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Beach News

Vessel buried under New Jersey beach could be historical find

Brick - Debris from a shipwreck have been unearthed at a beach in Brick, New Jersey, and town officials and historians are eager to excavate the remnants of the vessel.

Italian lovemakers get stuck together in the surf

Porto San Giorgio - Most people know that dogs tend to get stuck together when doing what comes naturally, but it seems even humans can experience this rather uncomfortable phenomenon. An Italian couple actually had to be hospitalized to get them apart.

Danish tourist gets hit with €600 fine for dousing ciggy on beach

Alghero - Smokers beware when visiting beautiful Sardinia in Italy. A Danish tourist at the beach recently stubbed out her cigarette in the sand and got hit with a €600 fine for her bad habit.

One dead, one in critical condition after lighting hits LA beach

Los Angeles - One person is dead and one is listed in critical condition after lightning struck a crowded Los Angeles beach, electrocuting 13 beachgoers.

California beachgoer suffocates when sand hole collapses

Half Moon Bay - A young California man died Monday when a deep hole he was digging at a popular Half Moon Bay beach collapsed, trapping him below ground for a half-hour.

Man buried alive while digging sand tunnels on beach

David Frasier, 49, was in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where he was vacationing, when he was buried alive and killed by the sand.

Landing plane barely misses sunbather on beach

A small plane narrowly missed wiping out a sunbather on a beach on Dune Island in the Heligoland archipelago off the coast of Germany. The pilot said "It wasn't one of my greatest achievements in the cockpit," as he misjudged his landing over the beach.

Video: Adorable two-legged dog's first trip to the beach

What could be cuter than a four-legged puppy playing at the beach for the first time? Perhaps, only a two-legged puppy romping up and down the beach in jubilance could compare. In less than three minutes, this video can change your whole outlook on life.

Op-Ed: Four U.S. cities to flaunt your bod this summer

Every year, the U.S. swimwear industry sees a revenue of more than $3 billion, a huge portion of which comes from the herds of fitness junkies who work hard to keep their bods in check.

Photo Essay: Spring has sprung in Savannah and on Tybee Island Special

Savannah - The arrival of Spring has brought forth Mother Nature's color palette and visitors to Georgia's coastal empire. Flowers are blooming, swimmers and sunbathers are at the beach, and all are enjoying the sunshine.

Kimmel dumps snow on beach goers in LA

Los Angeles - Most of the United States is experiencing record freezing temperatures, while beach-goers in Los Angeles were soaking up the sun.

Virginia Beach hotels add to amenities of top tourist destination

Virginia Beach - To millions of families in America and around the world, a trip to Virginia Beach is the next best thing to being in paradise.

Photo essay: It's hell on the Costa del Sol in winter (video) Special

Fuengirola - Here we are in mid-winter, and what happens today? Brilliant warm sunshine, people sunbathing on the beach and a generally pleasant outlook. It's hell down here in winter! We've got the mid-winter blues ... blue seas, blue skies.

Iranian scientists develop lifeguard drone

Human lifeguards may become a thing of the past, as scientists have developed and successfuly tested a drone capable of saving drowning victims at sea.

Photo essay: A stroll around old town Tarifa in southern Spain Special

Tarifa - A charming town in the Andalucían white village tradition, Tarifa's narrow streets wind around on a hillside overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar all the way to the exotic Moroccan port city of Tangier.

Hawaii's surf season begins

November marks the beginning of Hawaii's surfing season. If you're a surfer at heart, now is the time of the year to go to Hawaii and live your passions.

Video: Experience Barcelona, Spain in motion timelapse

Barcelona - So, you have always wanted to spend a couple of days in Barcelona, but just never seem to have the time to do it. Here is your opportunity to experience a 5-minute, absolutely stunning tour of Barcelona in motion timelapse.

Photo Essay: A Sunday stroll to the beach in Fuengirola, Spain Special

Fuengirola - The extreme heat of summer has gone, along with most of the tourists. However, it is still hot and sunny out there, ideal for a quiet stroll down to the beachfront.

Photo Essay: Life is like a day at the beach Special

Tybee Island - What Forrest Gump's momma always said is reinterpreted here and applied to visits to Tybee Island, Georgia, where you never know what you're gonna get.

Jellyfish in high numbers around the beaches of the Mediterranean

An Italian biologist reckons it could be the result of climate change or overfishing. Whatever the reason, there are many more jellyfish than normal hanging around the beaches of the Med this year.

