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Bat News

Israel's batwoman works in secret to heal winged friends

- Israel's batwoman works in secret, out of an erstwhile chicken coop in central Israel.There Nora Lifschitz, a purple-haired 29-year-old and longtime animal rights activist, nurses hundreds of fruit bats back to health.

A giant walking bat used to roam rainforest floors

Millions of years ago, there was a giant bat that used all of its limbs to walk around the subtropical rainforest of what is now New Zealand.

Killer bat fungus: Is a cure imminent?

U.S. Forest Service researchers have identified a fungus close to the species thought to cause White Nose Syndrome in bats, which is a major killer disease of bats in North America. This could help with the development of a cure.

Possible rabid bat on flight leads to passenger search

There was an unwanted passenger on Delta flight 5121 August 5 that has the airline and health officials looking for passengers who are now at risk.

British American Tobacco agrees to buy Colombia's Protabaco

London - In a deal worth $452 million (£277 million), British American Tobacco (BAT) has agreed to buy Protabaco - the privately owned Colombian cigarette company.

Batjobs: A Halloween Sex Tale

As if being a flying furball wasn't already cool enough, research scientists in China have discovered not only that bats engage in fellatio, but that it apparently prolongs sex by considerable margins.

Montreal Man Bitten by Rabid Bat

Montreal's public health officials are warning residents to be wary about contact with wild animals since a man was bitten by a rabid bat last week.

Coffee With Extra Kick For Iowa Woman Now Undergoing Rabies Treatment

An Iowa woman is undergoing rabies treatment after drinking her morning coffee with a little extra kick. The woman from Cedar Rapids drank coffee and cooked bat.

Man Bit By Rabid Bat Being Sought

An unidentified man is being sought after having been bit by a bat, which later tested positive for rabies. The man was at a small park when he picked up the bat and was bitten. This individual needs to be found to begin the sequence of rabies shots.

Toronto Public Health uses Facebook to trace woman exposed to rabid bat

Toronto Public Health officials used Facebook social network to trace a woman who had handled a rabid bat recently. They were trying to locate her so she could get rabies shots as soon as possible.

Good Samaritan May Have Been Exposed To Rabies

A Toronto woman doing a good deed may be walking around with a death sentence if she is not found. The woman turned in a bat to Toronto Wildlife Centre on Sept. 4. That bat has tested positive for the rabies virus.

Bat Bite Infected Alberta Man With Rabies

In August of 2006, an Alberta man was awakened in the middle of the night when a bat bit him. He thought nothing of the bite at the time and so failed to get a vaccination.

School Disrupted By Bat Infestation

Imagine sending your child to school and the school being infested with bats.

Man beaten with baseball bat during robbery

A man was beaten with a baseball bat during a home invasion robbery Friday night.

Bees, other pollinators may be declining

Bees and other important pollinators such as birds and bats may be on the decline in the United States, putting crops and other plants at risk.

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Bat Image

Common bat
A small bat
The Egyptian Fruit Bat or Egyptian Rousette (Rousettus aegyptiacus)
The Egyptian Fruit Bat or Egyptian Rousette (Rousettus aegyptiacus)
Niumbaha superba  the new species of bat identified in 2013.
Niumbaha superba, the new species of bat identified in 2013.
Reeder D, Helgen K, Vodzak M, Lunde D, Ejotre I
A bat found in the Tirau Honey Museum
A bat found in the Tirau Honey Museum
A man playing cricket
A man playing cricket
Seema K K
Australia s Shane Watson holds his bat as he walks from the field after being dismissed by England s...
Australia's Shane Watson holds his bat as he walks from the field after being dismissed by England's Stuart Broad during the first day's play of the first Ashes test cricket match in Brisbane November 21, 2013
With permission by Reuters / David Gray

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