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Bernanke enjoys 'fruits of free market' with first post-Fed speech

Ben Bernanke earned more in 40 minutes on Tuesday than he made all of last year as head of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Op-Ed: The case for raising US interest rates before a fatal crash

Sydney - As Fed chairman Bernanke asks the kids to stop fighting and get the go-kart back on the road before yet another wave of Congressional constipation in March, one thing is becoming obvious. Monetarism doesn’t work. Stagnation is its best result.

Op-Ed: The greatest failure of the DOJ

Four years have passed since we experienced the economic near-collapse of our economy, and for four years we have also witnessed complete and utter failure in the administration of justice.

With U.S. unemployment at 9.2%, Fed considering more stimulus

Despite stubborn unemployment in the wake of prior stimulus plans, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke informed Congress on Wednesday that the federal government is prepared for future stimulus programs.

Op-Ed: The next big disaster- Mortgage crash V.2

From America the Beautiful to America the Disaster area wasn’t such a short step, was it? Another wonderful achievement is just around the corner- mortgages, again. The big banks need more money. Ridiculous? Yes. Inevitable? Probably.

Op-Ed: Pent-up Pressures Will Explode Into A New Age Of America

The Obama Administration nudges Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to the front of the class to present Pollyanna statements on subjects apparently not understood by the President or many of his advisors. Millions react with little more than confusion.

TIME Person of the Year: Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve Chairman receives the nod from Time magazine for 2009 Person of the Year. Time editor refers to the Federal Reserve as "the most power, least understood government force shaping our lives."

Op-Ed: Replace Ben Bernanke with Paul Volcker

I submit that with interest rates nowhere to go but up; a weakening dollar, and massive budget deficits for years to come, the best person to run the Federal Reserve over the next two years is Paul Volcker.

Op-Ed: Dollar's movement reflects confidence in Washington's planning

The rise and fall of the U.S. dollar has become a reflection of worldwide confidence in Washington's plans - and, while there are some positive developments, the world seems largely unconvinced.

Shares go up after Bernanke says the US is close to recovery

Stock Markets around the world are on the up after positive comments from Ben Bernanke. The chief of the US central bank said the US economy was approaching the beginning of a recovery.

Op-Ed: Bernanke And The Super Fed Say It’s Over

The loud, national sigh we heard this week was America gratefully, but suspiciously, acknowledging Ben Bernanke’s claims that, well, it’s over. The Fed Chair is satisfied that the recession is in a turn around mode, or at least stabilizing.

Op-Ed: Bernanke's Surreal Psychological Play

Many wonder what Bernanke is doing to bring the US economy back under control again. News of his actual "discretionary spending" policies is never exposed to the public. When known and understood, Bernanke's policies seem very surprising and desperate.

Op-Ed: Bernanke And The Perpetuating Credit Card Swindle

Banks, and whomever else we blissfully accepted a credit card from, have been charging us, all of us, grossly usurious fees.

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