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Indian state to embark on universal basic income experiment

Gangtok - A small state in India is to embark on an economic experiment by introducing universal basic income. While the state of Sikkim is small, the concept is attracting global interest.

UN staff strike, briefly disrupt high level Geneva meets

Geneva - United Nations staff in Geneva carried out a two-hour work stoppage Monday over "unfair" pay cuts, briefly disrupting high-level events with the secretary-general and government ministers in attendance.

UN Geneva staff plan work stoppage over pay cuts

Geneva - Angered by "unfair" pay cuts, UN staff in Geneva are planning a half-day strike next week, as dozens of ministers and other dignitaries attend high-level events at the organisation's European headquarters.

Pay cut for UN's Geneva staff sign 'happy days' are over

Geneva - On the list of workers facing pay cuts, United Nations staff in Geneva are unlikely to garner much sympathy. UN employees are by contract the highest paid civil servants in the world.

Britain wins EU court fight on migrant child benefits

Brussels - The EU's top court on Tuesday backed Britain's right to limit child benefits to European migrants, a hot-button issue in Britain's referendum on its future in the European Union next week.

Veterans Administration accused of shredding claims documents

Department of Veterans Affairs inspectors conducted "spot checks" at 10 veterans benefits offices around the country and discovered claims-related documents filed by veterans were being systematically shredded.

San Francisco cabbies win one — Rideshare drivers must register

San Francisco - Drivers for Lyft, Uber and other ridesharing services will need business licenses to operate legally in San Francisco, city officials said Friday.

Finland plans to give citizens in the country $870 per month

Finland is drawing up plans to introduce a basic income for its citizens. The final proposal will be presented in late 2016, and if everything goes as planned, the government will give €800 ($870) to everyone.

Taxman thinks woman is having affair with the post office

Glasgow - A single mother in Scotland has had her benefits stopped because the taxman thinks she's in a relationship with the post office.

Chipotle to offer employees tuition reimbursement, paid leave

Dallas - Starting in July, all employees, including part-time employees, at Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. will receive a hike in benefits that includes paid vacation time, sick pay, and tuition reimbursement, the company reports.

Op-Ed: Exploring employee benefits with real world examples

Grand Island - Workers at Hornady Manufacturing in Grand Island got a wild surprise when they came into work. Vice President Jason Hornady had $61,000 in bonuses to hand out, in $2 bills.

Louisiana cracks down on welfare dollar acceptance

New limits enacted and announced recently by Louisiana social service officials prohibit welfare recipients from using their benefits to make purchases from tattoo parlors, lingerie retailers, nail salons, and jewelry stores.

Op-Ed: My view on Entitlements

Entitlements have been a driving force in American government for a while, but are they harming America or are they a necessity?

Op-Ed: Walking actually provides better health benefits than running

We would think that running uses much more energy when compared to walking. So from a logical standpoint running should provide better health benefits. Well think again!

Department of Defense to extend benefits to same-sex couples Special

Washington - Outgoing Department of Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, has announced the Pentagon will begin extending benefits to same-sex partners of service members.

Rally in Sydney against benefits change for single parents Special

Sydney - Rallies were held across Australia in a national day of action to protest against low-income single parents being moved from the Parent Payment Single welfare payment to the greatly reduced Newstart Allowance.

US Pediatricians say circumcision benefits outweigh the risks

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is now saying the health benefits of circumcision outweigh any risks from the procedure and even suggested it be covered by insurance.

Federal appeals court rules against Defense of Marriage Act

Boston - The New York Times is reporting that a federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed by Congress in 1996, is unconstitutional as it discriminates against same-sex married couples by denying them certain benefits.

NY man disguised as his dead mother claimed benefits for 6 yrs

New York - A New Yorker disguised as his dead mother allegedly claimed $115,000 benefits for six years. Disguised using a wig, nail polish and his mom's favorite dress, he pretended he was the old woman, cashed payments and collected rent subsidies on her estate.

Mitt Romney: 'Welfare mothers must work or lose benefits'

Mitt Romney said in January that poor women who stay at home to raise children should be required to work outside home to qualify for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits. He said that women should "have the dignity of work."

Op-Ed: How bonuses pay and benefits don't

Yesterday, it was reported that the European Parliament was planning to curb the bonuses being paid to bank staff, while a guest on a BBC news programme explained how benefit claimants are stuck in the poverty trap.

Op-Ed: What 'Right To Work' Advocates Don't Want You To Know

The idea of "Right to Work" is often touted about in the media, and mostly is presented as if such places where that "right" exists are "ideal" places to be. What they don't say is just as telling, by omission, as what disinformation they do provide.

Op-Ed: Mother invented child for £50,000 in benefits, yet escapes prison

Bolton - In another case of benefit fraud in the UK, an unemployed mother-of-two, whose children had already been taken into care, invented a third child and received £50,000 per year in benefits. Her punishment? A nine-month sentence suspended for two years.

Op-Ed: Basic income — The only real solution to ‘unemployment’

The myth of the benefits culture is pushed by governments on both sides of the Atlantic because politicians and our over-paid economists are incapable of seeing the real problem.

NJ public union protesters compare Chris Christie to Gaddafi

With the reverberations from the public union setback in Wisconsin continuing to echo across the country, a public union rally in New Jersey likened Governor Chris Christie to Libyan strongman Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Catholic Church struggling to stump up cash for papal visit

The Catholic Church in the UK is struggling to pay the £3.5 million bill it has been left with following the visit in September by Pope Benedict XVI.

Social Security issues emerge ahead of midterm elections

After it was revealed that over $22 million was paid out to dead and incarcerated Social Security recipients and that benefits will not be increased in 2011, the program reemerges as a question ahead of key midterm elections.

Man charged for running and coaching while on sick pay

Croydon - A former Commonwealth Games athlete was given a suspended sentence and ordered to pay back money he collected in sick pay, after he was found guilty of defrauding his employers.

Benefits increasing for Canadian veterans

On Sunday Canada announced the first in a series of actions that Canada will be taking in the coming weeks to improve support and care for Veterans and their families.

Woman fined for receiving benefits while working as a pole dancer

Yeovil - A pole-dancer was fined £535 for claiming almost £11,000 in benefits. The woman had been signed-off with depression in 2006 after being unable to find any more work as a baker.
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