media. Barack Obama and Mike Huckabeee fare the best and Fox News Channel provides the most balance.... they even clarify that with (Not a Typo).

MSNBC Investigation Discovers 87 Per Cent of American Journalists are Liberals identified 144 journalists who made political contributions from 2004-2008. Most of the newsroom payouts leaned to the left: 125 journalists gave to Democrats and liberal causes. Only 17 gave to Republicans. Two gave to both parties.

Ex-executive wins lawsuit claiming gender bias

A NewJersey woman was awarded more than $9M after being denied promotion and then fired from Roseland firm when she started the lawsuit.

Wal-Mart faces historic sex bias case

The largest sexual discrimination lawsuit in U.S. history moved forward against Wal-Mart when a federal appeals court approved class-action status for seven women who claim the retailer was biased in pay and promotions.

Speak the truth if you dare!

What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Helen Mirren, Donald Trump, Germaine Greer and others have in common with you?

Leaked FOX News Memo Proves Republican Bias

Yesterday the Huffington Post obtained an internal FOX memo that directs the network "journalists" on how to slant the news in favor of the Republicans and against the Democratic victory.

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