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Berlin Philharmonic votes on new chief conductor

Berlin - The Berlin Philharmonic's members cloistered in an undisclosed location Monday to elect their next chief conductor, one of the most prestigious jobs in the world of classical music.

Jonathan Kluth: Making great music with everyday things (Videos)

Berlin - Jonathan Kluth is an upcoming musician and singer with an excellent and very unusual sound. Hailing from Berlin in Germany, Kluth's great music includes his voice, his guitar, a violin, a piano, his car and everyday items in his own kitchen.

German official says crystal meth makes him work harder

Berlin - German Member of Parliament (MP), Michael Hartmann, has admitted to using crystal meth. The police were notified by a drug dealer.

Ukrainian rebels agree to three-way ceasefire talks

Berlin - Russia and Ukraine agreed Wednesday to hold talks with pro-Moscow rebels to try to reach an agreement on a new ceasefire to replace the one that expired earlier in the week, resulting in hundreds of deaths.

Berlin first city to get its full name as own Internet domain

Berlin - Berlin is about to become the first city in the world with its own Internet domain name. The city's businesses will be able to use ".berlin" from mid-March 2014.

Asian films win big as Chinese thriller takes top Berlin prize

Asian films were big winners at the Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday, led by gritty Chinese thriller "Bai Ri Yan Huo" (Black Coal, Thin Ice) about an overweight detecti...

Scorsese says NY Review film meant as guide to young

Director and producer Martin Scorsese says he hopes his documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of the New York Review of Books will point young people in the right direction for getting reliable inform...

Childhood epic, religious drama vie for Berlin film prize

Films ranging from a coming-of-age docudrama using the same actors over a 12-year span, a feature about radical Catholics and an unflinching look at Northern Ireland's troubles stand out...

Horror of Ethiopian bride abduction shown at Berlin festival

"Angelina Jolie presents" is the first thing on screen in the Ethiopian movie "Difret", but the true story of a 14-year-old girl's abduction, rape and trial for killing her abductor speaks for itself.

Director Loach says small jabs at society got better results

British film director Ken Loach, receiving a lifetime achievement award at the Berlin film festival on Friday, said the more ambitious his films were in trying to push a social or political agenda, the l...

Chinese directors master Nordic noir, shoot-'em-up Western

An overweight detective with a drinking problem and a fresh divorce stumbles through the snow to catch a killer armed with ice-skates, showing China has no need to envy the Nordics when it comes to crime...

Lukewarm Berlin film market generates buzz nevertheless

Berlin's international film festival ends this weekend with some film buyers and sellers having made significant deals and others complaining of slack sales activity with no significant driver.

Modern take on Abraham's sacrifice dissects Turkish village life

After years focusing on his visual arts career, Turkey's Kutlug Ataman has returned to feature filmmaking with a touching portrait of the pressures and hypocrisy of village life in his northeastern An...

Latin American cinema shows global ambition at Berlin fest

A "New Age" healer whose estranged son is a falconer are the odd couple at the heart of an English-language movie by Peruvian director Claudia Llosa that marked a coming-of-age moment fo...

Gay-themed films in Berlin reflect societal divide

Gay characters and themes have become so common in film that it came as a shock when director Adam Csaszi said he changed his movie based on a true story about a gay footballer and his lover in rural Hun...

Monster or god? Nick Cave explores rock performance in new film

Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave - who has conjured up so much horror, lust and murder as well as haunting love songs in three decades fronting "The Bad Seeds" - worries that technology could destr...

Afghan war movie probes German historical angst, self-image

Frustration with a lack of open discussion in Germany over its involvement in Afghanistan and over Berlin's treatment of Afghans helping its troops there spurred the making of the film "Inbetween Worlds" ...

Alain Resnais fuses art forms in new comedy at Berlin festival

At 91-years-old, veteran French filmmaker Alain Resnais shows no sign of letting up his experimentation, drawing on theatre, graphic illustration and cinema in his whimsical comedy "Life of Riley" that pre...

Filmed version of novel can 'feel insane': Author Hornby

Seeing a filmed version of one of your novels can "feel insane", British author Nick Hornby said on Monday at the Berlin film festival where the movie based on his anti-suicide-pact book "A Long Way Down" had a special screening.

Filipino film highlights dangerous power of social media

A gay 15-year-old's heartbreak and obsession with the social media make for a gripping tale of how the Internet can drive fragile minds into a dangerous world, in the Filipino film "Unfriend" shown at

Norwegian film partly spoofs 'Nordic Noir' at Berlin fest

A Norwegian film that is part thriller, part spoof of the "Nordic Noir" genre, and a Chinese movie set in a massage clinic run by blind people and using some blind actors were the main offerings at the B

Illegal Norwegian whale meat sold as snacks at Berlin Green Week

Berlin - Customs officials uncovered a scandal at Berlin's International Green Week food fair on Wednesday when they confiscated three kilos of illegal Minke whale meat from a stall at the event. Regrettably four kilos had already been sold.

