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Bears News

Polar bears crowd on Russian island in sign of Arctic change

Moscow - A boatload of tourists in the far eastern Russian Arctic thought they were seeing clumps of ice on the shore, before the jaw-dropping realisation that some 200 polar bears were roaming on the mountain slope.

Bear shot in Italy after attacking walker

Rome - A brown bear has been shot dead by forest rangers in Italy after it mauled a walker in the northeastern Trentino region last month, local media said Sunday. The bear, a female identified as KJ2, was also suspected of injuring a tourist in 2015.

Yellowstone grizzly bear removed from endangered list

Washington - Grizzly bears native to Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area are being removed from the endangered species list, the US government said Thursday, calling efforts to replenish the population a major success.

Second lease of life for abused circus bears in Ukraine

Zhytomyr - Dental treatment by the best vets, open-air accommodation and fresh fish instead of dubious leftovers and abuse -- life has changed markedly for brown bears rescued from Ukrainian circuses and restaurants.

Megacities key to reaching global climate goals

Paris - The world's big cities must collectively cut their carbon footprint nearly in half within a decade if global climate goals are to be met, according to an analysis unveiled Thursday.

One mammal kills more of its own species than any other

A new survey has revealed the most murderous mammals, in terms of killing the most number of its own species. Guess what is top of the list? Surprisingly it is not the human, the bear or the wolf.

Grizzlies and polar bears are mating for an alarming reason

Grizzly-polar bear hybrids are becoming a reality. Most recently, a bear was shot in northern Canada that didn't quite fit the polar bear description.

Scientists scare the heck out of raccoons to save ecosystems

Raccoons are definitely cute and clever, and in habitats where they have predators, they keep to the trees and do most of their foraging for food at night. In areas where there are no predators, their cute and clever ways can wreak havoc on ecosystems.

Family of bears take a dip in pool and play around in backyard

On Thursday a series of videos showing a bear and its cubs playing around in someone's backyard was posted to YouTube, and it has gone viral.

Black bears have close call with tourists blocking bridge

Montana Parks and Wildlife posted a video reminding tourists that although they may want to, no one should ever get too close to a bear.

The Yeti is probably a Himalayan bear

Beware of the Yeti. Talk of a mysterious creature wandering the regions of the Himalayas is a subject of sightings and it is an entrenched part of local folklore. A science team think they have an explanation.

Cold weather triggers mass movement of polar bears

An analysis of polar bear genes confirms the mammals’ recent migration to icier climes. Bears are traversing towards the Canadian Archipelago.

Review: New on DVD for August 12 Special

This week’s releases include a number of Disney classics new to Blu-ray; an unrelenting journey into the dark mind of a cop; Britain’s favourite car guys; a creepy horror collector’s edition; and vintage comedy by a famous trio.

Conservation measures need to save black bears

Biologists have recommended that coordinated conservation management is needed to maintain healthy populations of black bears in the Central Interior Highlands of the U.S.

Studying how bears resist diabetes holds clues for humans

Seattle - Bears do not seem to develop diabetes. A new study suggests that a genetic switch in hibernating bears keeps the animals from becoming insulin-resistant.

Culprits in rash of NH car break-ins identified: the bears did it

Over the past few weeks more than a dozen cars in the resort town of North Conway, NH, have been broken into. In some cases upholstery was ripped and windows broken, but nothing of value was taken.

Europe and the mystery of the 'flying' bears

A genetic study of brown bears in Bulgarian mountain regions provided evidence for the existence of individuals of Carpathian origin. It seems that they were flown into the region by the former rule of Romania, Ceausescu, for sport.

Bears part ways with record returner Hester

Devin Hester, who holds the NFL record with 18 career touchdowns on kickoff and punt returns, said on Thursday he has been informed he will not be re-signed by the Chicago Bears.

Alberta bears hit the big time, globally, after video goes viral

Edmonton - Videos go viral for many reasons but footage of grizzly bears in Alberta became an unlikely global sensation, after Glenn Naylor, 58, an Alberta Parks officer, uploaded 'What goes on when you are not around'.

Koala bears have two sets of vocal chords

Researchers have discovered a second set of vocal cords in koalas. These extra vocal cords allow males to hit tones 20 times lower than would be expected from an animal its size.

Forest cam shows amusing footage of bear back-scratching event

Have you ever wondered how bears spend their time in the woods when no one is watching? It looks like bears can be somewhat hedonic as seen in the video below as a group enjoys a back-scratching party.

Op-Ed: Photo Essay — Honoring the Calgary Zoo post flood 2013

Calgary - This Photo Essay honors the Calgary Zoo animals that were traumatized during the devastating flood in Calgary, Alberta, June 2013. A revisit to the zoo on June 22 was postponed due to massive flooding of the Bow and Elbow rivers from torrential rainfall.

Black bear wanders into Tennessee zoo

Knoxville - Late Monday night, a concerned citizen phoned the Knoxville Zoo and a local ranger to alert them that a black bear was seen roaming in a neighborhood park. The bear was spotted by the ranger climbing a fence into the zoo a short time later.

'Bearjacked': Watch a bear break into a pickup truck (Video)

People usually have to worry about other humans breaking into vehicles, but one neighborhood is on the watch for a bear hitting up cars and trucks.

Watch Markel Brown score game-winner for Oklahoma St. vs. Baylor

Oklahoma State guard Markel Brown scored a last-minute lay-up to give his NCAA Big 12 team the overtime win against the Baylor Bears. The game-winner came moments after Oklahoma's Michael Cobbins blocked the Baylor dunk attempt.

Bear helps itself to some chocolate in Colorado store

Estes Park - An Estes Park, CO chocolate factory got an odd visitor last week as video surveillance footage showed that a bear had broken in and sampled the wares.

Bear attack in Japan, two women killed

Three women were attacked and two were killed by bears in a park in Japan. The bears were held captive in the park but broke free and attacked the women, who were park employees.

TopFinds: The First Lady's fitness push, China's suicidal bears

Michelle Obama continues to promote her Let's Move fitness campaign across the U.S. New England fans are arrested after their Super Bowl loss. Why are bears committing suicide in China? These are the top stories on

Ohio authorities search for escaped exotic animals

Zanesville - Schools have been closed and residents urged to stay indoors in one Ohio community after dozens of exotic animals were released from an animal preserve by their owner, who later allegedly committed suicide.

Video: Bear cub wanders into Alaska grocery store produce aisle

Ketchikan - Shoppers in a grocery store in Alaska were in for a shock when a young black bear cub walked through the automatic doors into the store, then climbed onto the produce display looking for a way to escape the excitement.
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Bears defensive specialist Julius Peppers (right) running to tackle Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers
Bears defensive specialist Julius Peppers (right) running to tackle Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers
The author s wife  Alejandra  feeds a Bengal Tiger as the zoo keeper watches.
The author's wife, Alejandra, feeds a Bengal Tiger as the zoo keeper watches.
Grizzly bear and cub in Yellowstone
Grizzly bear and cub in Yellowstone
John Good/US National Park Service
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The beloved dancing (and rollerskating)  bears  from The National Ballet of Canada s annual producti...
The beloved dancing (and rollerskating) "bears" from The National Ballet of Canada's annual production of 'The Nutcracker.'
Bruce Zinger
Bears chase visitors at Yellowstone
Bears chase visitors at Yellowstone
The screenshot from the upcoming Super Bowl teaser ad from Coca-Cola
The screenshot from the upcoming Super Bowl teaser ad from Coca-Cola
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Baloo the American black bear, Leo the African lion and Shere Khan the tiger lounging together at Noah's Ark
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