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Beheading News

Domestic violence soaring in India, woman beheads abusive husband

Underscoring the extremity of the violence against women in India, a woman beheaded her husband in the Sivaganga district after facing intolerable abuse from him.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 2 comments

Graphic Video: Syrian militants behead two Christians in Idlib

Idlib - A shocking video uploaded recently to LiveLeak, shows Syrian militants of the al-Nusra front, beheading two Christians in the Idlib countryside in front of a public gathering.
In the Media by Saunon Malek - 2 comments

In wake of beheading, 2,000 march in anti-Muslim demonstration

Newcastle - In the wake of the brutal Islamist-inspired beheading of a British soldier in London this week, right-wing protesters marched in the streets of Newcastle to demand an end to the 'Islamification' of Britain.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 9 comments

Witch doctor sentenced to death for beheading 11-year-old boy

An Indian witch doctor is facing execution for beheading a 11-year-old boy in a sacrificial ritual to a goddess, to 'improve his fortunes'
In the Media by Michelle Duffy - 5 comments

Saudi execution caught on video

The execution of a man convicted of raping and murdering a teenage boy in the Saudi Arabian desert has been caught on film and published by the Sharq newspaper.
In the Media by Katerina Nikolas - 4 comments

Saudi Arabian woman sentenced to 50 lashes for swearing

A woman in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 50 lashes for swearing at her friend. The court had clear evidence to convict the woman as she swore via a text message which her friend retained and showed to the judge in court.
In the Media by Katerina Nikolas - 7 comments

Saudi Arabia beheads woman on charges of 'witchcraft and sorcery'

Riyadh - Saudi authorities beheaded a woman on Monday for practicing witchcraft and sorcery. The woman Amina bin Abdulhalim Nassar, was executed in Saudi Arabia's northern province of Al Jawf. The Saudi Interior Ministry announced news of the execution.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 6 comments

Prosecutors say Bigley beheading video found in home of Muslim

Birmingham - According to prosecutors, a British Muslim, Ahmed Faraz, who manages a bookshop called Maktabah Bookshop and Publishers in Birmingham, kept on his private premises, video footage of the beheading by terrorists of British hostage Ken Bigley.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus

Radical imam wants beheading of Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Amsterdam - Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician known for his clearly anti-Islamic stance and scheduled to speak at the 9/11 remembrance rally in New York coming Saturday, has been threatened with beheading for insulting Islam during his stay in Australia.
In the Media by R. C. Camphausen - 5 comments

Murderer nailed to cross and beheaded in Saudi Arabia

A Yemeni murderer was nailed to the cross after being convicted of killing a fellow countryman and his daughter for the crime of murder in Saudi Arabia.
In the Media by Leo Reyes

Wife Beheaded in New York

A Prominent Orchard Park is man charged with second-degree murder in the beheading his wife. The particularly gruesome killing has received scant media attention since it was first reported yesterday.
In the Media by Barbara Sowell - 10 comments

Op-Ed: PETA Goes Too Far With Ad Playing Off Tim McLean Beheading

PETA once again is in the news, not for "saving" animals, but because it decided to run an ad comparing the recent horrific beheading of a 22-year-old Canadian on a Greyhound bus to the slaughter of animals for human consumption.
In the Media by Carolyn E. Price - 28 comments

PETA Produces Ad Comparing Bus Beheading To Animal Slaughter

Recently a man was murdered and decapitated on a Greyhound bus, it was later discovered the assailant had began eating the man's flesh. PETA is using this killing for an ad campaign and compares the murder to the slaughtering of animals.
In the Media by Susan Duclos - 14 comments

Tim McLean's family speaks out about the young man that was behead on a Greyhound bus

Tim McLean was on a Greyhound bus in Manitoba heading for home when he was attacked and murdered by a fellow passenger. His family for the first time has spoken out about Tim and his murder.
In the Media by Cynthia Trowbridge - 37 comments

Gruesome Beheading In Greek Isles

A man stabbed and then decapitated his girlfriend before walking around carrying her head on the streets on the island of Santorini in Greece.
In the Media by KJ Mullins - 5 comments

Grisly Beheading Took Place On Greyhound Bus In Canada Wednesday Night

Crossing the prairies in Canada a man was decapitated by another passenger on a Greyhound bus Wednesday night as other passengers watched helplessly. The bus was on route to Winnipeg, Manitoba from Edmonton, Alberta.
In the Media by KJ Mullins - 10 comments

Mexican Human Traffickers Behead Young Girl In Florida For Resisting Rape

One has to wonder why this hasn't been reported by the major news outlets, why outrage hasn't been expressed, and why it took a blogger to bring the Florida House of Representatives -State Affairs Committee video segment to our attention?
In the Media by Susan Duclos - 103 comments

Human Rights Watch Appeals To Saudi King To Nullify Execution Of 'Witch'

It is a known fact that many executions taking place in Saudi Arabia are by beheadings in public by a sword. Recently, a woman in Saudi Arabia was convicted of practicing witchcraft is set to be executed by beheading.
In the Media by Can Tran - 3 comments

Kenya: Doctor's Beheading Act of Retaliation

A doctor was pulled from his home and beheaded apparently in retaliation for the shooting of Kenyan opposition MP Mugabe Were as the post- election violence continues to escalate.
In the Media by Bob Ewing - 3 comments

Al-Qaeda Beheads School Guard, Wife While Children Watch

Three people suspected of being al Qaeda members, including two sisters, beheaded their uncle, Youssef al-Hayali, and his wife, Zeinab Kamel, while making the couple's children watch, according to a Friday report by Iraqi police.
In the Media by pajamadeen - 3 comments

Lyrical terrorist whose grisly poem glorified beheading

A young Muslim worker was convicted in Britain under new anti-terrorism laws. She wrote poems about beheading non-believers and had in her possession, disturbing books related to terrorism.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 2 comments

Guards Beheaded By Pakistani Militants

In what looks to be reprisals by attacks from the Pakistani army, six security officials along with seven civilians were captured and beheaded by militants in the northwestern part of Pakistan.
In the Media by Can Tran

New Taliban Video Shows Young Boy Beheading 'American Spy'

A young, teen boy is shown on video denouncing a bound, blindfolded man before beheading him and screaming 'God Is Great!'
In the Media by malan

As An Italian Journalist Begs, His Driver Is Beheaded - Video Footage

The disturbing footage from the Italian TV showing the lead up to the beheading of a man
In the Media by Michelle Duffy - 3 comments

Italian TV shows beheading

An Italian television channel aired footage on Tuesday of the beheading of a driver for an Italian journalist, who was held for about two weeks by Afghanistan's Taliban until Kabul negotiated his release.
In the Media by RobotGod - 5 comments

Mother pleads guilty to drowning, beheading her daughter

A mother drowned her 6 year old daughter, cut off her head and threw the body off a bridge has pleaded guilty.
In the Media by Brandigal (Donna) - 6 comments

US Army Investigating New Iraq Torture Allegations

Alleged former Abu Ghraib guard discussed gang rape of 15 year old girl in YouTube video.
In the Media by Tar De Moutonnoir - 1 comment

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