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Bedbugs News

Are bedbugs becoming more resistant?

Sydney - In alarming news for those with an aversion to bedbugs, the insects appear to be adapting to insecticides by developing thicker skins, according to new research.

How bedbugs have sex safely

According to a new study, the spongy undersides of female bedbugs protect the insects from painful intercourse. This answers the conundrum as to how the insects reproduce.

New York City's subway system is facing a bedbug problem

New York City - A terrifying report from the New York Daily News claims that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's subway bedbug issue is more widespread than officials are willing to admit.

Tips for checking for signs of bedbugs Special

The U.S. is experiencing an alarming increase in the number of bedbug populations. This affects private residences, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools. To help manage this, dermatologist Seemal R. Desai, MD offers some tips.

Household tips ineffective against bed bugs

A leading insect researcher has said that many of the popular household tips for controlling or getting rid of bedbugs are ineffective.

Man accidentally sets house on fire in attempt to kill bed bugs

A man set his house on fire while trying to rid his home of bed bugs. According to local police, four firefighters and the home owner were injured as a result of the fire.

Op-Ed: Bedbugs have a weak spot — Bean leaves

Sydney - Good new for the much-bitten, the nasty little bastards do have a weakness. It seems they get stuck on bean leaves. Get out the sledgehammers, it’s bedbug-bashing time.

Fungus used to combat bed bugs

According to researchers at Penn State University, 'biopesticides', which are naturally occurring fungi, might provide an answer to the common problem with bedbugs.

Philadelphia wins title of most bedbug infested city in U.S.

Terminix, a major pest control company that annually ranks major cities in the U.S. based on the number of bedbug infestations confirmed, has ranked Philadelphia the most bedbug infested city in the U.S. for 2012.

Bedbug infestation index ranks New York as top American city

An annual city index on bed bug infestations, released just before the Memorial Day holiday, reminds travelers of the top cities where bedbug populations are concentrated.

Mattress Mattress exchange program discontinued in Canada

Canada's Mattress Mattress, a western Canada mattress company has discontinued their "Comfort Exchange" program. The lack of rules governing mattresses had to be addressed in the company's eyes.

Bedbugs found at the United Nations BBC Media Centre

New York - Amid continuing reports of bedbug infestation in New York City, the United Nations is facing the same problem at their media centre.

Michigan couple sues Waldorf Astoria claiming room had bedbugs

A couple from Plymouth, Michigan, has filed a lawsuit against New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel claiming their room was infested with bedbugs.

Firefighters battle blaze and bedbugs

Denver - Firefighters had to fight more than smoke and flames when they went to a house fire in Denver, Colorado; they also had to battle bedbugs.

Bedbugs shut down Nike flagship store in New York

New York - Nike closed its flagship store in Manhattan on Saturday, after bedbugs were found in the popular five-storey Niketown outlet.

Bedbugs shut down NY Times Square movie theater

New York - The AMC Empire 25 movie theater in New York's Times Square had to lock its doors Tuesday night to deal with another bedbug infestation.

Luxury shop hires beagle to hunt for bedbugs

New York - Bergdorf Goodman, a high-end Fifth Avenue shop, has brought in an insect-sniffing beagle to patrol for bedbugs. Although none of the bugs have been found in the store, New York City is currently battling an infestation.

New York City to spend big bucks on campaign against bedbugs

New York - Bedbugs are becoming an increasing problem across the United States, but it seems especially so in New York City. Complaints against the intruders have increased 40 percent in the past three years in NYC.

Bedbugs force closure of second Abercrombie & Fitch store in NY

Abercrombie & Fitch have closed two of their Manhattan, New York stores this week because of an infestation of bedbugs. The South Street Seaport store and the Hollister Epic store in SoHo are now closed until the bedbugs can be dealt with.

How Bed Bugs Outsmart Poisons

In the first study to explain recent failure to control bedbugs, toxicologists show how some bugs have developed resistance to pyrethroid neurotoxins.

Squad Cars and Jail Bugged by Bedbugs

About three weeks ago, inmates at the Westchester jail started complaining about being bitten by insects in their cells, and not long after, various officers started complaining of being bitten while they were out on patrol in different patrol cars.

Woman claims bedbugs caused nightmares

A Siloam Springs woman has sued a motel, claiming that her bed was infested with bugs and that she now suffers recurring nightmares from the experience.

Bedbugs Chase Firefighters Out Of Fire Station

Firefighters have been forced to abandon a busy station because it's infested with bedbugs.

Singer Sues Hilton for $6 Million

Soprano Alison Trainer claimed she was bitten by bedbugs while at Phoenix's Hilton Suites. She's now suing the corporation to the tune $6 million dollars for pain and suffering.

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