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Bathroom News

Woman's body found in Walmart, three days after entering store

Sand Springs - A woman was found dead at a Walmart in Oklahoma. Her body was found in the bathroom, and police have now launched an investigation.

Smart pants will tell you when you need to go to the toilet

There are smartphones, smartwatches and now there are smart pants, which tell you ahead of time when you will need to go to the bathroom.

Make any space into an apartment with a 'Cubitat'

Toronto - Think about this - If you take the essential "guts" of a house and put it all together in a pile, you could easily come up with a cube about 10x10x10 feet. That is exactly what was presented this past weekend at the Toronto Interior Design Show.

Woman calls 911 as cat turns on couple, trapping in bathroom

A woman from DeLand, Florida, called 911 on Saturday evening after her cat "freaked out" and began attacking her and her husband.

Bathroom clubs in NYC will let you poop in private

New York - If you cannot find a decent public restroom to relieve yourself, then you will pay top dollar for a cushy seat when the urge strikes. This is what a new startup is betting on.

What you need to know before hiring a plumber Commissioned

There are some home reno projects worth tackling yourself – and many that should be trusted to professionals. Errors in plumbing jobs can mean more than just taps that don’t work. They can mean leaks, floods and damage to other areas of your home.

'There's a tiger in the toilet'

Salina - Recently when a young mother visited a bathroom while bringing her daughter to a traveling circus she found herself in a very close encounter with a tiger who had wandered from its cage.

Transgender woman banned from grocery store over bathroom use

A transgender woman has been cited for trespassing and banned from an Idaho grocery store for a year after using the woman's bathroom, police said on Friday.

Toronto woman finds python snake in her bathroom

Toronto - A Toronto woman received an unusual awakening when she got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and found a python on the floor.

Woman super-glued to toilet seat in Walmart bathroom

Monticello - A very unusual and embarrassing situation developed at a Walmart stall when an unnamed Kentucky woman spent an hour literally glued to a toilet seat. Officials say the woman went in to use the bathroom and got stuck on the seat covered in Super Glue.

'Shake and bake' meth lab found in Walmart bathroom

Boaz - A meth lab has been discovered in a women's bathroom in a Walmart located in Alabama. A member of Walmart's cleaning crew found an empty package of pseudoephedrine pills and a plastic water bottle filled with residue.

Janitors suspended for allegedly binding, gagging students

Long Branch - Two maintenance employees at a New Jersey elementary school have been suspended pending results of an investigation that is currently underway.

Most American workers admit using a cellphone in bathroom

If you hear the flush of a toilet or the sound of running water in the background next time you call a colleague on their cellphone don't be surprised, a new study shows three out of four Americans admit to using their phone in the bathroom.

Palestinian man locked daughter in bathroom for 10 years

Palestinian police have rescued a young woman who had spent a decade imprisoned in a bathroom by her father. Police described her condition as "deplorable."

Man accidentally shoots self while on toilet

New Haven - A Connecticut man accidentally shot himself while he was going to the bathroom on Christmas Eve. Authorities say that he will now likely face charges, because he was a convicted felon with a weapon.

Op-Ed: Video of soccer star Ronaldinho masturbating leaked on YouTube

Soccer players are often known for behavior that doesn't portray the best image, but Brazil and Flamengo player Ronaldinho has taken that behavior to the next level, whether intended or not.

Bag-it-yourself bathroom option introduced on Dutch trains

When most people think of Holland, they think of historic windmills, lush fields of tulips, "coffee" shops, and the traditional wooden shoes. But now, this beautiful country may also be known for its unorthodox bathroom solution on some of its trains.

Is your toilet a trash can?

Do you flush hair, food, cigarette butts or other things down your toilet? According to the fourth annual Canadian Water Attitudes Study, half of Canadians do. That half is also flushing six to 20 litres of clean fresh water away.

Woman parliamentarian literally slams 'lota' politics

Islamabad - In a recent show, Pakistan Muslim League Quaid (PML-Q) parliamentarian Samina Khawar Hayat produced lotas (bathroom vessel) on a popular talk show to condemn the floor-crossing tactic of the opposition in Punjab province of Pakistan.

Ontario contractor busted for fraud

Ajax - Police have laid fraud charges on a self-employed home improvement contractor in Ajax for taking money for a job he never completed.

Bathroom Finder helps Canadians find the closest public washroom

One of the most difficult things to find in a downtown urban centre is a public bathroom. Now an online "Bathroom Finder" will list public bathrooms for Canadians looking for some instant relief.

Study says daily showers may spray us with more than water

The morning shower wakes you up and makes you feel clean but it may also deliver a face full of potentially pathogenic bacteria.

Op-Ed: Would men use a street urinal attached to a wall?

Mexican designer Miguel Melgarejo came up with an interesting idea: a public urinal easily fastened to any city wall. But this urinal would need to train men to aim perfectly, and who would clean the Axixa urinals?

Why Waterless Urinals Can be Eco-Friendly, But Smelly and Expensive

Waterless urinals are making a splash in North America and overseas, but are they worth the bathroom retrofit? How green are these ceramic innovations? Learn how “peeing green” could be a hot trend coming to a bathroom near you.

Australian Tot Destroys Parents Bathroom With Just Two Fingers

When little Seth of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia got curious about the family's loo water supply in July 13 he plopped two of his little fingers into the water to check it out. Six hours later the tot's fingers were finally removed from the toilet.

Travellers clamouring to see airport bathroom in Craig arrest

When tourists ask for the bathroom in the Minneapolis airport lately, it's usually not because they have to go. It's because they want to see the stall made famous by U.S. Sen. Larry Craig's arrest in a sex sting.

Jo-Ann Fabrics: No Bathroom For You, Just Diarrhea Right In Front Me

Don't ask to use the bathroom at the Jo-Ann Fabrics store in Logansport, Indiana, when you have unexpected and intense diarrhea. They don't care. Even if you "lose it" right in front of them.

Are you the Prince of Potties?

A restaurant in Flushing, Mich., may have the advantage of a fitting home town name in a contest for best restroom in America. This contest has voting open until July 31st. Enter your bathroom.

Dead man found in airplane's bathroom

Dead passenger found by cleaning crew hours after plane landed.

Roommate Found Dead In Bathroom, Bag Over Head

Police were looking into a bizarre death Friday night in Laurel.
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Taika Waititi  the co-creator of vampire mockumentary  What We Do In The Shadows   plays Viago  an 1...
Taika Waititi, the co-creator of vampire mockumentary 'What We Do In The Shadows', plays Viago, an 18th century vampire trying to fit into modern life.
The stall shower is behind the commode.
The stall shower is behind the commode.
My suite had a second bathroom  and I couldn t help taking my photo in the mirror
My suite had a second bathroom, and I couldn't help taking my photo in the mirror
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toilet paper
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On the right is the Laundry area  and the steps lead into the center of the cube where there is a fu...
On the right is the Laundry area, and the steps lead into the center of the cube where there is a full bath with a stall shower.
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Aircraft lavatory

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