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Behavior News

Essential Science: Four distinct clusters of personality types

Based on a detailed study of data, scientists have determined there are four personality types. The new research could alter the fundamentals of psychology, overturning established paradigms.

Behavior in high school predicts life chances

A new sociological study suggests that behavior in high school is a predictor of income and occupational success later in life. The data related to a study that ran for fifty years.

Cats are as smart as dogs: Study

Dog owners and cat owners, along with those who own both, occasionally discuss and dispute whether dogs are smarter than cats, or vice versa. A new study suggests it's a dead heat: they are both as smart as each other.

Spanking children may encourage more bad behavior, study says

Dallas - A new study into the effects of corporal punishment on children suggests that spanking a child encourages them to misbehave more often.

Men don't always behave badly

Contrary to what many women believe, men aren’t actually like Al Bundy — they don’t actually hate shopping and they don’t prefer to hang out in nudie bars, forsaking time with their families — according to an online poll.

Autism may be detectable in baby’s first months of life

A new finding suggests that signs of autism may appear in babies just a few months old. This is shown by how infants respond to adults.

Use of smartphones has changed some behaviors Special

Minneapolis - Are smartphones to blame for people not buying candy bars or reading the latest celebrity gossip while waiting in the checkout lane?

Op-Ed: Just what does a Personal Financial Trainer do and who needs one? Special

Toronto - Just what is a Personal Financial Trainer, who would use or need the services of a Personal Financial Trainer and why is it needed and different from the many financial services available to the masses in 2012?

Japanese students best behaved in the world

A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found that Japanese pupils are the best behaved in the world.

Study provides snapshot of American sexual behaviour

Americans are participating in a wide range of sexual activities and there is a male-female gap in the perceptions of orgasm, according to a study just published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Spanking young children may turn them into bullies later on

Parents who decide to spank their toddlers may be surprised to find out that by the time that child is 5-years-old, he or she is very likely to start to exhibit aggressive behaviors like bullying, fighting, or cruelty.

How your office is very similar to the gym

There are things that people do at the office can drive your co-workers nuts, and possibly even push your co-workers away from you. Still there are some simple things that if keep them in mind you can endear yourself to them.

Bags and behavior being screened by TSA at U.S. airports

If you are acting suspiciously at a U.S. airport, it is likely that someone is watching you. TSA behavior-detection officers are on the job at 161 U.S. airports. In 2008 alone, 813 arrests were made based upon detection officers identifying suspects.

New Study Finds Differences in Way Autistic Children Learn

Scientists at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have been working together to determine the neurological aspects of autism. Through this, they have now found differences in how autistic children learn.

Chimp Loses Stones Over Aggressive, Rock-throwing Behavior

A chimpanzee, who scientists say proves that some apes can think ahead, didn’t think far enough into the future. His aggressive, preplanned behavior of collecting and stockpiling rocks and throwing them at zoo visitors got him castrated.

New Approach to Explain Religious Behavior

Two anthropologists from the University of Missouri and Arizona State University have developed a new approach to study religion by focusing on verbal communication, an identifiable behavior,

The science of boredom: You get bored in self defence?

Maybe studying boredom isn’t exactly fashionable, but it’s getting interesting. New studies are looking under a rock that nobody’s been checking out, and the human mind has uses for boredom: survival, free space, and some applied editing of reality.

Researchers: 'your lifestyle behavior can alter children’s DNA'

Researchers have pointed out that personal lifestyle has a profound effect on family traits, offering either a better or worse outcome for future generations.

World’s oldest chimpanzee gets a memorial from the others at Taronga Zoo

When Fifi, the 60 year old matriarch at Taronga, died, the other chimpanzees did something extraordinary. Those who're a bit sick of "instinct" as the sole reason for animal behavior will appreciate the following:

At last, some recognition for the workplace psychopath

Life just wouldn’t be the same without the office nutcase, would it? The bully, the liar, the all round jerk who somehow manages to progress up the greasy pole to whatever greasy place it goes.

So, What is it You Do While You're Sleeping? Sleepsex, Anyone?

All across the nation, scientists have found that 'sexomniacs' are engaging in unusual or atypical sexual behaviour while their sleeping.

Flirtatious Women Make Men Think Less of Partners

Research conducted at McMaster University may well explain the abnormally high divorce rate among men who are habitaully exposed to attractive young women at work.

Behavior measures target parents

Proposals to force more parents to attend parenting classes are set to be published

Money proven to alter behaviour

An American-Canadian collaborative study finds that the sight of money will change people's behaviour making them more independant and one-track minded.

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