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Bed News

What exactly is lurking in your pillow?

Ever wondered what was lurking in you pillow as you drift off at night? Probably not, but you might be interested in finding out. After reading you'll end up not putting off the regular washing of your pillowcase.

Sleeping on your left side increases chance of nightmares

Want to avoid the chance of waking up in a cold sweat following a stomach-churning nightmare? Then sleep on your right-hand side, according to new research.

Video shows how many dustmites live in a typical mattress

The typical mattress is packed with dustmites, and a new video has surfaced that shows what a typical mattress looks like under a microscope.

A woman shared a bed with her dead mother's corpse for five years

A woman in Germany shared a bed with her mother's corpse for five years. When social workers discovered the body, it had already mummified.

Video: Cats stealing dogs' beds compilation goes viral

A compilation of YouTube videos appears to show that cats stealing dogs' beds has become a problem. In the videos dogs can be seen adopting a variety of tactics in order to regain their bed from the offending cats.

Man sleeps in hotel with crocodile under his bed

Guy Whittall, who was in Zimbabwe, was shocked when he discovered that there was an eight-foot crocodile right underneath his bed

Study says penis size does matter in bed

According to a study, penis size does matter in the bedroom, but only for some women, as well as for certain types of orgasms.

Woman discovers naked stranger in her bed

It's like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears but this time a Swedish woman discovered a naked stranger sleeping in her bed.

Tokyo man found mummified in his bed

Tokyo - A man officials had believed to be the oldest man in Tokyo was found mummified in his bed. It is now believed that he died about 30 years ago.

Girl, 10, burned using a sun bed

Kelly Thompson, a 10-year-old from Swansea, Wales has been left with 70 per cent burns after she spent 16 minutes under a sunbed.

Man Who Lays Dead in Bed for Three Months Sparks Sad Reflection on Uncaring Society

Officials remarking on the recent case of a man who had been found dead in his own bed after three months say that it is the sad example of an uncaring and unfeeling society of people who don't look out for others in the community

Today Is Sickest Day Of Year, So Everyone Should Stay In Bed

If you are feeling a bit under the weather today, there is a reason for that. Experts have named today, September 6, as the day for the most people to succumb to colds, the flu and other bugs.

Children bitten by "New" mattress sets

Marsha Diaz got more than she bargained for when she bought "new" mattress sets from Junior Furniture warehouse in Hialeah, Fl. The bedbugs were free of charge.

Ellen DeGeneres to Host TV Shows in Bed

Ellen DeGeneres has injured her back and was forced to bed rest. But the show must go on, and she'll take her hosting job lying down.

Boy found

Police from the town of Liskeard in England, who spent 8 hours searching for a 9 year old boy after he was reported missing find him in his bed.

Cops Holding 'Oz' Star in Elevator Homicide

Actor who played Zahir Arif in Oz arrested in connection with death at swank NYC nightclub

Gravity-defying Bed Offers New Way to Sleep

Imagine your bed just hovering there in the air. Frustrated by how much gravity dictates design, Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars searched for a way to defy convention and came up with a bed that hovers through magnetic force.

Girl set mom's bed on fire, faked a kidnapping, police say

A 12-year-old girl set fire to her sleeping mothers bed and took off in the family car to fake the abduction of herself and her two younger sisters, police said

Rapist lived under 12-year-old's bed

A fugitive seduced a 12-year-old girl then hid under her bed for three months before running away with her.

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Bed Image

A man sleeping in his bed  with a blindfold
A man sleeping in his bed, with a blindfold
Flickr user David Goehring (CC BY 2.0)
Liz Lawley
Cat steals dogs bed.
Cat steals dogs bed.
YouTube-Alex Wren
Back of head against photos  slide from photo essay  Fatherless Figure
Back of head against photos, slide from photo essay "Fatherless Figure"

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