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Bell News

The ringing of Big Ben revealed by lasers

London - It's one of London's most famous 'landmarks', although it can normally only be heard rather than seen. Every hour Big Ben chimes telling Londoners the time. It's a special sound and new technology reveals the physics behind the chime.

Op-Ed: A proposal to resolve Canada's wireless competition problem

We have a problem. Canadian consumers are fed up with high wireless prices; the government is listening and trying to introduce competition. Bell, Telus, and Rogers, are attempting to prevent Verizon from entering the market. Is there a win-win solution?

Canada Games 2013 adds webcasts to their broadcast platform

Sherbrooke - If you love sports and may be out of the country or on the run Canada Games 2013 will embrace the social networking universe by webcasting all of the events, along with traditional television broadcasts on TSN and it's francophone partner RDS.

BlackBerry 10 now in Canadian stores

The new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is now available in Canadian stores, and as carriers are seeing strong demand, the BlackBerry chief says there's more to expect from the company.

Canadians pressure CRTC to end three-year phone contracts

In a bid against long-term financial commitment and outdated technology, Canadians are urging the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to shorten three-year mobile phone contracts.

Joint Canadian LTE network from Bell, Telus to launch

Two large telecommunications companies, Bell Canada, commonly referred to as Bell, and Telus, have joined forces to launch a joint LTE network in Montreal and Quebec City.

Op-Ed: Do TTC streetcar drivers ring their gong, horn too often now?

Toronto - Are Toronto people getting to the point where they just ignore the gong or the horn from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) drivers because in the last five years they just seem to dinging them over and over for no reason whatsoever.

BCE to take full control of broadcaster CTV

Today BCE Inc. (Bell) announced it has agreed to acquire 100 percent of CTV. The transaction gives Bell full ownership of television, digital media, conventional TV and radio broadcasting operation.

Judge orders removal of 'most reliable', 'best' from ads

A legal war over words between Canada's rival communications networks have led a judge to order one company to remove statements claiming to be the "best" from its ads.

CRTC denies Internet throttling appeal

A group of Internet providers has had their appeal to force Bell Canada to stop its Internet traffic management denied by the CRTC .

Bell to Acquire Canadian electronics retailer The Source

Canadian telecom giant Bell Inc. announced it plans to acquire The Source, a national electronics retailer owned by U.S.-based Circuit City. If approved, the acquisition will allow The Source to feature Bell's product line in the stores.

Op-Ed: Bell's 'Priority Call Back' Feature Saves Consumers From Pulling Out Their Hair

Calling an Internet, TV or cellphone provider for support is one of my most-hated activities. It destroys a good mood, as you sit on hold listening a corporate ad play every 15 seconds on a loop. But a new feature from Bell Canada has changed everything.

Canadian Industry Minister Invites Telco Heads to Explain New Texting Charges

Recent changes in pricing adopted by Bell Canada and Telus have not gone unnoticed by federal authorities in Canada. Company representatives have been strongly encouraged to explain these increases by August.

Op-Ed: New Text Messaging Fees Will Infuriate Canadian Cellphone Users

Canada is about to get strangled by even more unnecessary cellphone fees. In August, Bell Mobility and Telus Mobility will charge customers for incoming text messages. The deplorable fees should give Canadians good reason to protest the greedy telcos.

Op-Ed: Al Quiet On The East River Front, Hillary Calls Nicole Bell Twice

It's been an eerily quiet week for Al Sharpton after promising to "shut NYC down" over the Bell verdict. Some details on Big Al's game plan for 'justice', Hillary two 'justice' calls to Nicole Bell, and an old Big Al story that will turn your stomach.

Bell Canada Purposely Slowing Down Net Traffic For All File-Sharing and Torrents

Internet service provider Bell Canada has admitted to throttling traffic and slowing data transfers for its third-party ISPs, has learned. Some customers are facing Net speed slowed down from 500 to 30 kilobytes per second.

Bell Canada Announcing Cellphone GPS Service With Traffic Updates

Bell Canada will announce a new GPS navigation service tomorrow for commuters in Toronto and Montreal. The service will be available to customers at a small price, providing real-time traffic info to select mobile devices.

Book argues that Bell stole phone idea

According to a new book just released, the book claims that Alexander Graham Bell stole the idea of the telephone from his rival, Elisha Gray. Evidence of this technological crime have actually been established.

Bell Mobility and "It's New Plan".

Bell Mobility is offering it's customers a new plan. One that allows free unlimited calls to other Bell Mobility users.

Grand Jury Convenes In Sean Bell Shooting Case

Grand Jury to investigate shooting of bridegroom at strip club, the night before wedding

Everyone needs more cowbell to ring in the New Year!

Thought you guys would enjoy this classic SNL skit featuring Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken.

Bell Mobility suing Telus over claims of false advertising

I think Bell should blame their lack of sales on poor customer service. If I havn't had more problems than I did with Bell. I dropped them in an instant because of it and switched companies.

Man Strikes Liberty Bell With Hammer

PHILADELPHIA - A man wielding a small hammer struck the Liberty Bell at least four times Friday morning, leaving an imprint of the hammer on the lip of the 249-year-old bell. National Park Service spokesman Phil Sheridan said that the pavilion in d...

Bell Canada Announces Faster DSL To Enhance High Speed Internet

TORONTO, Canada - Bell Canada, with one of the highest penetration rates of Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) in North America, plans to further improve the speed of its broadband Internet services. The company will implement a network platform from Al...

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Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Maple Leafs
The Bell Mobility headquarters in Toronto
The Bell Mobility headquarters in Toronto
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Superstar violinist Joshua Bell in rehearsal for opening night of the new Toronto Symphony Orchestra...
Superstar violinist Joshua Bell in rehearsal for opening night of the new Toronto Symphony Orchestra season.
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The wheel mechanism, part of the process for working the clock mechanism in the clock tower.