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Battery News

Apple promises update to fix MacBook Pro battery problems

Apple is preparing to release a software update for the MacBook Pro that should address some of the battery problems customers have been experiencing. It comes after the company investigated issues that led to the laptop failing Consumer Reports' tests.

New battery promises to double smartphone life

A new battery, intended for smartphones and other mobile devices, promises to boost power and running time. This comes about by the battery weight being reduced by half.

Micro-sized solar cells for wearable devices

Future electronic devices, including wearable technology, may be set to drop conventional batteries and use solar cells instead. The ability of micro-sized solar cells to harness sufficient energy has been proven in a new study.

Vitamin-driven battery invented

Toronto - In a left-field technological development, Canadian scientists have developed the world's first vitamin-driven battery and it could transform how we power our devices in the future.

Browser battery wars: Opera hits back at Microsoft Edge

A few days ago, Microsoft posted a video and a detailed blog post in which it claimed Edge is by far the most power-efficient web browser around. Not everyone is satisfied with the results though. Opera has hit back at Microsoft, saying it can do better.

Microsoft: Edge gives you 50% more battery than Chrome, Firefox

Microsoft has slammed the battery life of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, claiming its own Edge browser allows laptops and tablets to last for up to 50 percent longer on a charge. It is also updating Edge with even more power saving features.

Disposable battery runs on drops of water

A new disposable battery has been developed. The battery remarkably folds like an origami ninja star, and it runs on only a few drops of water.

Video shows cop repeatedly punching handcuffed woman

Jacksonville - Although the incident occurred Wednesday, a rookie police officer has already been fired and charged. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) released the video taken within the jail that shows the alleged assault.

Paper battery aids space exploration

Deep space missions require power and although solar panels can capture energy, this needs to be stored. Energy storage requires powerful and effective batteries, and considerable research is going into this area.

Wireless charging's biggest issue solved with new 3x faster pad

Wireless charging is useful, but it's not without its limitations. In taking advantage of the added convenience, you have to sacrifice charging speed. LG has developed a solution, a wireless charger three times faster than today's models.

Apple confirms that closing your iPhone apps won't save you power

Apple has answered a question that iPhone owners like to ask a lot. Over the years, people have provided arguments and counterarguments for whether closing background apps save battery. Apple's answer is simple though, leaving little room to negotiate.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 includes an overlooked phone-saving feature

People who have bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 have discovered it possesses a unique feature to go with its waterproofing. A tiny moisture sensor in the charging port detects if the phone is even slightly wet and refuses to charge, protecting the device.

Solar-powered display puts an end to low smartphone batteries

Mobile World Congress isn't just about new smartphone launches as some interesting new components also get revealed. Kyocera is showing off a solar-powered display this year that could create phones that don't need recharging.

Oppo's new charger can fully fuel a smartphone in just 15 minutes

Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has unveiled a new system to fast charge a smartphone battery. It demonstrated the technology at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, fully charging a phone in 15 minutes.

Review: Tronsmart Titan – The most powerful USB charger available

The Tronsmart Titan is an attractive and powerful USB charger. As most new devices can charge over USB instead of via mains outlets, the Titan provides several Quick Charge ports to simultaneously charge a fleet of phones and tablets.

Apple building long-range wireless charging for future iPhones

Apple is developing next-generation proprietary wireless charging technology to use in future versions of the iPhone, according to a report today. Apple wants to do away with the wireless charging pads of today and create a longer-range system.

Microsoft recalling hundreds of thousands of Surface Pro chargers

Microsoft is expected to announce a voluntary recall of main power adapters for its Surface Pro range of convertible laptops later this week. The company has found the chargers can overheat and could catch fire, prompting it to take action now.

Apple admits the iPhone 6s battery indicator may get stuck

Apple is investigating an issue with its newest smartphones, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, that causes the battery indicator in the status bar to stick on one percentage for several hours. The announcement comes after wide-spread complaints.

Popular EE Power Bar portable chargers recalled due to fire risk

UK mobile network EE's decision this year to give all its customers a free portable charger went down exceptionally well, shifting 1 million units in four days. EE has now announced it wants every Power Bar back though because they pose a fire risk.

Chinese Android phone claims two-week battery life

A new Android phone currently preparing for launch boasts a mammoth battery which lets it run for up to 15 days on one charge, according to manufacturer Oukitel. The K10000's 10,000mAh battery is over three times larger than a conventional unit.

