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Behind News

Op-Ed: The motivation behind CBS's Victoria Secret Fashion Show

New York - If you saw the annual CBS Victoria Secret Fashion Show on television last night, it would do two things for you. You would be overwhelmed by the beauty and glamour of the latest in fashions, and you would be shocked at the thinness of the young models.

OWS movement spurs liberals and progressives behind Obama

Washington - At the "Take Back the American Dream” conference to support the Occupy Wall Street movement, the AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka spoke of rallying progressives around President Obama, in order to “have the president’s back."

Veteran motorcyclists stop in West Virginia town Special

Hurricane - Hundreds of people lined the streets in Hurricane, West Virginia, in support of veteran motorcyclists who made an overnight stop in this town to accept the hospitality offered on their way to Washington to promote awareness for all veterans.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: Robot Top Finds

Hey, I can have a top finds too. No law against it. A robot does what it wants. Who can stop a robot? Nobody, that's who. Just try and stop me from giving out awards. Let's see who your robot overlord favors with gifts.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: Hey, Why Not?

Things are just too boring without taking a closer look at the people behind the news. By popular demand, you got it! The Muse-letter about US, the CJ's of Digital Journal. C'mon in.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: Once More Unto The Breach

A Farewell issue. It has been fun taking a look into the lives of Citizen Journalists and getting to know each other better. Alas, the time has come to close this chapter and begin new ones.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: CJ's Best Friends

It has been another interesting week, full of good stories and commentary. As usual, we will take a behind the scenes look at the Citizen Journalists who report the news day after day.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: Face To Face

Behind The CJ. Where the spotlight is on the Journalists. This week we take an up close look at several Citizen Journalists. I also have a chat with Gotthescoop about DJ, religion and...animals.

Behind The Citizen Journalist: A Trilogy Of Talent

This week, we have some exciting content. We learn a little history about our own Patxxoo. A discussion with Amaranth about the abuse button, and Muse scoops the staff and delivers unto you a new Citizen Journalist.

Behind the Citizen Journalist: This Is...DJ Jeopardy

This week on Behind The Citizen Journalist, Chris, David and Alex duke it out in a special edition article. Find out just how smart they are and if they really do know their Citizen Journalists.

Behind the Citizen Journalist: Ask The Staff

Another edition of "Behind the Citizen Journalist". This week we take a look at what some of our journalists want to know about what goes on behind the scenes of Digital Journal.

Behind the Citizen Journalist: Around The Campfire

Grab your marshmellows. Get close to the fire and gather round. On this week's edition of Behind The CJ, citizen journalists will share their secret ghost/paranormal stories. The night seems deathly quiet...

Behind the Citizen Journalist: What's In A Name?

This week in "Behind The CJ" we will take a look at some of our user names and how they came to be. Get ready for another fascinating glimpse into the lives of Citizen Journalists.

Behind the Citizen Journalist: Occupations

Another edition of "Behind the Citizen Journalist". This week we take a look at what some of our journalists do for a living when not writing stellar articles for Digital Journal.

Behind the Citizen Journalist: Your New Weekly Museletter

Behind the Citizen Journalist. The new weekly DJ supplement that takes you behind the scenes of Citizen Journalists. Here, you will learn things about each other that you just won't see in Top Finds.

Suspect Accused Of Posioning Russian Spy Said He Had It Coming

News in today reports of the finger of blame being pointed at British agents in the murder of the former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko

Searchers go nuts for Outback butts

The search is about to get under way for Australia's best behind.

Drunk driver sentenced to 7 years behind bars

A Nova Scotia man was sentenced to 7 years in jail for killing a young Sydney couple while he was drinking and driving.

World falling behind on 2015 education goal

Cause we don't need no education, we don't need no thought control. All in all your just a'nother brick in the wall.

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Screen capture from one of the LeggingSpy videos.
Screen capture from one of the LeggingSpy videos.
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