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Beef News

Taiwan lifts ban on Canadian beef-on-the-bone

Taipei - Taiwan on Friday lifted a ban on imports of Canadian beef-on-the-bone as part of its efforts to promote investment talks with the country and its participation in regional trade blocs.
In the Media by AFP

Horse meat used by 2 Swiss restaurants for steak tartare

Vaud - Just when you thought the whole horse meat scandal was over, two Swiss restaurants have been caught using horse meat instead of beef in their steak tartare dishes.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 9 comments

Chipotle considers change to allow some use of antibiotics

Chipotle Mexican Grill is revisiting its policy on never using antibiotic treated animals. The company says it may consider new protocols associated with using meats that come from animals given antibiotics.
In the Media by Leigh Goessl - 9 comments

50,000 tonnes of beef recalled by Dutch food safety authority

The Dutch food safety authority has recalled 50,000 tonnes of beef that they deem unfit for human consumption and that may contain horsemeat. The European horsemeat scandal continues.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 10 comments

HipHop duo Mobb Deep officially reunite, clear up beef

New York - After months of speculation, New York HipHop duo Mobb Deep appear to be back together after a nasty feud last year. Prodigy and Havoc sat down for an interview with MTV Friday to clear the air.
In the Media by Layne Weiss

Film clips: 'Samsara' — an introduction into food production

The video is a selection of clips from the film "Samsara" (which is a Tibetan word meaning "the wheel of life") which show how our food is mass-produced in automated fashion, from living, breathing, feeling creatures, for our consumption.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 12 comments

Cattle ranchers feed cows beer to make beef juicier

Cattle ranchers are sharing what they say is a secret to making juicier beef, they are feeding their cows beer by mixing it up with the hay cows eat.
In the Media by Leigh Goessl - 12 comments

US beef industry puts consumer at risk according to study (video)

The Kansas City Star has been running a study about the US beef industry and it's use of a tenderizing technology which, among other things, is becoming a severe health risk to consumers.
In the Media by Anne Sewell - 4 comments

Restaurants holding celebrations for National Cheeseburger Day

Pasadena - Happy National Cheeseburger Day. Of course, this isn't a nationwide holiday anywhere in the world (some may wish), but it's a time to indulge in and celebrate one of the most delicious American classics.
In the Media by Andrew Moran - 1 comment

Grocery chains halt selling ground beef containing 'pink slime'

As the fury over the practice of adding 'pink slime' to ground beef continues, news has emerged that several major retail grocery carriers are banning the sale of any ground beef containing the meat byproduct in their stores.
In the Media by Leigh Goessl - 8 comments
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The life cycle of Taenia saginata  the beef tapeworm.
CDC-Division of Parasitic Diseases
The life cycle of Taenia saginata, the beef tapeworm.

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