Video: Amphibious landing craft arrives on crowded Russian beach

Kaliningrad - So there you are, sunning yourself on a beach in Russia, when all of a sudden there it is — an amphibious landing craft, unexpectedly sliding onto the golden sand. Turns out there shouldn't have been anyone there.

Photo Essay: Summer fun at New Jersey's Long Beach Island Special

New Jersey's Long Beach Island is a popular summer destination. As one of the areas hard hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the region is recovering. As Labor Day 2013 creeps up, many people are still out on the beaches and having fun in the sun.

Strange sea creature surprised bathers in Villaricos, Spain

Something strange washed ashore on the beach in Villaricos in Spain. It had a body of more than four meters in length, looked pretty much like nothing on Earth, and caused more than a little consternation.

Holidaymakers made human chain to save migrants in Sicily

Syracuse - Beach-goers on Morghella beach in Syracuse, Sicily created a human chain into the sea to help save 160 boat migrants from Syria, after a swimmer alerted the coastguard to their plight.

Study: Germany most popular country for nude beach-goers

It's long been held that Europeans are more mature about nudity, at least more so than North Americans, so it may come as no surprise a recent survey finds Germany has the most nude beach visitors. The Expedia travel agency is our source.

Thousands meet Pope Francis at Copacabana beach event

Rio De Janeiro - Pope Francis visited Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil to celebrate World Youth Day. He arrived by helicopter and then drove along the beach, stopping several times to greet the crowd.

Marbella, destination of choice on the Costa del Sol, Spain Special

Marbella - One of the Mediterranean's most representative tourist venues and a top favorite for travelers, Marbella was once a small white fishing village. It is now one of the most cosmopolitan beach resorts on the Costa del Sol in southern Spain.

Authorities in Mexico find 250 dead stingrays on beach

Authorities in Mexico are investigating the death of at least 250 dead stingrays that ended up on a beach located in Veracruz.

Woman rescued from suicide attempt in Fuengirola, Spain

Fuengirola - After receiving an emergency call on the 091 number, National Police officers, with the aid of a fisherman and his boat, managed to rescue a women who was attempting to commit suicide.

Photo Essay: Beautiful beaches in Florida's Panhandle Special

The beaches along the Panhandle are Florida's "best-kept secrets," according to the Travel Channel. Two of those beaches with white sand and turquoise water are featured here.
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Beach Image

A heavy sea mist over the beach in Fuengirola.
A heavy sea mist over the beach in Fuengirola.
South Pier at Blackpool on the east coast of Lancashire  United Kingdom
South Pier at Blackpool on the east coast of Lancashire, United Kingdom
Stephen Sweeney
Debris after a storm  Fuengirola beach
Debris after a storm, Fuengirola beach
A stroll on the beachfront in Fuengirola  Spain.
A stroll on the beachfront in Fuengirola, Spain.
For the really adventurous who don t mind missing an opportunity to sleep in  there is always the op...
For the really adventurous who don't mind missing an opportunity to sleep in, there is always the option of getting up early and scurrying down to the beach to watch the sun rise. On the two mornings I headed down to the beach, there were only a few people to be found. Some, such as myself, were photographing the sunrise in stages, while others took an early morning walk on the beach. A couple of adventurous people took a 6 a.m. dip in the Atlantic.
Tybee Island  Ga.
Tybee Island, Ga.
Beach Meadows Beach  Brooklyn  NS
Beach Meadows Beach, Brooklyn, NS
Beach in Dubrovnik
Beach in Dubrovnik
General pictures.
General pictures.
Jellyfish on an Israeli beach
Jellyfish on an Israeli beach
The high winds caused this sea gull to barely be able to walk straight. Tybee Island  Georgia.  8/25...
The high winds caused this sea gull to barely be able to walk straight. Tybee Island, Georgia. 8/25/13
La Duna de Bolonia and Punta Camarinal  Tarifa  Spain
La Duna de Bolonia and Punta Camarinal, Tarifa, Spain
Mark Winston Sewell
Lifeguard house
Lifeguard house
Fuengirola port.
Fuengirola port.
Tybee Island  Ga.
Tybee Island, Ga.
Playa de la Libertad  El Salvador
Playa de la Libertad, El Salvador
Enjoying Labor Day weekend at Hilton Head Island  S.C.  Sept. 1  2012
Enjoying Labor Day weekend at Hilton Head Island, S.C. Sept. 1, 2012
Sunbathers  surfers and swimmers enjoy the breezy beaches of Long Beach Island during August 2013.
Sunbathers, surfers and swimmers enjoy the breezy beaches of Long Beach Island during August 2013.
Another view of St Ives  showing its beach and cove.
Another view of St Ives, showing its beach and cove.

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