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Beagle News

Airline uses beagle to help passengers find lost luggage

If you ever fly with KLM and are in the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, a beagle may help you find any luggage you might lose, as a video that has gone viral shows.

How did he do it? Viral video shows dog escaping from house

Videos have been used before to show how dogs have stolen chicken nuggets from an oven and how a German Shepherd help a puppy escape from a kennel. A recent video that has gone viral shows how a beagle got out of his house.

Darwin’s Beagle library digitalized

Singapore - An online reconstruction of the books that Charles Darwin took on the ship Beagle, has made the library from Darwin’s famed voyage more accessible.

Video: Japanese footballing beagle has World Cup talent

As various nationalities become disillusioned with their local team's performance in the FIFA World Cup, a certain beagle living in Japan would just love to take their place on the world field.

Dog survives fatal crash, keeps vigil by wreckage

Ottawa - A man lost control of his vehicle and died in South Frontenac Township during the early morning hours of April 2, 2013. The man's beagle survived the crash. Attending police said the dog kept returning to the crash site.

'Flying' beagle survives 70-foot fall into Delaware River

Burlington - While on her nightly walk with her owner, Brandi, a 7-year-old Beagle, broke free and fell 70-feet off Burlington Riverfront Promenade bridge, landing in the Delaware River.

Video of dog playing piano and singing goes viral

A video of a dog singing and playing the piano has become the latest viral sensation after it was posted on YouTube where it's been seen by nearly a million viewers.

Miracle dog survives Alabama gas chamber, now in NJ for adoption

Rockaway - A stray beagle mix was put into an Alabama gas chamber to die, but came out very much alive, wagging his tail. Now, he's in a New Jersey home, waiting to be adopted and seems unaffected by his near-death experience.

Ball-catching Beagle is YouTube sensation

Have you ever seen a dog catch a ball with the reflexes of Lebron James? Probably not. Well now's your chance. Meet Purin!

Luxury shop hires beagle to hunt for bedbugs

New York - Bergdorf Goodman, a high-end Fifth Avenue shop, has brought in an insect-sniffing beagle to patrol for bedbugs. Although none of the bugs have been found in the store, New York City is currently battling an infestation.

New Jersey dog survives for 3 months on deserted island

With a name like 'Buddy,' you wouldn't think this Beagle would be as lucky as he truly was. Buddy almost did not make it - after his 98 day ordeal on Gull Island, he was little more than skin and bones.

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Beagle Image

Nina enjoying a nap on the couch.
Nina enjoying a nap on the couch.
One of the maps studied by Charles Darwin on board HMS Beagle.
One of the maps studied by Charles Darwin on board HMS Beagle.
John van Wyhe
A female Beagle named Camry at RSPCA Million Paws Walk  Canberra  Australia.
A female Beagle named Camry at RSPCA Million Paws Walk, Canberra, Australia.
Ruth Ellison
Ball-catching Beagle.
Ball-catching Beagle.
screengrab / purin1124
Image of a beagle
Image of a beagle
Maurer, Alexander
A beagle looking out the window (not one of the gene-edited beagles)
A beagle looking out the window (not one of the gene-edited beagles)
Joe deSousa
Brandi and owner Alexis Lorenz
Brandi and owner Alexis Lorenz
Screen Capture

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