Apple releases an official iPhone case with a built-in battery

Apple has surprised iPhone users by announcing the immediate availability of an official accessory that adds an extra battery to their phone's case. The Apple Smart Battery Case rivals the third-party solutions that have been available for years.

This designer extension cord wants to revolutionise power bars

A start-up project seeking crowd-funding wants to revolutionize the plug socket by releasing a designer power bar with detachable, variable length cords and both AC and USB outlets. Joule aims to create a power strip "you can finally love."

Apple admits the iPad Pro may 'stop responding' while charging

Since the iPad Pro went on sale last week, several users have reported that the premium tablet goes unresponsive and has to be force restarted after charging for a prolonged period of time. Apple has now acknowledged the issue and is investigating.

iPad Pro goes 'completely dead' if charged for more than an hour

Owners of Apple's newest iPad model, the 12.9-inch 'Pro,' have taken to the company's support forums just days after launch to complain their device regularly becomes unresponsive after charging for a long time. The only cure is to force restart it.

Huawei's new smartphone battery charges to 50% in five minutes

Improvements in battery technology are beginning to reduce smartphone charging times but this week Huawei managed to destroy the records set by developments like Qualcomm Quick Charge. The company took five minutes to take a phone to 50 percent.

OnePlus' $7 USB Type-C cables could damage devices

A Google engineer has warned people who use cheap USB Type-C cables made by Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus could damage their phones due to a potential fault. The issue occurs when the cables are used with non-OnePlus devices.

Facebook admits its app may drain almost 50% of an iPhone's power

Facebook recently admitted its official iPhone app can experience some serious battery drain issues in iOS 9. The company is looking into the issue but for now users are seeing Facebook consume nearly 50 percent of an iPhone's battery during a day.

Apple: iPhone 6S batterygate claims are 'misleading'

It has been a few days since reports that some iPhone 6S handsets have as much as two hours more battery life than others began circulating online. The time has been enough for Apple to issue a response in which it dismisses the claims as "misleading."

iPhone 6S caught in 'batterygate' complaints

Some owners of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are reportedly experiencing major battery life issues. The culprit appears to be the processor which has been discovered to vary between handsets, giving some devices more stamina than others.

Report: Websites can identify you just by analysing how you type

A recent report has found that websites can track their users by doing nothing more than analysing keystrokes made during typing. It follows previous similar discoveries such as tracking using no other factor than the remaining battery on a device.
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Choetech B617Q portable power bank
Choetech B617Q portable power bank
The FINsix Dart 2 ounce power adapter
The FINsix Dart 2 ounce power adapter
An aluminium battery could charge phones in just a minute while being safer than traditional lithium...
An aluminium battery could charge phones in just a minute while being safer than traditional lithium ones
Stanford University via Wired
Ion battery monitoring electronics (over- and discharge protection)
Ion battery monitoring electronics (over- and discharge protection)
selbst fotografiert
The StoreDot super battery
The StoreDot super battery
The Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S
The Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S
Membrane less fuel cell batery
Membrane less fuel cell batery
Seeram Ramakrishna
The Siva Cycle Atom - a portable power pack and generator that charges as you ride
The Siva Cycle Atom - a portable power pack and generator that charges as you ride
Siva Cycle
Choetech B617Q portable power bank
Choetech B617Q portable power bank
Choetech B617Q portable power bank
Choetech B617Q portable power bank
You Tube screen capture
The Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S
The Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S
Hydrogen atom electrons.
Hydrogen atom electrons.
This new disposable battery  developed at Binghamton University  folds like an origami ninja star an...
This new disposable battery, developed at Binghamton University, folds like an origami ninja star and could power biosensors and other small devices.
Jonathan Cohen/Binghamton University
UCF supercapacitor battery.
UCF supercapacitor battery.
© University of Central Florida
The new  bird  drone developed by MIT University that can  perch  on power lines to recharge itself.
The new 'bird' drone developed by MIT University that can 'perch' on power lines to recharge itself.
MIT University
The Siva Cycle Atom - a portable power pack and generator that charges as you ride
The Siva Cycle Atom - a portable power pack and generator that charges as you ride
Siva Cycle
Screenshot of newly developed stretchable battery
Screenshot of newly developed stretchable battery
Yonggang Huang / Northwestern University
 The Battery  is a film playing as part of Cineplex s Sinister Cinema series.
"The Battery" is a film playing as part of Cineplex's Sinister Cinema series.
Lithium battery
Lithium battery
Flickr / Myself248

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