Dog deli causes howling controversy in Berlin, Germany

Berlin - Over the recent festive period, a special restaurant, just for dogs and cats, opened in Berlin, Germany. However, controversy has raised its furry head over whether a luxury deli for animals is a necessary item.

Two Nazi looted art works found in German parliament

Berlin-k - Months ago a scandal broke involving art works, allegedly stolen by Nazis during WWII. Recently however, an art historian has discovered more stolen art works, this time inside Germany's parliament, the Bundestag.

Berlin Council authorizes first cannabis café

Berlin - Berlin council voted in favor of the first cannabis café, with the hope of impeding illegal drug dealing. However, accompanying problems remain unsolved.

Bronski Beat Jimmy Somerville busks along with street musician

Lead singer of British pop groups Bronski Beat and The Communards, Jimmy Somerville, accompanies a street musician in singing one of his well-known 80's songs.

Berlin dogs overdosing on drug users' excrement in parks

Berlin - Vets in Germany's capital are warning about an increase in the number of dogs becoming ill and unable to walk properly, after eating the feces of human drug users in Berlin's parks.

Yoko Ono awarded prestigious German peace prize

Berlin - "For her lasting artistic and peace-promoting political work," Yoko Ono, Japanese artist and widow of John Lennon, has won a prestigious German peace prize — the Theodor Wanner Lifetime Achievement Award.

Samsung to reveal Galaxy GEAR smartwatch at IFA 2013 in Berlin

Samsung once again beats Apple to the punch, or in this case the smartwatch market. With the Apple iWatch being rumored for quite some time now, Samsung will be showing off their Galaxy GEAR at the IFA 2013.
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Berlin Image

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel
On April 14  a group of students and former students organized a protest in Berlin against the educa...
On April 14, a group of students and former students organized a protest in Berlin against the educational system in Catholic schools.
The system is broken. Let s fix it.
The system is broken. Let's fix it.
The Berliner fernsehturm: Panoramastr. 1 A  Berlin
The Berliner fernsehturm: Panoramastr. 1 A, Berlin
Aga Khan s collection for the first time in Berlin - Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum
Aga Khan's collection for the first time in Berlin - Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum
Berlinale Gala 2010: Grigory Dobrygin (Best Actor) -  How I ended this summer
Berlinale Gala 2010: Grigory Dobrygin (Best Actor) - "How I ended this summer"
Berlinale Gala 2010: Alexer Popogrebsky (Best Camera)  Grigory Dobrygin (Best Actor) and Sergei Pusk...
Berlinale Gala 2010: Alexer Popogrebsky (Best Camera), Grigory Dobrygin (Best Actor) and Sergei Puskepalis (Best Actor) - "How I ended this summer"
Nazi Demo in Berlin on May 1  2010
Nazi Demo in Berlin on May 1, 2010
German Defence League - Berlin.
German Defence League - Berlin.
YouTube-Anarchie2011 screenshot
The Berlin s Olympic Stadium
The Berlin's Olympic Stadium
 We are the Champions : Zukunftskongress Gesundheitswirtschaft des Bundesministeriums für Gesundhei...
"We are the Champions": Zukunftskongress Gesundheitswirtschaft des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit in Berlin
The Berlin s Olympic Stadium
The Berlin's Olympic Stadium
Berlianle Gala 2010: Babak Najafi  Best First Feature Award  with  Sebbe
Berlianle Gala 2010: Babak Najafi, Best First Feature Award with "Sebbe"
German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with her Greek counterpart George Papandreou
German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with her Greek counterpart George Papandreou
Customs officials seized illegal Norwegian whale meat being sold  clearly labeled  as snacks at the ...
Customs officials seized illegal Norwegian whale meat being sold, clearly labeled, as snacks at the Berlin Green Week food fair.
Rery Maldonado  a Bolivian writer  blogger and journalist  sitting at the Ankelklause  a little and ...
Rery Maldonado, a Bolivian writer, blogger and journalist, sitting at the Ankelklause, a little and smoky kneipe - the German word for pub - over the bank of the Spree.
Bundestag  the German parlament
Bundestag, the German parlament
Berlinale Gala 2010: Semih Kaplanoglu  Golden Bear with Bal (Honey)
Berlinale Gala 2010: Semih Kaplanoglu, Golden Bear with Bal (Honey)
Olafur Eliasson: Innen Stadt Außen
Olafur Eliasson: Innen Stadt Außen